Reviews for In the Depths of Winter
VanillaSlash chapter 1 . 7/10/2008
Really well done. It definately discribes how Horatio must have been feeling for Yelina.
Carrro chapter 1 . 8/17/2007
Oh my... What a peice... Where shall i begin?

We all know the problems and complications there are in Horatio and Yelina's relationship, but still no one has (of what i have seen) written anything close to this. Horatio's way to accept things and the way you've written him in this story is just outstanding.

The parts with Calleigh, where you showed their special relatioship was great. I'm not a DuCaine shipper, but i'm still aware of the special relationship Horatio and Calleigh really have. Their relationship is basicly build upon understanding. They understand each other, respect each other and know each other in and out. You captured this really good, too.

In the end, you wrote;

'Could only pray for her to walk away so that Ray Junior and he wouldn’t have to pick up the pieces.'

That was a truly a thought from Horatio Caine. The loving and caring Caine.

Everything seemed true and it was definitely a peice like no other. A peice to be proud of.

Very good work, I loved it all.

Mtwapa chapter 1 . 7/4/2007
What a piece! Just when one thinks that one understands the whole H/Y complexity you add some more texture to them!

I think what's really different in this one from other HY pieces out there, is that here Horatio is so very troubled about his feelings, I just feel you've expressed in a very different way because I liked the line, which also really stood out for me, that he didn't enjoy and wasn't comfortable with his feelings for Yelina and her feelings for him and that he really wanted her to be happy again. I think it's very probable that that's how it got 'complicated'. I think what's expressed a lot with HY is that Horatio is always unsure about Yelina's feelings for him, but here he seems doubtless that they have the same feelings for each other.

I also liked the confusion you put in him about the cycle of forgiveness-abuse and the line between criminal and cop. The comparison to Yelina breaking him down as effectively as a stone crab had me smiling...the metaphor and how H. can seem like such a crab totally applied...all hard on the outside but totally soft on the inside!

You also did the whole gun/ itchy trigger finger build-up really well too.

I'm not a huge Calleigh fan so can't say much about her bits although the whole tone is very Calleigh-like.

I guess H. would hate to have Yelina punish him by ignoring him, i don't think he could ever bear that but I think that during the whole Yelina-Stetler relationship he totally understood where he stood (but not with Y, as you mentioned) - as an intruder and that he could only hope for her to walk away. But I also think it calls to mind when Horatio says he can't ever stop protecting Yelina and how that clashes with her happiness, leading on to the argument of what is the best thing to do vs. the happiness of that certain someone. Putting in what would happen with regards to himself and Ray Jr. was an excellent way to end the piece.

Right my little rant is now over...totally awesome work!
Lakshmibai chapter 1 . 6/28/2007
Horatio's frustration at his situation is perfectly captured here, his inability to solve this one problem, and yet conversely it's the one problem that really matters to him. That's always been the tragedy in Horatio's life - his ability to fix everything but his own life. Not an easy read, but thoroughly enthralling. As always, brilliantly executed.
Squeeka Cuomo chapter 1 . 6/28/2007
Before I even start my review, I must insist that I have NOT developed a soft spot for Miss Prissy Pants. With that said...

The thing that really stuck out to me in this fic was the moments between H and Calleigh. There's a really sweet little friendship/understanding between them that you illustrate so well.

I also love the ties between the victim and Yelina. It was slight but very nice. Great job.
Vashti chapter 1 . 6/27/2007
You know this isn't my fandom, but, even w/o knowing who ppl are and their relationships (or how to pronounce Calleigh), it was a happy read. The correlation betw the "current" situation and the one that Horatio's living with is clear in the equal sense of hopelessness they give him.

...was that deep enough for you? ;)