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Maxren chapter 1 . 3/6/2012
Tell me, are there any limits to your talent?
Yami Vizzini chapter 1 . 10/18/2009
Having not read Anomaly yet- I was linked here from TV Tropes- this more than whets one's appetite for said story, but it's a beautiful, if downbeat, piece on its own.
nightdragon0 chapter 1 . 2/5/2008
This fic was a nice way to look overall at Mewtwo's character. I can see partially why he has such a fixed mindset in Anomaly, probably brought about by all this reflecting and thinking.

Hmm, so the events of the main story were partially his refusing to listen to Mew at that time? I think that explains a lot about Mew's actions too.
Hayatecooper chapter 1 . 1/9/2008
intresting, love the way you showed mewtwo as a thoughtful but yet cold pokemon. oh and before i forget loved Anomaly just havnt gotten around to reviewing it yet cause i'm lazy but i will

signed Bentley the great
Evance chapter 1 . 11/27/2007
This is one of the best oneshots I have read on this site. You really get into the mind of Mewtwo, and it clearly shows in the quality of the writing. It's very poetic in its style.
Anime Angela chapter 1 . 10/21/2007
Wow. This story is very well written. Mind you, I'm not much of a writer myself, and I don't read fanfic often (but you already know that), but your story is very true to Mewtwo's nature and way of thinking. I really need to read your fanfics more often. They're very inspiring. I'm afraid I cannot critque though. As I said before, I'm not much of a writer. Still, great job.-
Tomoyo Kinomoto chapter 1 . 9/27/2007
So it WAS partly Mewtwo's fault. I still feel sort of bad for him though. Nice job! It's well written!
Shattered Silence chapter 1 . 9/26/2007
Mewtwo really put his foot in his mouth with that one! This explains why Mew was so insistent that he take care of Eve. Also explains why hes so reclusive and aloof.

Anyway, nice story, with some good descriptive writing. I love how his mind suddenly started contemplating the moons craters when Mew was talking to him. "Mewto smiled" great ending, if a little cliche
The-world-needs-peace chapter 1 . 8/29/2007
Damn, I can't believe I didn't read this before! This totally ties in with the chapter you just posted... If anything, the chapter you just posted should be the one-shot "sequel" to this! It's so similar for Mewtwo's part it's almost silly it isn't, plus it would be nice to see Eve's argument directly after reading this.

Anyway, without necessity, I can say this was certainly a beautiful opening to Mewtwo's thoughts and reflections. I couldn't help but smirk when Mew and he had that argument... though the odd thing is that the whole paragraph on Mewtwo's "voice" is similar to what I've wondered about. I mean really, he could easily make his mental voice feminine. Not that he would of course, but still, you get my point. I almost found it rather funny... almost as funny as when Eve and Flame wondered if he could change gender like Mew. xD
Sea chapter 1 . 8/1/2007

Way to go. :)
Hiaki chapter 1 . 7/30/2007
oh, if only 'Two knew what was to come XD

it's really short, and it does kinda clear up that mental echo thing that you kinda have to figure out on your own in the other one *name excapes me*, but still good X3
Marth chapter 1 . 7/29/2007
It feels like it has been ages, Aeris, but you still have not lost that touch. In fact, it gets sharper and sharper each time. Even re-reading is a joy!
Cherry Wolf Sword chapter 1 . 7/27/2007
Well, I have to say that first off, I am glad that I at least checked out something that you wrote, because this was quite good. This review is probably going to be long, but you probably already knew that. It might not be as long as the ToF review, but it'll probably be long, mostly because I ramble a lot. And, because this is a one-shot, I can take pieces of it, quote them, and then put down whatever was going through my head at the time. I couldn't do that with ToF because of the sheer number of chapters. Can you imagine how long that review would have been if I went through each of the two hundred chapters?

I'm not sure if FF.N has a word limit on reviews, but if they did, I think I'd probably break it. Yikes, I mean, really.

Anyway, onto the review! D

"Humans were, by far, the most fickle race on the planet."

Excellent way to pull a person in. Putting one word or one line at the beginnings of stories is always one of my favorite things to use, especially a line such as that. It's not a panic inducing line, or anything of the sort, but it's intriguing and engaging. It makes the reader question, "Why?" And thus, read on.

Of course, being a rather fickle person myself, I already know why. That's not the point of this review, though. xD

I have to ask, though, is there a specific city that Mewtwo is at? I don't think there is, as one isn't mentioned, but it does make me wonder . . . When I think of 'city' as far as Kanto goes, I think of Celadon or Saffron. But both of those cities have gyms, so they'd be popular places for trainers. When I thought of caves, I thought of Cerulean, but that's not a very large city . . . And then, when I think of a place that doesn't have a gym I thought of Lavender, but that's more of a quiet town rather than a city . . .

Of course, like I said, you probably didn't have him in any specific city. xD So, you can ignore that, if you want.

"Sometimes he wondered if perhaps humans did not invent religion not as an answer to their questions but as a justification to warp and oppress those around them . . ."

You know, that's one of my views on it. I know I'm going to anger a lot of people again by going into this, but . . . I don't know how to keep my mouth shut, or my fingers still. And I tick off people on a regular basis anyway, so what's a few more? xD

Anyway, I'm agnostic, personally, because I feel that even though a lot of religions might be true, there's no way to prove it. And my view on the Bible is that since a /human/ wrote it, how can we prove that any divine entity had any say in it at all? How can we prove that any of that stuff actually happened? Just because it's in a book, that doesn't mean it's real. And a lot of those "laws" and such . . . They just don't make sense.

Of course, I won't tell my parents that. They'd freak. My dad would send me off to a convent or something. x_X Not quite what I want to handle.

Anyway, back on track now. xD

"“But it is! It’s totally important!” The huge blue eyes were beseeching, but Mewtwo easily hardened his heart against Mew’s pleas. For all the childlike innocence he possessed when it suited him, Mew was fifty times Mewtwo’s age if he was a day. In Mewtwo’s mind, at least, that was far too old to be begging."

xD Mewtwo /almost/ sounds like a "tough love" type of parent here. You know, the type that's like, "No. We are leaving this story without that balloon right now. You don't need it." And then the child throws a temper tantrum as the parent drags them out. xDD Mewtwo, for all his seriousness, just makes me laugh right here. Though, maybe that's because I usually laugh when people get serious, such as teachers or parents. That's /probably/ one of the main reasons I usually end up in so much trouble. xD Eheheheh . . .

"Behind him, the tiny legend made a soft whining sound in his throat. “But brother...”"

I could perfectly imagine the tone that Mew used, probably because I've used it so many times myself, whether to get something out of my father or my older sister (the one I never talk to anymore, for numerous reasons). As Mew is such an adorable little kitty, that's just perfect for him. xD

"And there on the mountainside, alone with his own kind of cold humor, Mewtwo smiled."

Excellent way to end it. You know, I always have trouble when it comes to ending stories. I always feel as if my endings just aren't complete enough. You managed it, though, with that last line. I can just imagine the tiniest quirk on Mewtwo's lips. Something cold and sardonic. Because, after all, he's Mewtwo. xD

I will say, though, that Mewtwo still reminds me of Sasuke in a few ways, right down to the fact that he refuses to associate with his "brother." Of course, Mewtwo doesn't want to kill Mew like Sasuke wants to murder Itachi. There's a good reason for that, though; Mew didn't murder everyone Mewtwo cared about right in front of his eyes. Itachi decimated the Uchiha clan, and then made seven year old Sasuke re-live the sight of seeing his parents murdered over and over and over again . . .

But still, Mewtwo and Sasuke seem similar to me, if even just a little. And I mean CANON Sasuke. As in, Kishimoto Masashi's Sasuke. Not the whiny Sasuke everyone makes fun of on this website. xD

Trust me, if you want to see a whiny character in Naruto, look at Haruno Sakura before the time skip. /There/ you see whiny. Gah, I hated her so much . . .

BUT ANYWAY. My Narutard status aside, I liked it. This fic, that is. Not Naruto. Though, I liked that too. Which reminds me, the new chapter should be out today . . .

Heh, off to the NarutoFan site I skip! D

Hiro Ayami chapter 1 . 7/14/2007
Ahah, finally got my password to work properly so I could sign in with a signed review xDxD

I loved it, hope you've got another one in works.

Keep up ze good work
TheWritingMustache chapter 1 . 7/12/2007
So will there be more of this story?And will you add another chapter of anomaly?I'm dying to know what happens next!You got a fan who really wants more.
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