Reviews for The James Younger Gang Rides Again
An-Outlaw-A-Lady chapter 3 . 11/30/2008
Well this story has some potential, but it clearly needs a little help. First of all, you should give your chapters a little more thought. Make them longer and more involved. Don't just jump from one thing to the next. It makes it hard for the reader to immerse him or herself in your work. Second of all, stick to your point of view. At one point you're making it seem like someone is telling the story, then you change it and make it seem like Zipporah is telling the story. And, as applies to every writer, spelling and grammar checks can be of priceless importance. I really hope you give some thought to my suggestions and continue this story. It's a good idea and not that far fetched (always a plus) Please update soon if you can :D


Keep writing! :)