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Kaikouken chapter 3 . 7/2/2007
Yay a new chapter! *does the happy dance*

Annoy me? Haha nothing or no one can annoy me, you can try. But I never get annoyed. Never. XD Besides it is I who annoy people. lol

Oh yes I know, people generally read and just go away, so it is nice if anyone takes time to review, then the writer can take time to answer them. I do that too. You are not crazy, you are sweet. _

I know, about the idea, but don't give up on it. I know you won't, however I'd still at least say this once. Don't join the abandoned fanfic club. XD I am hyper without chocolate so don't worry. I don't get scared either. Er, unless you start writing SasuSaku that is. Ew.

Ah yes, it is a dream, or is it? I mean of course right now, according to the chapter it looks like Naruto is dreaming, and people do have very good imaginations sometimes, but, I have my suspicions. I always have them so it doesn't really matter, but I tend to look too deeply sometimes.

When I read the first part of the "Real" world where Itachi was kicking Sasuke's ass in the game, I was surprised for a sec, thinking what happened to the lovey-dovey Itachi-nii? But yeah, a sentence later I understood that they are playing a game. lol

Uchihas are fun, really. You can make Fugaku a stern man but putty in the hands of Mikoto, you can make Mikoto a really sweet and yet dangerous when provoked woman who can make the Uchiha men run with tail between their legs. Itachi-nii is the very caring and yet bizzare brother and Sasuke is Sasuke. XD

Because of their portrayal in manga, when someone writes them normal, they become a lot of fun. XDD

Now about the first part, where Sasuke is "rescued". I loved the way you executed that, not too drawn out, meticulous details given and yet they were not dragging in any way, in fact that made it look so awesome. Sai and Naruto's cooperation was love! The glimpse of Naruto's desperation and his mental dilemma, brief and yet amazing.

The fact that Oro-pyon went down similarly as he did in manga, that is, with unexpected ease, also makes it that much more amazing. Sasuke waking up and the whole staring

I am worried about the burn. And I really don't think that you are going to put Orochimaru down that easily either. Like in the manga, I am sure Kishimoto-sensei is planning something nefarious. XD

It doesn't really matter though, this is your story, your timeline. Whatever happened in manga, doesn't really matter here. I think you should go with your timeline and screw the manga. he he he

Rambling... I do nothing but ramble. -_-;; And you know something, I read your reply at least fifteen times before accpeting the fact that you really meant it. XD

I am such a nut.

That reminds me, KakaIru. *rolls eyes* I echo the sentiment here, how do people see something between them? Hell, there is no interaction there! How the hell will they like each other if they never even talk? It is almost as ridiculous as GaaNeji. I mean, how did people even come up with GaaNeji? I am sorry if you do like it, then again, I don't think you do. I love, love, love GaaLee and as far as I think, so do you. GaaLee is just far too cute.

GaiKaka...bad mental image, but it has more substance than KakaIru.

I have read a few nice KakaObi and YonKaka, and they are somewhat plausible too. So yes. XD

Let's elope, but I am a very perverted little girl. Well not little either... almost 20. XD But very perverted. XDD

Kiba! I love your Kiba! Everyone loves your Kiba! My idea of canon Kiba is tainted with your Kiba. That is how much I love him. lol

And here, he is being so Kiba-like. He is not obsessed, he is their friend, but he wants Sasuke to move on. I can understand Sasuke's dilemma too, holding onto something like that. But the truth is, the only difference is of the worlds. Naruto won't give up on Sasuke in the "Ninja" world (XD) and Sasuke won't give up on Naruto is the "Real" world. *nods at her stupid logic*

I have read your every other fic...*cough* but by the time I really came to ffnet, you were doing the Challenge, and when I registered and started reviewing, you were wrapping up the Challenge. So I waited and waited for you to start something, so that I could start bothering you. XD like I am doing right now.

Sai. Sai is love! I didn't really like him before, when he used to badmouth Sasuke and made fun of Naruto's penis size. lol

But recently, after developing dislike for SaiNaru, I really started looking at Sai and just, just fell in love with the guy. He is just so... awesome, for the lack of a better word. XD

But Sai and Naruto are like brothers. And there can be a little love from Sai's side, because Naruto is like that. He makes you fall in love with him. But other than that, Naruto is too busy with Sasuke. That is why, I love, love your Sai portrayal. He is done perfectly.

Then again, you do everything perfectly. XD

Ah yes, I know. I do that too. Finding humor in the darkest of situations. I laugh at my problems, make fun of them, ridicule them. It makes it easier to deal with them sometimes. That is why Angst/Humor is also my favourite genre. They just go hand in hand. And you are really apt at writing them together.

*cough* whenever am I getting to the point? The shaving scene. Sasuke's devotion and feelings leak from that scene. Arashi's presence also makes the scene profound and in turn makes me love it.

Hand twitch was fun. Also, I don't know how many people would notice it, was it the same hand that got injured in the "dream" world? *giggles*

Tsunade-sama! Waii! She is one of my favourite characters because she kicks ass! And here, she is beyond awesome. lol

Loved her characterization. _

I still have much to say... and yet I feel that this review has gone over thousand words... I feel it. Yup, 1077 words so far. O.O

Well, I am sure that I am burning your eyes now, but heh, I am going to continue anyway. Because I can't stop. T_T

Naruto's mother is such a genuine character. She is a normal, sweet, caring mother who just wants her son back. Her dependence on Sasuke is touching, it shows just how precariously balanced her hopes are. How fragile her control is, if Sasuke gives up... she would break.

Of course now that Naruto shows improvement, everything changes. She relies even more on Sasuke and eventually this will come in hnady I think.

Sasuke's hope (before the twitching) was dwindling. Kiba's words, his family's concern and everything was getting on his nerves. Ah... love the way you portray things. *sigh*

See, I am literature student, Engish Literature. It is my job to analyse things. I often times don't because not everything is worth it, but when I come acorss something like this, I can't help myself, I get so engrossed and excited, if I don't talk about it, I go all crazy. You don't want that do you? hehehehehehe...

But... seeing the length of this thing (I really can't call it a review anymore) if it bothers you, I'll try to stop myself. It will be hard...*sniff* but I'll try.

Though I don't mind spoilers, predicting is fun. And about the anime, I stopped watching after the first few episodes. Because I had seen all the guys and it is a waste of time since Sasuke isn't showing up any time soon. Besides I'm a bitchy manga elitist. XD

*cough* anyway, thank you so much for posting this chapter and if by chance you are still reading this... it was really, really awesome. I love your writing even more now, if that is possible.

And, uh, sowwy for the rambling...I loved the chapter. *coughs and runs away*
WhiteRoses13 chapter 3 . 7/2/2007
YES! WAKE UP, WAKE UP, WAKE UP, WAKE UP! You so had me with the video game thing...I thought Itachi had (finally) killed his family...but I guess that's what you were aiming for. chapter 3 . 7/2/2007
oo you have to reveiw soon anyone who reads this is going to die waiting for you
CreativeStrive1025 chapter 3 . 7/2/2007
Dear god, Sarge. You never cease to amaze me with your chapters. I mean with this one, I was on the edge of my seat the whole time freaking out. It’s a wonder I didn’t fall on my ass while reading. :] Haha, It was awesome. Go Naruto for almost waking up. Hopefully he will because I’m liking his parents, and to see them break down would be so very sad. :[ Minako and Aashi have something so adorable about them being parents and I’ve become very fond of the mother.

Next, Naruto’s hand twitching while Sasuke is on top of him and leaning forward. :cough: Must hold all the dirty thoughts that I just came up with. You would think I would have thought them while reading huh? Well I didn’t actually and that really amazed me. I believe I was just to lost in the story.

The plot, Ugh, I love it dude. The concept is pure genius. You are wonderful for even thinking it.

Anywho, Great job on this one. I can not wait to see more. :]
schadenfreudekid chapter 3 . 7/2/2007
thanks for the reply. writers who reply to reviewers rock!

anyway, about this chapter, it seems that you're laying the ground for the story because the pace of this chapter was a little bit slow.

anyway, still looking forward to your next chapter!
FlashDrive chapter 3 . 7/2/2007
OMG! YOU UPDATED! :Is happy: And on CANADA DAY! HAPPY CANADA DAY TO YOU TOO! (Even though I don't live there...) Lol. I loved this chapter. Especially this part:

"“If you’re dreaming of something kinky, keep it in your head. I don’t want you going hard while I’m sitting on you, I might get the wrong idea.”"

Seriously. I LOVED that part. XD Lol. Great chapter overall. I'm excited to see if Naruto wakes up in the next chapter. :Poke, poke: (Hint: That was me attempting subtlety. That subtlety replacing my normal request of "PLEASE UPDATE SOON!") :D I love this story! X3
cutiedogsapphire chapter 3 . 7/2/2007
Im so happy you updated . by far this was my favorite character, you know nobody puts Naruto's family in it, but you proved it was ok .
dotdotd chapter 2 . 7/1/2007
I really like it! I need the next chappie... ...
snarfy chapter 2 . 7/1/2007
This is great! You always write the best stories!
Akri07 chapter 2 . 7/1/2007
Oh wow! This is very good! I think i've seen something like this, although not read it, but seen it on tv! I really love your stories, and this one had my attention on the first line! X3 I loved the 1st chapter, already getting the general idea of this around the ending of the story...but somehow you always seem to surprise me with a twist! Can wait to read more!

~one of your many fans~
IntertwinedxDestinies chapter 2 . 6/30/2007
Amazing. You never cease to amaze me, FastForward.

Well, keep 'em coming. It's such an abstract, unusual, yet wonderful plot that I just can't seem to get enough of it. Really! This is definitely going to be a favorite!

Update soon!
Star Sapphirex chapter 2 . 6/30/2007
Holy shnaps! I like this! Picturing the show and series that we know and love with...well, life that we have today. Haha, that's so cool. I WAS confused the first chapter, but then I remembered the summary. Update soon!
Pampan chapter 2 . 6/30/2007
Whha, is it really true? That the mind makes another life when the person is in a coma? Tis interesting, but, I wonder if the real world Sasuke will have enough in him to keep on going like that. When will Naruto ever wake up?
FuzzySeduction chapter 2 . 6/30/2007
It's...ungodly how much I love this! :o. I cant wait to see the next chapter! I also love the comradre between Sasuke and Itachi, and their father is awesome. x3.
mademoisele chapter 2 . 6/29/2007
HAHA, thank gosh for your AN at the end. I was just gonna ask that. hehe, I'm excited for the next chapter D
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