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anon chapter 2 . 6/28/2007
never seen an idea like this done before...very interesting...i like and enjoyed reading this.

the breaks seperate the two worlds very well and i completely understand when you switch between the real world and the coma induced world.

beautifully written, i can almost feel the build up of tension/drama and its only been 2 chapters ] i thoroughly enjoy your fics and how you manage to keep the characters in well..character i guess. many writers get lost in the OOCness and then the fic becomes unrealistic (i have to admit i do that too lolz...its hard not to)

This story reminds me a bif of Blood and Tears...when sasuke had a coma and then amnesia...i wonder how sasuke will deal with the prolonged suspence of naruto's coma, it would be very intersting to see this story progress.

I look forward to seeing more updates in the future, but as you said, quality over i wont write SPAM you with reviews saying nothing but UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE...cause that woud probably annoy you and make u not update just to spite me *the anon reviewer* lol anways good luck with the story..! im sure you have many twists and turn and shocking story plot ideas in that head of yours XD
istorya chapter 2 . 6/28/2007
As I expected. Keep going please! This is really, really good!
Vree chapter 2 . 6/28/2007
Yeah. I'd think it would be possible. This is actually kind of reminding me of the anime Hack/sign. Or whatever it was. I think there was a little girl who was in a coma, but was a player in the game or something like that. Only watched it when I was realy bored and I seem to remember that for some reason. *smiles* Otherwise right now, I love it. *grins* Though, an interesting twist I thought of when I was reading it would be to have Sai sharing Naruto's coma world. I noticed that there wasn't anything about him when you wrote about Sasuke, and Sai is a relatively new character that grows progressively closer to Naruto. *shakes head* Anyway, just an idea. Have fun writing and go however you want. Later

Kaikouken chapter 2 . 6/28/2007
All right *rubs hands in glee* The second chapter! Though I was totally not expecting a reply from you, after all, you have so much to do and you update almost daily, but I am not complaining. *laughs creepily*

*cough* anyway, the idea is not too unheard of, however, your treatment of it and the the way you are going to go about it is original. And since you are a talented writer, I have faith that you will pull it off. I don't read stories like this usually since people never update/abandon, but with you, there is no problem like that. *beams*

So we learn a lot about Sasuke and Naruto's past in the "other" world. So they are no longer ninja, they are ordinary people. Good. My second set of questions were on the Uchihas, but you answered them pretty nicely.

Uchihas are fun to write, when they are not being phychotic, hell, they are fun all the time actually.

Coming back, so Sakura is not a nice person, which is understandable, if we look at the pre time-skip Sakura, who was somewhat like this.


NaruSaku is canon, as canon as SasuNaruSasu is. Oh yes, even if it fierce friendship/brotherhood/rivalry thing, it is so canon. And yes, I know it too well just how much people hate NaruSaku and Sakura in general. *shudders* Know it too well. ~_~

Even I like the pairings that have some basis, miniscule as it maybe, but some basis in canon. KakaIru is so not canon. *rolls eyes* I don't hate it, seeing as you can't read most of the SasuNaru fan fiction without bumping into KakaIru, but yes, I prefer KakaObi or YonKaka or for het KakaSaku much more than that. At least they have some basis. I must commend you on the fact that you stand up against them! XD

Hell, SaiSaku is more plausible.

Geez, I am deviating from the story entirely. Forgive me. T_T

But before I go into it again, one more thing, Kabuto integrated Oro-pyon's body parts. (Gotta love the little Snake Man XD) So basically he has the body, not the mind of Oro-chan. Sasuke on the other hand has Orochimaru in his mind, trapped. What he said to Kabuto back in Oto, that he has *taken over*. It perfectly implies that Oro-chan isn't dead and he might make his appearance soon, and all it will take would be a small slip on Sasuke's part.

*cough* Gekkou Hayate again. *cough* Back to the story, okay one sec. Kiba! *squeals* Oh how I missed your Kiba! KibaLove!

Oh God, I never run out of things to say do I? I mean, I hope your eyes aren't burning at the complete nonsense I have been spouting up until now? I have the tendency of Never. Ever. Shutting. Up!

You rated the story Drama/Humor. Interesting Genre choice, I must say, humor there is. Oh yes, despite the backdrop of the story is gloomy as hell, the characters (in both worlds) are not in the best of their forms and yet there is humor. It will be hard state to maintain. Once, and if, Naruto wakes up in this "other" world, the humor will take front seat I guess. I mean to say that humor will prevail. Besides, drama almost equals some angst.

This is what makes your story unique, I think, and so don't worry. Everyone will love you regardless even if you write Naruto turning into a Chihuahua and licking people. *nods sagely* And I am sure you'll pull that off too, smoothly.

The Naruto-Sai dialogue was love! Honestly, the comparison. I loved it. My favourite part in this chapter has to be this. When Naruto asks Sai to choose between his brother and Naruto. I love SaiNaru friendship a lot. Not as a pairing much, but as friends, a lot. I loved every single line of the conversation between them. Admirably done! *beams some more*

Another thing that I loved here was how Kakashi didn't *need* rescuing! Thank God for that! Kakashi, though not the most powerful ninja around, is still a legend. Thank you for that! And the small KakaSaku was love too! _

Ah, the love thing. *nods* how ironic that in Narutoverse, it is Naruto who loves Sasuke and in the "other" world, it is Sasuke who loves Naruto, even if he denies it. T_T

Their love/bond has and will always be more than platonic. Every time in the manga they had a flashback, whether on the bridge or in the VotE, the kiss was always a part of their memories and I'd like to think that that is the most sexual thing that Sasuke has participated (willingly or unwillingly) in.

So the explanation of Naruto's feelings for Sasuke are not surprising or odd at all.

What Sakura said about Sasuke is very plausible. That also solidifies the fact that Sakura is more or less over Sasuke.

Another point that you raised, no one, absolutely no one cares about returning Sasuke to the village. Everyone has given up on him. Sakura is there because of Naruto and not so much Sasuke. Kakashi is Kakashi and that is enough said. Sai... well that is self-explanatory too.

Wow, now I feel like I have overanalysed and dissected the chapter... ~_~

I hope you don't mind my incoherent, incessant ramblings. *looks sheepish*

I really don't mind knowing what you have in store, but I really doubt that you'll tell me anyway.

And you are awesome and you must admit it! XD

Uh, awesome chapter doesn't really cut it, but it does get the point across. That is it... I suppose. *cough and ambles away*
mountainderp chapter 2 . 6/28/2007
wittyying chapter 2 . 6/28/2007
Ok, it makes sense now. I wonder if Naruto would ever remember anything about the real world if he wakes from his coma. Will he remember the Narutoverse as well? I'm curious as to how his encounter with Sasuke in Sound will turn out-I wonder if some event there will prompt him to wake. I look forward to the update.
Trekiael chapter 2 . 6/28/2007
Hey, thanks for the review reply!

Sorry, I'm a dumbass. First, i completly forgot that kakashi used fire jutsu, not that I ever thought that only the Uchiha clan was able to do it, but because of the element explanation, I assumed. But that's possible that the sharingan change things a little, or maybe you potentialy can control more than one or two elements, but your originals ones come more naturally. I don't know. We'll have to ask Kishimoto for answers .

I'm also a dumbass because i spent time trying to think of theories about your fic when you gave a big hint that my first one was the good one, this being Naruto's mother. I just completly forgot this litte bit of information when I wrote my review. Yeah, I'm a dumbass .

Now about this chapter. Well, it feels like Naruto is getting closer and closer to waking up. But what if once he does it he thinks that the real world is just a genjutsu and won't accept it? Natural reaction.

Sasuke is so OOC it froze my brain. I know that it's normal, for the story purpose and because of the ciconstancies. But this nice, pouting (my God, Sasuke pouting? Does he even has the capacity to do so? I almost had a heart attack there), cherished Sasuke, will he be able to handle a ninja Naruto? This is going to be weird, like Naruto is going to be the Sasuke will all know and the real Sasuke is going to be somewhat of a Naruto, as in, Naruto the bastard and Sasuke the dumbass, trying to reach his friend. Ok, Naruto is not exactly a dumbass, but ya know what I mean. I'm not sure I'm going to like this new contradiction. I kind of like, ok, I love Sasuke as the bastard he is. Bah, who know, maybe I'm just parano

Anyway, good chapter, can't wait for the next. Good luck! Ja ne!
cutiedogsapphire chapter 2 . 6/28/2007
Yay if you update fast I'll be happy! Cool story,sure it was confusing but I reread the first chapter after the second and it made sence so yeah YAY go you . Ok stick to 75 fics,but Im telling you you'll reach 100 soon because your just that good,I wouldnt be surprized like a year from now you'll have like 200 (most including oneshots of sweet SasuNaru) well keep up the good work and dont give up on this story or I'll make Kiba less cooler! Yes,a threat,Bwhahahhahahhahahahahaha even if Kiba owns you, one day I'll own him bwhahahhah (I wish,then I'd give him to you. and if you got Neji you'd do the same for me right?) :P I'll review next time,and lets hope thats soon,and I'll keep them shorter then this (not not like 'cool' or something,thats overrated)
Valkarious chapter 2 . 6/28/2007
Awsome chapter :P! keep up the great work can't wait to see whats in store for the next chapter - so update when ya can definatley looking foward to it XD!
Resting Sovereign chapter 2 . 6/28/2007
Great plot! It's confusing at first but I love it now! Please update!
Mrs Hatake Itachi chapter 2 . 6/28/2007
This is such a good story but please do warn us if there would be an alter universe thing popping in. because it really is a little confusing. This is not a flame just an advice!
FlashDrive chapter 2 . 6/28/2007
OMG! I am so jealous... I SO wish I had thought of this story! WHY? WHY DID I NOT THINK OF IT? :Tear: :Sniffle: You are truly amazing. Seriously, I adore this fic! XD Wow. I seem so bipolar right now. But no, it's just lack of sleep and food. But, in all non-bipolar seriousness, this is a REALLY good story. It's kind of refreshing to read a story where the characters are so OOC (in the real word - not the Narutoverse) that it's painful and it's on PURPOSE. XD That...was not actually meant to be an insult, though it could be conceived as one. Heh. Sorry 'bout that. Well...anyway...great job! Love the fic! Please update soon! X3
saNuThGu chapter 2 . 6/28/2007
Ohh, NOW it -sorta- makes sense...UPDATE SOON! Please?
Byakko.Kat chapter 2 . 6/27/2007
WAI! Another pwnsome chapter. 3 -gives more cake and icecream- -some sodatoo- 3 You give me inspiration to write, did you know that?
Flibber T. Gibbet chapter 2 . 6/27/2007
Wah! Love from your legions of adoring fans! Awesome!

I love the Uchiha family... They all have personalities and they're a family... It's a ream come true!

I especially liked the way you described the choice of who to save...

Sakura's (in the "real" world) is so mean!

Anyway, you definitely compare to the best.

yours truly,

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