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Minekoanime chapter 5 . 4/6
awesome :D I really, really enjoyed this
Aniki-xvi chapter 4 . 2/3
I Love alllll!
Esp this!
Guest chapter 5 . 12/29/2013
jean5 5 chapter 5 . 12/9/2013
That was a very fun series of stories to read, thanks.

I would really like to read other stories on this format, but saddly, the premise exclude a part of the characters of the manga to have their profile here (because they're unknown / not interesting for hakuba).

BiblioMatsuri chapter 5 . 5/24/2013
Now I have to read Magic Kaito. (And brush up on Case Closed while I'm at it.)
BiblioMatsuri chapter 4 . 5/24/2013
How nice to see someone who actually knows what AS is...

*blinks* That actually fits. Definitely explains the hyperfocus and foot-in-mouth syndrome. *snorts* "...ferret on crystal meth." (Honestly, the only thing Cade's missing here is the Secret.)
EverThePhantom chapter 5 . 5/18/2013
Wow, haha! I want to see more of these! I realize that this might be a dead topic for you, but I'm sure Hakuba has at least heard of Amuro Tooru, and perhaps Masumi Sera! I would love to read their profiles!
Humanly Human chapter 4 . 4/27/2013
"People with that syndrome don't make friends easily, and almost never with people that aren't on their intellectual level."

So, Heiji is actually AS positive, I guess. Since Conan is one of the few that near his intelectual level. as creepy as it sounds...XD
Eternal She-Wolf chapter 5 . 4/24/2013
Wonderful story! Very interesting, and very insightful!
Moonumb chapter 5 . 4/15/2013
wait a second, didn't he find 'somebody' dead already when he met Conan and Hattori?
Devicious chapter 5 . 3/1/2013
I would TOTALLY ask for my psych profile too. I want it. Where can I get one?! X'D

Hahah, Hakuba's fashion sense gets mocked - and he has literally asked for it (...indirectly though).

Yup, I agree with most of this (I was gonna write more specifically what I thought was right, but changed my mind - it would just be a long list of the same things you've written in the chapter itself. If you're ever going to read these reviews, starting from the one I wrote about the first chapter, you must be sick of me by now. :D)

Unhealthy coping mechanisms. I'd kinda like to here more details about those, but maybe they're not so important. It's nice to see him worrying about Hakuba (...shooting people. x'D He must be pleased to read that about himself).

The last sentences sent me again grinning, this was just screaming "SEQUEL". I wasn't sure if there was one before (hadn't checked, though now I've read it). yeah, sorry about these long boring reviews. I'm doing this as much as I can atm, since I'm trying to learn fluid English (that is why I kinda rushed through these reviews to see how well I can write without thinking. I might be repeating myself/talking nonsense every now and then). English is not my first language. x_O
Devicious chapter 4 . 3/1/2013
Now THIS proved to be the most interesting chapter of 'em all. : DD I've read some of the Asperger's symptoms before somewhere, but this was still very educational. Especially all the smallest details - like Cade saying "calligraphy will never be his strong suit" etc. That's something I couldn't ever write, since I've got no expertice in these kinds of things (...then again, I'm just an upper high school student - and I don't write, at least atm. X'DD)

And even if I kinda guessed Heiji's temper and blunt way to interact with others would be discussed here, I did not expect him to have any developmental disorders. x'D Poor guy. But this actually makes sense, since every detective in DC is just a bit too good to be true (well, except Mouri maybe). Everyone seems to be geniuses with eidetic memory, but no one's really antisocial or even Sherlock/Poirot/Monk -kinda weird. (in case I'm too unclear here, I'm talking about Sherlock's mood-swings and the other two's weird phobias and odd habits).

I'm not so sure about him being hyperkinetic. Maybe a little? Not so much in the manga/anime, but then again I haven't paid that much attention to this detail. And this is your story, so it's OK to alter things a bit if it fits. Everything else was brilliant - "obsessive, narrow areas of focus", occasional hyperfocusing, social interaction problems, being bad at lying... I think you nailed it. :) The comment about Conan stopping Heiji from saying stuff was amusing, somehow I was delighted that you thought of that as well. Cade seems like a kind of person who'd notice that.

And yeah, he noticed the way Heiji treats Conan as an equal (even admires if you ask me). The last sentence was (again) perfect. :'D
Devicious chapter 3 . 3/1/2013
I was so going to laugh at Conan(/Shinichi) when I read his mental age would be twelve, but after Cade's re-phrasing it made more sense. Because he's damn intelligent, but as Cade say, he might actually be a bit behind in the emotional maturity, especially now that he's living a lie. Though it wouldn't have surprised me if Cade had underestimated him at least a little (more), since he hasn't got that much experience of Conan. :)

Aw, poor Conan with his bad acting skills. x'D I bet he probably could act pretty well, but is just _bad_ at pretending to be a real child.

Oooh, I wasn't actually expecting any particular thoughts of his "visual presentation". Again, good opinions there. (Though I really wonder how every fanfic-author keeps pointing out the neatness of his hair - seriously, he's got quite long bangs, a cow-lick or whatever it's called and some longer strands at the back of his neck - I just don't see how that's so overly neat. Maybe by comparing him to Kaito... :P but still.)

I was really having good time reading this. Control-issues? Paranoia. Expectations (since he was a brilliant and known high school detective before he was Conan). I love it when Cade can't quite guess what Conan's parents are like, because he really shouldn't know. Conan's WEIRD because he's in reality ten years older, a genius and gone through a lot of weird stuff. And living a lie. Not so much his parents' fault, though as he looks like a kid it could seem so. (Then again, he has been living alone for some time before DC started...)

Last thoughts were also promising - at this point I kept hoping this would lead to a sequel, which it did. I want more though. x'D
Devicious chapter 2 . 3/1/2013
I was actually pretty interested in this, since the last chapter was so deep. I was pretty sure you (or Cade) wouldn't settle for "Mouri's a divorced heavy smoker and alcoholic" or anything so easy. And also because the "trances" would be confusing for anyone who doesn't know the truth about 'em. : D

The clinical depression wasn't surprising, but explaining it still created some depth to Mouri's character in this fanfic. What I found more original & interesting was him being a "natural-born actor", because that's something I haven't exactly heard in other fanfics - and it really just suits him. :) It's obvious in manga/anime/movies that every now and then he's pretending to be more of an idiot than he is. Though you took it even further.

There were some other details that caught my attencion as well, for instance he's relationship with Eri (since he just won't allow himself to ask her back even if he wants to). Etc.

Anyway, I've read other good pieces about Mouri too, but this was amazing.

Ahh, I was totally waiting for him mentioning Conan at some point. X'DDD I was totally grinning just imagining his profile. I've read several other fics where people wonder about Conan's behavior... oh. That reminds me - I just realized I HAVE actually read one of your fics before! I read "About Egogawa" last year, and I seriously loved it. :D I might go and read it again after I'm done here...
Devicious chapter 1 . 3/1/2013
Ahh, I just read these yesterday - all five of them were brilliant, but I thought I could go through all of them.

The first one was of course interesting, since I still hadn't read any of your works before. I'm glad Cade wasn't a disappointment - he was a good, interesting character, even if I couldn't quite decide if you were favoring him a bit by making him so great. X'D Anyway, I liked him.

The second thing I liked was the fact that this didn't say straight away "Dear Hakuba" or something. Even if it became obvious pretty quickly after the first couple of sentences, it was fun to wait for it.
(Btw, pretty soon after a couple of paragraphs I had to stop to check which five characters Hakuba wanted profiles of. Every one of 'em sounded promising. : ))

It was also veeeery entertaining indeed to read good profiling from someone who doesn't know about Kaito. At least I think you did well, tho' I have no experience whatsoever with the subject. x') It was well-written, and every point he made was mostly explained. Less explaining and I would've been pissed off at how well he was "guessing", but all the good reasoning won my respect.
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