Reviews for AntiMarik
I'M GONE YOO chapter 1 . 2/26/2011
Again, you blow me away with your amazingness. I could never do that in a million years...especially not te chemistry part...but tat could be because I'm only in the seventh grade...yeah, a twelve year old knowing that much chemistry shiz...I wouldn't live if I had to do that!

But anyways, great story. I enjoyed as much as I have enjoyed every one of your other stories...god, Iove your writings. Keep up the good work!
Akimoto Ren chapter 1 . 7/23/2007
And I thought I had troubke with chemistry.

Your fic showed how well Serenity can fight fear. Of course, with a brother like Joey he doesn't have anything to fear.

Good work.
Miss. Miyazawa chapter 1 . 6/29/2007

Haha, not at this fic, but at the chem. problem. I'm hopeless at that kind of stuff, seeing as I don't take Chemistry. Really, this story was just as cute as One Hand. The genuine love between Serenity and Joey was there and Serenity's helplessness while thinking back to Marik's mind control were nicely detailed. Brava once again!


Princess Miyazawa

P.S.- I'm a big Marik fan, but I loved this nonetheless. _ Be sure to PM me if you write any more Serenity & Joey siblingfics.