Reviews for My Escape
jkt7 chapter 1 . 1/9/2013
I liked it. Kinda like horror/romance. Coolio. Wish I had Twilight dreams. I don't get why Bella was in a dungeon, though.
sweet-cc chapter 1 . 3/24/2012
that was amazing i especailly loved the ending it was truely brilliant you are a very talented author
Dreamer1985 chapter 1 . 12/8/2010
interesting, not offended by you though I must confess I'm not sure what to think of it. And, boy, did those two move super fast.
1world-traveler chapter 1 . 8/11/2010
i really like this story can you continue with a few more chapters?
Cs1089 chapter 1 . 6/9/2010
That was so cool!
Fleur24 chapter 1 . 2/7/2010
Siriusmunchkin chapter 1 . 2/2/2010
Very interesting. Set somewhere in the Old World. Good conquers evil. Romance follows.
SwaggerJaggerOffTheLittleSock chapter 1 . 10/25/2009
good work.
bluefire022 chapter 1 . 10/17/2009
Wow, those two moved fast... Another great story!
stargazerin chapter 1 . 6/27/2009
Alright, two things bothered me: First, why was Bella being put into a cell? If they rescued her, why doing that to her? She obviously was there some days or weeks! And second, I hate it when the hero safes the girl and she instantly fell in love with him ... it's so cliche ... sorry. Other then that, I think your story was quite good. It was very well written and the emotions were very well described. Oh, and the plot itself was pretty good. Happy writing, Stargaterin
selena chapter 1 . 2/2/2009
im sorry the story was good until the end but im a Christian and i didnt like that part. im sorry i know your hindu i have a best friend that is hindu but i found that making me very mad could you plz try to not do that again im not trying to be rude but im a Christian
BubbiGurl23 chapter 1 . 1/6/2009
wooah :D AWEOSME. Is it a one shot :S
twilightlover333 chapter 1 . 12/15/2008
Great story.
VampsMoonAngel chapter 1 . 11/9/2008
Cool. It's a nice story, though I can see why you thought some people might get all mad for that question. Good story, vey very good story.
Stargirlrox chapter 1 . 10/25/2008
whoa. Good story! Jsut wondering, what's the cross have to do with the story? It doesn't repel vampires, or is it just there for the sake of it being there? Oh, is it for the ending? Now it makes sense!
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