Reviews for The Guiltless
riverrat1 chapter 8 . 3/12/2020
This is a wonderful story. I love your style of writing. Yes, there are a few mistakes - looks like you sometimes rearranged the wording and forgot to delete some of the old one - but it doesn't diminish this otherwise well written piece at all.
Everyone is perfectly in character.
Now on to the sequel!
catonmic33 chapter 8 . 3/10/2020
That is now the second time I've read this story. Damn I still love it :) And now, onto HP and SS correspondance :)
Severus-Loki-Sirius-Firestar chapter 8 . 3/4/2020
This was really good.
Hinata7 chapter 8 . 2/9/2020
MollyMuffinHead chapter 8 . 2/7/2020
Not sure how many times I've read this. I can't remember if i have read it, so I start it again, then recognize it, but keep reading. This time I'm moving straight to the sequel. For some reason I've never read it. Thanks for the story. I both enjoy and feel my heart hurt every time I read it.
The Queen of All Demons chapter 8 . 12/26/2019
Omygod a bitch is crying. You are so good at capturing emotion!
HannaSnape chapter 8 . 12/4/2019
I loved the story, in no time Snape lost its characteristics and this is really amazing, congratulations.
Accio Allsorts chapter 8 . 10/26/2019
I am now trying to come up with a marauder name for Snape. A proper one, not Snivellus, and preferably a derivative of either grease or bat.
Accio Allsorts chapter 6 . 10/26/2019
That felt good. Reading about Snape tearing Vernon a new one was
Accio Allsorts chapter 5 . 10/26/2019
Is it possible to snog someone to death?
Harry, for the greater good you must attempt to find out on Voldemort.

That is both the funniest and most disturbing image I have conjured up in a long time.
Accio Allsorts chapter 3 . 10/26/2019
Taken out of context, that statement is bloody hilarious: "Tell me Potter. Your Uncle. Did you rape his daughter?" I laughed out loud when I read that, before I realised why Snape was asking that (the fact that it is Snape asking adds even more humour to the quote). Don't get me wrong, I detest rape on every level, but SNAPE asking HARRY casually if he raped his uncle's daughter is a joke unto itself.
Guest chapter 8 . 10/22/2019
Great! Will read the sequel asap!
SourceOfAllKnowledge chapter 8 . 10/13/2019
I have read this story multiple times and I just realised I never reviewed!

Most stories written in this vein are very OOC but your’s is incredibly close and accurate to the characters JKR gives us. I really appreciate the fact that within this story you refrained from Dumbledore and Weasley Bashing as I sometimes struggle to read those stories.

You have an amazing talent and I really appreciate you giving others the chance to enjoy the fruits of your labour! Thank you!
Arboreal Musteline chapter 8 . 7/26/2019
This is so heartwarming
Dua Delacroix chapter 8 . 7/17/2019
I really like this fic. Sometimes, the journey to getting Snape to a point of where he disabuses his premeditated hate for Harry is really OOC - but, not yours. You did an excellent job and not only is this fic favorited - I'm now off to read the sequel. Cheers!
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