Reviews for Dead Last
Guest chapter 14 . 5/5
It was really good at frst bt yr stry wnt dwnhil man. I didnt lk it at ol. It ws too cnfusng, n nt in a good way. Sorry again.
Guest chapter 14 . 2/26
Aww so cute hurry and do the next chapter
skyeza chapter 14 . 2/22
Hey, please please finish this. Please!.. I really think that not finishing is mean. I love (hate? Love?) that Sasuke is such a whinging bitch. I love Kiba.. Is there gonna be any face time with Neji? Please continue
rohime chapter 14 . 1/24
Oh damn I loved that ending, and how Sasuke brought Naruto back.
Totally agree with your opinion on Sasuke, btw. I don't get how he has all of those fangirls after all that shit that he put Naruto through in the mangaanime...
Haha is it bad that I keep getting sadistic pleasure from what Sasuke's put through in this fic? XD As always, thank you for your writing, Author-sama.
Icyicy00 chapter 1 . 12/27/2014
I didn't know it was possible to capture the mood of Fangirl fuelled concert that perfectly, and I haven't even been to a concert before. I really felt like I was there, standing right next to Sasuke. You have earned my uttermost repect.

Naruto with long all honesty I like it better medium length

I cannot see where this is going, that the part I like best about this fic...besides the absolutely amazing recreation of mad fangirls
WolfieLiz chapter 14 . 12/8/2014
will thsi story have a continuation?
Just a fan chapter 14 . 11/29/2014
Well, so i have finally reached this chapter, and altho I have calmed down...and altho I love the story...I have such contradicting feelings about this. I mean, I love how you portray Naruto, but I hate it too. Is like Sasuke is always there for him, after him, yet Naruto is just being a whore and childish and god damn immature. It's weird, cuz I like it, but I hate it lol I just wished that for once Naruto would be the one jealous and concerned about Sasuke, cuz he is going through a lot more shit right now emotionally than idiot Naruto is. Honestly, even tho I am a SasuNaru fan, I find myself shipping Gaara and Sasuke instead when I read this story. There is just a limit to how much crap someone can take, and I think Sasuke already reached his limit. It would be stupid for him to let himself be used by the blonde again just cuz he is back.

Anyways, I look forward to the next chapter because despite my current hatred for Naruto's personality in the story, i still love it and of course I love the pair XDDD Keep working hard.
Just a fan chapter 12 . 11/29/2014
Dammit, that's it! I need a break before reading the next chapter cuz I feel like I am gonna throw Naruto out the window...-pants- Making Sasuke feel miserable while he acts like a whore, give me a break. Sasuke should just hook up with Gaara and leave the stupid blonde. As for Itachi, I love him too much to hate him lol

Other than that, great story. Altho ur favoritism for Naruto clearly shows since u let him cheat around but don't let Sasuke have any hot sexy lover to cheat with as well...still I am enjoying the story. XD
Baggy chapter 2 . 11/27/2014
This story is freaking amazing. This chapter is freaking amazing. Oh hinata
cookiea2b3 chapter 1 . 8/16/2014
I love Sasu-chan! )
"I didn't know I was gay."
I almost died laughing. D
livintoinspire chapter 14 . 6/30/2014
Wow! Incredible! That plot had me crying, laughing, screaming (those plot twists!) and everything in-god damn-between! As sad as I am that this is an incomplete story... I'm glad it ended where it did, it gave me some closure to the story even though we won't see what happens afterwards. Thank you for the roller coaster of emotions that was this story! Aha, Arigato Sempai! .
Bookwormy3 chapter 1 . 6/15/2014
I love it!
Parnita chapter 14 . 6/13/2014
Wonderful! :) storyline wad awesome & plot was amazing...!
Though i wish u wud write a epilogue showing the aftermath... :D
like Wat happened to itachi? Will sasuke become actor?
Do ino sakura hinanta ever figure out that sasuke was cross dressing?
Parnita chapter 11 . 6/13/2014
Now Gaara is here! U really like to torture sasuke... Haha!
Giou Yomi chapter 14 . 6/12/2014
Amazing. As a girl who's not able to completely express my feelings to others since I tend to hide them in my heart, I learned to understand them instead. I learned to appreciate them as something important, and for me, they are not something that can easily be described by words. That's why, I loved the way you use simple and delicate words to express them. Because we tend to think that emotions are something hard to read and hard to understand, many authors use complicated terms to describe them. But they can only truly bloom when they are represented as what they are: the mental and physical manifestations of our most hidden thoughts and desires. I loved your fic. You managed to lead me into another emotional roller coaster. Truly beautiful.
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