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NightOwl285 chapter 4 . 5/16/2015
Phewwwww! What a trip! I read the whole thing in just one sitting!
Leo's Girl chapter 4 . 2/23/2015
You did good. I enjoyed reading it. Although, if it'd been me instead of Mikey, I would've had a good half-hour yelling-spree at Leo for trying to give up so easily. :)
Guest chapter 4 . 2/14/2015
You should totally write this through Leo's eyes!
Or maybe through Raph's! OOOOOh i could just see that!
Guest chapter 1 . 1/29/2015
I give up. It is officially impossible for me to find a fanfiction about these two that shows them completely in character every second especially from mikey's point of view. I mean my favorite turtle is leo but do you have any idea how enormously annoying it is when people don't write the other turtles correctly? Mikey's an insensitive brat or donatello is to absorbed in his works with his head in the clouds or Raphael is this maniac turtle with undepletable anger issues. It's exhausting.

I have my reasons for liking leo more than the rest he's just more relatable to me. But undermining or deteriorating his brothers into background characters or just pieces with names and no action or stereotypes is just so stupid that it makes me hate this fandom sometimes.

I mean the whole point of these guys is to show equal stories about 4 four ninja turtle brothers. Not 1 3. Not leo and his brothers or donny and the gang. The show is called teenage mutant ninja turtles. All four of them are equally important.

Which is why I need to say thank you for this fic. It is the most amazing piece if tmnt fanfiction I have ever read. I mean you don't even have a villain. It's just leo and mikey trying to survive against all odds. You gave us characters and a setting. There's no huge plot or mysterious evil guy. But this is honestly the most realistic, in character and amazing fanfiction I have ever read.

Sorry about the earlier rant. I just didn't know how to explain in words why this fanfiction is such a big deal to me.
Black-Kat Jinx chapter 4 . 1/12/2015
It is the year 2015, over 7 years since this was originally posted and completed, and it is still one of the best god damn amazing please never let die stories I've ever read for TMNT. And I am going to shower the person who directed me here in ever lasting love and affection.

This was an intense-and very emotional-ride from beginning to end. While I was skeptical at first since I don't normally care for first person type stories, I am so happy I gave this a shot. Your writing is, simply put, amazing and how you made it thrilling straight from the start, pulling your readers into an wild adventure, full of humor in all the right places, before we've even really had a chance to get comfortable is... gah. I can't say. No words. I am too hyped up.

Over this was really touching; I couldn't tear my eyes away from it for more than a few minutes tops to review each chapter specifically. It is definitely something I'll end up re-reading time and time again though as the brotherly bond is just so on target and perfect and ugh.

I love you. Thank you so much for writing this.
ShadowShock chapter 4 . 10/28/2014
I am glad that you allowed the story to take you for a ride instead of trying to force it to fit into the square peg. I would say that doing a whole 'nother story about Raph and Don's side of events would be just rehashing it.

I had the most sniffles in this chapter, that's for sure. All that hard work of staying alive comes down to this - sweet rescue and light to chase away the dark. In more ways than one.

I love how you pick out certain things that would stand out to Mikey on the way home like the piggyback rides. Although why WAS Casey always in Mikey's face? That and a little more elaboration on the whole "post-rescue but before making it to the lair" from Don or Raph's POV would be the only thing I'd say could be added on as an epilogue. On the other hand, the story is perfectly fine without it. Sometimes a little bit of mystery is exactly what makes the story so good.

Heh, poor Mikey. After all that longing for a hot bath he gets it without being awake for it. Bet as soon as he could move around without help he's going to take another one just so he can savor it.

Wait, did Mikey babble about Raph's "loot" on the way home? Is that why Casey kept getting close to him? Heh.

Huddle time! That is what my siblings and I do after a big emotional event so I can totally relate to Leo and Mikey big time. It's not enough to know in your head that their okay, you have to be able to sense it and keep sensing it until you've recovered.

Loved the ending and bottom line this has been a great story (given that I read it more than once by now) and I've really enjoyed it. When I first stumbled on it, it did help me keep even keel in RL.

Thanks for writing and sorry about the long reviews. X)
ShadowShock chapter 3 . 10/27/2014
Well, fortunately I wasn't one of those readers that had to wait for the next chapter (or is it unfortunate that I did find this story earlier?) so I don't have a pitchfork... But making AMVs is an acceptable distraction in my book! I love making AMVs! Waaay too much.

This chapter was a little hard for me to review, mainly because there wasn't much to say that I hadn't already (good characterization, amazing spacial description while still giving the impression of being blind) so this one will probably be more of a series of reactions.

Even though a lot of the beginning is Michelangelo reacting to the very stressful situation, you somehow made it not feel like we weren't standing there for hours on end going no where. Probably because it was Mikey going through his phases (contemplating hysterics is how he processes things) and actually solving and getting his act together to take action.

And wow... I felt the hurt for both of the turtles! How you did it without dipping into the trauma/tragedy/horror elements made it all the better. And yeah, prolonged effort and pain are way worse then bursts of it.

Poor Mikey, with that imagination (plus being tired!) I know how easy it is to have it run wild on you where it's more than happy to draw up images to everything you think. Kinda like how the one night I decided to take the trash out to the street without a flashlight (we don't have streetlamps) and despite having done this dozens of times this one time I started wondering if copperheads come out at night and if I would see or hear it in time or... heh, I never got that trash to the street faster.

Whooooa! The shaft just collapsed! Definitely glad they got out of there in time. That is just like big bro Leo to claw his way back to consciousness because his little brother screamed. But his arm! That hurt, because they do not need any more complications!

That sounds so like Mikey to start thinking dozens of random things all at once when he's worn down to the bone.

And Mikey may not have freaked out too much (at first) at the water, but I certainly did. Isn't this how the whole mess started, water?! Definitely more knuckle biting here!

Okay, NOW I'm getting out my pitchfork. True to form Turtle Luck, you have the water disaster strike now and dangle the tantalizing, sweet relief of rescue conceivably just a few feet away?

Well, at least you didn't end on a cliffhanger. A tearjerker for sure, what with gruff and all heart Raph on the scene. Yeesh...
ShadowShock chapter 2 . 10/25/2014
You had me worried this whole entire chapter with your "we get a little darker" line. I thought for sure I was going to have to ditch the story at this point despite how much I had enjoyed it. Why? Because while half of Mikey's horror flicks are probably cheesy 60s & 80s flicks, I really dislike the horror genre. So I was afraid this was going to go down into the depths from which there is no return.

Of course, by "darker" you could meant deeper... but they actually get to see light for once in this chapter!

Now, onto the actual chapter.

Oh man, I've had that happen to me! I wake up from what I was so sure was a really loud noise only to find that it wasn't that loud. And poor Leo, feeling funky already? Drat...

Great characterization in this chapter as well. So Mikey to somehow manage to panic and still manage to keep thinking afterwards. I really felt the draw of them being able to see a glimpse of light from the train after having to get down into the cold cold water. And then of course my heart dropped when Mikey found out it was a grate covering... I figured a grate that big was going to be nearly impossible to budge, even for them. Did not expect the events to turn out how they did! I know from experience that tired people end up making incredibly stupid mistakes so it was quite realistic to have the mess-up with the rope. They were both thinking of pulling Leo up, not really thinking about what would happen if Mikey fell.

This is the part that got me gnawing on my nails. Onto the next chapter!
JJxWillxProtectxYou chapter 4 . 10/24/2014
Ever time I read this fic I love it even more. Seriously, every time I get back into the tmnt fandom, this is my go to fic to get me started. I was just wondering, have you ever considered doing this fic from Raph's POV. It would be so awesome, especially the scene where Raph and Donnie discover the phone down that shaft and they think Leo and Mikey are dead...

Again though, LOVE this story!
ShadowShock chapter 1 . 10/24/2014
First off, I've been enjoying this story. Stories like these help me get through stressful parts in life. :)

Second, given that this is the third time I'm reading through this I figured I'd better get off my shell and write reviews.

Enjoy the setup and opening, certain pulls you in. There's no need to explain what they were doing before and what's up with the explosion - really minor compared to the action going on in the present and you kept the focus there, thank you!

You got Mikey's character pretty spot on. In fact, given that you said you don't have that much experience in first person writing this is quite well! I often am hesitant to try out first person stories - they seem to be an author's way of saying "I'm going to have long paragraphs of monologs because I'm in my character's head" which... okay, granted can be interesting in a way but not always what I'm looking for. I appreciate that you kept Mikey's fears while he kept being as competent a ninja as he could... in the dark. *shudders*

Loved the interaction between the bros and you seem to have a good handle on Leo's character too. And how did you keep track of the terrain yourself?

Aaand onto the second chapter!
Snowhite197 chapter 1 . 10/20/2014
I know this is an old post but I'm really loving this story so far. The boys are very in character. Thanks for writing and sharing!
Special Agent Snuggles chapter 4 . 9/30/2014
Hi KJ,

Clearly the number of reviews you've gotten says a lot already, but I wanted to drop a note to thank you as well, and give internet hugs and kisses for doing such an excellent job of sharing these characters on a deeper level with us. The plot was beautiful- a simple, clean, believable template for exploring some of the deepest bonds between two brothers whose relationship seems less often explored. It just got richer as it went, but held the attention from start to finish. The last chapter brought tears to my eyes.

Thanks again for sharing!
CupcakeGoodness101 chapter 4 . 9/14/2014
This was amazing! You're such a talented writer! :D
SunflowerSundaes chapter 4 . 8/26/2014
Officially the best TMNT fanfic ever! The detail was very descriptive and really captured the scene and image of the story well. The suspense kept me going and I was shocked and amazed to see that it was completely free of grammar errors/run on sentences/etc. It was an amazing fanfiction, and I hope you will publish more :)
Unseen Watcher chapter 4 . 8/25/2014
Awesome fic. Love the family support and the personal growth. Very detailed and easy to get into. Made me go get a drink of water and vow to stock up on snap lights. _
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