Reviews for Stolen
Laverne Hayes chapter 45 . 2/12
I just want to compliment you on your incredible plot construction. This story had an incredible amount of depth to it and I had trouble putting it down. It was beautifully crafted.
Guest chapter 3 . 1/31
Great start. I am enjoying this, but I will say that the little mistakes are very jarring. Voldermort instead of Voldemort, Malfoy Manner instead of Manor. I hope you can go back over this and correct the errors. They are small, but do detract from the quality of the work, which is otherwise quite good.
Goldenpaw 43 chapter 31 . 1/31
I would review on the last chapter, but the server has cut out. This was incredible and very moving. How do you come up with something as amazing as this.
Cabbit and the Weasel chapter 45 . 1/29
Your stories take my breath away
Cabbit and the Weasel chapter 24 . 1/28
Omg my god yes! So close, things were getting good. But thank goodness she came to her senses before she did anything she would regret
Guest chapter 1 . 1/17
Too good for me to even describe it!
PrincessCeliel chapter 45 . 1/8
I normally don't leave reviews, but for this fanfic I couldn't help it. I am literally in awe of what I have just read. I was captivated from the moment I started, and when I read the last line, I felt as satisfied as though I was reading the actual books for the first time. You have created an incredible world that is well-written, well thought out, and just beautiful in general. To be honest, sometimes I read longer dramione stories and scoff at how OOC the characters are or roll my eyes at how foolish and predictable the plot is. This story, however, is a real gem among all the others. This is, and I'll be rather blunt here, the BEST dramione story I have read in my entire life, and I have read quite a few of them. I simply cannot believe how beautiful and inspiring it was. Congratulations on creating something so incredible! You have some unbelievable talent.
Clarine chapter 45 . 1/3
Un grand moment de lecture et une fin émouvante, avec des héros attachants, plus encore dans leurs failles que dans leur bravoure. Merci !
ambiencealikw chapter 45 . 1/2
Wonderful! I adore your writing! :)
illinouis chapter 42 . 12/31/2014
I just wanted to say thank you for being such an amazing writer, and for creating this story. You don't come across fanfictions that have thorough plots and amazing elements like this, especially Dramione anymore. I was looking at the time it took to complete it - 5 years. It's taken me 5 days to read all of it (I've tried to pace myself, really, I have) and I really appreciate all the hardwork you put into it during that lapse, and of all the things you've accomplished outside of the story. I know it's been over two years since you last updated this story, so I'm a little late, but I did just feel the need to commend you on how well you did and how much this evoked my feelings for Harry Potter once more. You've truly inspired me to start writing my own stories that I never had the motivation to start, but had so many ideas for.

I'm kind of sad to finish the story, but I know you probably wrote the ending just as flawlessly as everything else. Definitely looking forward to reading whatever else you have in store.

Thanks so much again :)
Meandrina chapter 45 . 12/19/2014 its been two years or so since I read your beautiful - and I mean that in the most real sense of the word - story, I just can't seem to get it out of my head. I have never been affected so much by a piece of literature and I'm really not exaggerating. I felt for the characters, I cheered for them and I was on the edge for their love story to progress.
This is the closest a story has come to touching my heart, and I'm really not much of a romantic - but thanks to you I now harbor have a major weakness for Dramione. I read this, parts of it- whenever I need to get the itch scratched.
This is truly amazing, and I'm sure you are too. Thank you so much for this contribution to the fandom. :)
MelanieMotley chapter 45 . 12/13/2014
While I know that this story has long since been finished by the time I write this, I feel as though I cannot move on without letting you know how deeply moved I have been while reading this story. I was lucky enough to find it after it was finished, and as such I managed to read through it in just two days. In those two days, I have felt a larger range of emotions while reading than I have in quite some time. I mourned as the characters mourned, I thrilled at their victories, my heart pounded furiously as the battles and near-deaths ensued, and I cried when the story ended. This was a journey that I had not been expecting, and I am so very very thankful that I have been able to read it. Thank you for finishing this amazing story, and thank you for beginning it in the first place. This will be on the short list for my favorite stories thus far, and I cannot applaud you enough for your work. You, like tour story, are amazing.
Shadowmage97 chapter 13 . 12/4/2014
I cannot believe Hermione would get so angry that she would attack Bellatrix Lestrange but would allow herself to get tortured without a single speck of anger or resentment. Your portrayal of Hermione is rather disturbing.
Higanbana - Red Spider Lily chapter 45 . 11/4/2014
Old School Dramione... I absolutely loved it. And also, how the romance was not rushed at all, but built slowly and reastically. My fav' line ? "I was wondering, I mean if you're not busy, maybe you'd like to marry me sometime or something."
This has to be the best marriage proposal I've ever read. Kudoes to you for coming back and finishing it, I know it takes strength.
kreeblimsabs chapter 1 . 10/27/2014
Not usually a reader of this pair...but since you write sooo well and really have nailed down Hermione I am looking forward to it. Seems like it might be a nice twist of marriage law fics. Good work! :)
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