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Lord Scoro chapter 19 . 2/5
Please coutine this story I wish to know what his test is
Aurora Wesker - Dark Fox Lord chapter 1 . 3/23/2014
Stick to the rightful bashing man. -_-
HotelKatz chapter 14 . 3/22/2013
One lines sends chills down my spine. the kind that are a warning that I'll have nightmares if I think about it too long.

And that line is...
"I heard that before. You two are just saying that so you can try to kill me. Like the last time."

Admittedly, it's a line that pretty much tells the reader that Konoha shot themselves in the foot, but it's a line that frightens me if I think about it too long.

Bravo, good sir, Bravo,
Ranmaleopard chapter 1 . 1/12/2012
interesting please continue!
Shinzochi chapter 19 . 9/20/2011
It is really sad about what has happened but the problem with some of the characters is that they are not taking the time to look at the other persons' perspective and i mean both sides aren't taking the time, though still Naruto should give his mom a chance to be his mom cause she couldn't change things anyway cause she had originally died from a complication from birthing Naruto so her part was just trying to what she though was right granted her trust was misplaced but it wasn't her fault that her trust was proven to be placed with the wrong people, and i still think Tsunade should be given second chance for the fact that she was unfit to be a parent not that she didn't care about him cause frankly if she and Jiraiya then they wouldn't feel so much guilt for failing Naruto, Kushina and Minato like they had, it is just that Jiraiya didn't care as much cause if he did care then he would have not put his "research" first, where as Tsunade has a valid reason for her not feeling it a good idea to take Naruto cause of her instability due to the trauma of her little brother and fiance being killed because they were close to her, she felt Naruto was guaranteed to die with her because in her mind any male that was close to her would die which is also why it was safer to have Shizune with her because Shizune is female and therefore not affected by what Tsunade perceives as a curse

granted she still came when Naruto was going to leave but despite that it looked like it was cause of orders to stop Naruto(even if it is what u intended for your story) it would have actually been a matter of now or never, either come now and try to set things right or don't come and truly fail Naruto and his birth parents and never be able to show Naruto that she honestly does care and it is that possibility of never getting to do right by Naruto that overrode her fear of causing Naruto's death, so like i said i think Naruto should give Kushina a chance adn Tsunade a second chance but that is just all my opinion from how i see things, as always i look forward to the next chapters of your stories. (_)
cabrera1234 chapter 19 . 9/19/2011
so that it the end they all going to suikoden world?
Blackholelord chapter 19 . 9/17/2011
Well nice chapter, at least Minato and Kushina can be with Naruto in some way, and with time he can forgive them. So back to the old world, but does that mean that the story will be turn by the main story?

And for a second I thought Hinata wouldn't go with Naruto, but I am happy she is going with him.
Vilkath chapter 19 . 9/17/2011
I never understood the arguement against Naruto where Sarutobi or other people in power say they could not help him because the village came first. I could understand making the whole village love and respect Naruto is out of the power of any one less than god like status but he could of easily faked Naruto's death and wisked him away to some remote location. Heck put him in a stasis seal of some kind and burry the container in toad mountain till everyone who knew Naruto was the demon container was long dead.

Considering how much the village bends over backwards to keep Sasuke happy, both in canon and in fanfiction, you can not say the needs of the one never outway the needs of the many. Naruto held the Kyuubi and no one really had any clue what would happen to the fox if Naruto went crazy or died at an early age. By that reasoning alone there was more of a need to keep Naruto safe and happy for the good of the village than almost any other threat Kohona could of faced. Simply put the potential danger or rewards from the Kyuubi being let loose or kept under control far outweighed any advantage that might happen if Sasuke ever awakend his bloodline.

Even after Sasuke left the village to a traitor people risked their lives to bring him back alive time and again. Some how a single man was more important than the entire village in Sasuke's case but never in Naruto's.
Jerry Unipeg chapter 19 . 9/17/2011
GREAT CHAPTER! (*x4) and 6 lost and lonely souls get a new lease in life and a new home.
kail chapter 19 . 9/17/2011

Shinzochi chapter 18 . 8/22/2011
Now that is some PWNage, i wonder what Kushina and Minato will do now, i look forward to reading what happens next
ranma hibiki chapter 18 . 8/5/2011
well..that was the par for ranma an naruto all right.

alone there is enough chaos that you can still follow an have fun, together *blinks* i had to read twice to make sure i understood what was going on! everything happened so fast that i barely got to point an laugh at the scene between tina "fight hat" and kyuubi


still, was a good chapter once you actually let it play out. an it's supposed to be fast! it's a war!

with naruto the most unpredictable ninja in the nations, and ranma who all but defines what chaos IS

keep up the good work
anon chapter 18 . 8/3/2011
what the fuck happened to your english? Tt seems like you have forgotten basic grammar rules.
Guest chapter 18 . 8/3/2011
I LOVE THIS CHAPTER! (*x5) I bet that both Minato and Kuushina wel have some word to the village about they son, before jioning Ranma's group.
Blackholelord chapter 18 . 8/3/2011
Oh ouch! That is plain mean to do to Minato and Kushina. They are not totally to blame for what happened to Naruto, they just placed their hopes in people they believed would care for their son, not turn their backs on their son.

When Naruto leaves, have Hinata join Naruto, also allow Minato and Kushina to join. After they learned what happened to their son, there is no way they would want to say. Just give them a chance to be family also to Naruto.
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