Reviews for Spanning The Centuries
Ryuno chu chapter 24 . 6/18/2014
That was so sad, but so completely lovely.
Ryuno chu chapter 2 . 6/17/2014
I love the slow build-up; it's so exciting!
Kay Nastalia chapter 1 . 9/29/2011
I read this story years ago and I still love it. Awesome job.
Scrambled Berries chapter 24 . 10/26/2008
That was amazing, surely not the ending I expected.

But beautifull all the same.

If I read it correctly some people could see Jack and Amanda walking hand in hand on the beach, so I'm guessing they are happy and together now, where ever they are.

I really loved the story, Haeronwen.
Fun-sized Friend chapter 24 . 8/31/2008
oh my god the ending made me cry! No seriously I'm crying as I'm writing this... I'm such a softy! I can't help it though it's so sad! I can't stop crying!
unlock.your.heart chapter 24 . 6/25/2008
This story was really good, I enjoyed reading it! The ending was bittersweet. I really hope you write more!
The Cool Cleopatra chapter 24 . 2/12/2008
I will not lie, this story is one of the most touching ones I have read.

I can also not deny the fact that, even as I'm typing this, I'm in tears. This was absolutely beautiful.

One of the best I have read, and most definitely my favorite story I have ever read, including all the books, short stories, poems, and anything else. This, is now my favorite.

So, for that, I thank you. I thank you for writing a piece of literature that both intriged, astonished, and left me emotional.

~The Cool Cleoptra~
x-Kirsty-x chapter 24 . 11/15/2007
I've just stubbled accross your story and it is by far the best story i have ever read, you kept me interested in every chapter and i absolutly loved it.

I dont think i have ever been so upset by the ending of a fanfiction and i am writing this review to tell you that i will read some more of your fanfiction and for you to keep on writing because you are brilliant, keep up the brilliant work :D
Welshbabe88 chapter 1 . 10/22/2007
That was a beautiful and extremely sad story. Definitely a tear-jerker. You had me bawling! I'll be looking for more of your stories.
Kay Nastalia chapter 24 . 10/7/2007
Wow... That was absolutely an amazingly well written story. It's a sad ending, but it's a fantastic story! Good job and very well done. Beautiful until the end.
PirateFruit-Xx chapter 24 . 10/7/2007
Omgossh! Thats so sad...tissue? Im actually crying, its what you've reduced me to! I love this story. And now its over and they died... more tissues?

Wonderful story, though! I loved it! Big well done! This is definetly going in my Favourites!
The Queen of Confusion chapter 24 . 10/6/2007
Oh my god! That was so a tragady! Great ending! Sad, but great!

Snuffles-sweetie chapter 24 . 10/6/2007
That was Wonderful!so sad and beautiful and...and...aaw maan I'm crying so much that i can't even come up with more words to describe it with!even if it was soo sad that it made me bawl...alot...I Luved it!wonderful story:)
Opera Dove chapter 1 . 10/6/2007
AND . . . This is very exciting. I've never read a POTC fic before but yours intrigued me. It made me think of myself because I'm doing geneology stuff right now and last time I went to the family home I looked through an old chest. I'll bet it wasn't as exciting as this one though.
Earwen85 chapter 24 . 10/6/2007
oh my god girl u are a sadic or i can't think about a word right now to describe it, ok i know they were from a different time and they have to find a way to be together and maybe death was the only one, but WHY! well deep in my heart i wanted they live together jack survive and Mandy wel, u know travel again in time and live withhim in the past but anyway i hope to read mroe storyes about u and that jac confess his love in time and doesn't have to happen this to him to realise he loves her

see ya soon

i loved this story from the beggining and maybe u have to do an alternative ending or something that give as hope

what might have happened if jack survive and Mandy could go back in time to safe him

see ya
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