Reviews for Breathing Lessons
Nicole chapter 9 . 6/25/2019
Esta historia fue increíble, me divertí mucho leyendo esto y fue tan romántico que casi me da un ataque al corazón. Seria fantástico si escribes otra historia sobre ellos porque son mi pareja favorita
0Enidan0 chapter 9 . 1/14/2019
I really enjoyed this. I very much enjoyed the humor. I read Love and the Art of War and simply HAD to check out your other fics. I actually threw back my head and laughed out loud when I read the chapter about getting Zaraki'd. The chase component was fits with the characters, I think, symbolically, too. And I like the foreshadowing with the falling buildings. I just LOVE the way you write Zaraki. It's so spot on and hilarious. Anyway, thank so much for a delightful read.
ImATrooper chapter 9 . 10/21/2017
this was so much fun to read! I loved the chase theme, and the little side character scenes were perfect. Thanks for sharing!
Guest chapter 9 . 6/18/2016
THIS IS THE FUNNIEST ONE IVE READ IN FOREVEEEERRRRRRR. Dude, you have a gift, I literally could not stop laughing! Please write more goodness like this! :)
fernandaE chapter 9 . 1/30/2016
Omg too cute 3 love them together 3
Glaux Bryonia chapter 9 . 11/5/2015
Hahahaha, ohmygod, think I died laughing! Hahaha!

Oooh, whew, hehe... My, my neighbors are looking weirdly at me... Think they called the police on me for public disturbance... Hehe, oops?

But all joking aside, I absolutely love this fic. It's brilliant. Just one thing: it's Ukitake, not Ukitate. But then again, I think others have told you that as well. Anyway, it doesn't matter all that much. Thank you for writing this wonderful piece of fanfiction!
WatchingTheWatchman chapter 9 . 10/13/2015
This is a gorgeous story, I keep coming back to reread it! The mixture of humor and playfulness is perfect. I love the idea of losing a pursuer by flash stepping into Zaraki's spirit energy! Also Nanao is adorable here.
starscriptmage chapter 9 . 9/24/2015
Nanao is my new role model. xD

Please update! I can't wait to see what Zaraki does to slow down Kyoraku!
PotatoLizard chapter 9 . 8/6/2015
Guest chapter 9 . 8/2/2015
Guest chapter 9 . 7/26/2015
Any time I want a good Shunsui and Nanao fanfic, I immediately come to this one. Every single time. I love this story so much!
Kitten chapter 9 . 7/23/2015
Gorgeous story! I love the way you portray the characters, it's the perfect mix of humor and something a bit more serious
QueenMaj chapter 9 . 6/11/2015
Oh my God. OH MY GOD. I think you just officially became my favorite fanfiction author ever. I LOVE THIS STORY. Oh my God... You're hilarious! I made screenshots of at least ten parts of this story, and it's on my favorites list. I definitely want more like this in the future!
Thesecretlover chapter 9 . 4/25/2015
That was fuck in amazing! I absolutely loved it!
Rio's Desire chapter 3 . 3/25/2015
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