Reviews for Six Foot Of Ginger Idiot
Nitin chapter 12 . 4/29
Awesome. This is better than canon.
Guest chapter 1 . 3/24
Absolutely loved this! Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us. Definitely one of the best Romione fics I’ve read, if not THE best. Your portrayal of Ron is totally brilliant. Hoping you’ll write more someday but this must’ve been an EPIC task! Thanks again
12-feet-under chapter 4 . 12/7/2020
thumbs up
accio-broom chapter 12 . 11/18/2020
I’ve been a Romione fan since I read the first book the day it was released and I can’t believe I’ve only just found this! I loved it, thank you for writing it!
ungodlyravenpuff chapter 12 . 9/17/2020
ok DAMN that was beautiful I love Ron
Guest chapter 2 . 8/23/2020
Love love love this. Thankyou x
rm85 chapter 12 . 5/10/2020
I read all of this in one go.
probably one of the most realistic portrayals of Ron. really makes me wish the books had been from his perspective too. and I don't care what Rowling says, our two love birds got together in HBP just like this.
thank you for sharing this with us.
Guest chapter 9 . 4/13/2020
Where can i find more or this stories
Guest chapter 12 . 4/13/2020
The best fanfic portrayal of Ron! So accurate and so lovable! Thank you for writing and I wish you would write another one for the 7th book as well, all from Ron’s point of view!

Thanks for a wonderful and hilarious read!
Carolina Ensinas chapter 12 . 3/20/2020
Incredible! Love it so much!
Guest chapter 12 . 1/8/2020
Well done! It was like being in Ron's head, and you struck the tone extremely well. THANK YOU!
Guest chapter 12 . 1/2/2020
It was brilliant, I loved it
Guest chapter 5 . 11/27/2019
Yeah, f-u-c-k Lavender
Niel2804 chapter 5 . 11/11/2019
i don't know if i should cry or laugh
Niel2804 chapter 2 . 11/11/2019
hahahhaha i love this, why i just read this now ?
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