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Mun-ninn chapter 2 . 4/29/2016
I know you probably won't ever read this because of the difference in the dates of our publications, yours as history and mine as a comment, but I found myself recently with this and I hate to say I feel that Kishimoto has mocked our fandom and don't misunderstand me, but that is how I feel, KakaSaku are my favorite couple and I admit taht I ship Sakura with probably anyone.
In everything; either anime, game, movie and maga, he seems to play with our emotions, they have been closer and in more romantic positions ans situations throughout the development of Naruto, what Sakura has been with any other character in the acclaimed series,the fact that between the develop between the maga 699 and 700, there are no explanation for the outcome of matches and nasty ends to the other characters who became secondaries, is proof that he had no idea what to do with couples before and after "the last: Nruto movie" and went for a populist and simplistic appearance to give a "happy ending for the protagonists" who turned out to be sasuke and naruto in the end, leaving aside the kunoichi, I think to please the reader, or most of them, and ended with an obvious but unhappy ending for Sakura (in my opinion, because after all she waited for sasuke, and he jsut abandon her to take a expiation travel and turning her in a single parent).
that suggests me that perhaps Kishimoto has a misogynistic view of life, because I feel that he despises kunoichis virtue of her skills and development, I think that he has Kaguya out as the goddess shinobi did it just as a claim to the issue alluded anterirmente but I feel that marks it as the weaker sex, greatly when we thought that Sakura was already stronger and just by her hands without a demon or Dojutsu and only at the point of sheer effort, Kishimoto gives us back the story leaving her pathetic and weak again, giving Naruto and sasuke godlike powers, how he expected her to compete against that? I feel that as a female protagonist and representative of the emotions in the anime, manga, and more, he had to give a better development, that's why now I read fanfic, which like yours, that make me happy to know I'm not the only one non-sastisfy with the development of events and brutal shit end that offered us, especially to fans of Sakura and Kakashi, who in my opinion was the person who most deserved a happy ending after all the suffer and torture for which he has been even in life. In that case it would be better to end the story in the final of the 4th ninja war.
If you read this comment I want you to know that I appreciate your work and as a depressed person. I say honestly that small things things like these, though old if you want, brighten my gray days putting a little color to the canvas that I take for reality.
ja ne
alessandra chapter 1 . 4/1/2013
I agree with you I love kakasaku
Akatsuki Child chapter 2 . 8/14/2012
Awesome! I totally agree with everything that you've said about KakaSaku. When I first started watching Naruto and we saw the amazing Copy Nin, the idea of Sakura and Kakashi being together was just a far away dream. However, as the series went on, I started noticing little things (such as the things you and others have mentioned in your arguments) that hint towards a relationship between the two. Now, I honestly am starting to believe that it may actually end up that way.

As authors, we are always trying to "one-up" the readers. We want to give them the unexpected, draw them in by hitting them in the gut with something totally unexpected. Whether or not we admit it, all authors, artists, directors, etc., are like that, Masashi Kishimoto being no exception. The fact of the matter is, most Naruto fans are expecting the NaruSaku or SasuSaku ending, and because of this, it DOES seem more likely for Kishimoto-san to pair off with KakaSaku because, while the fans want it, they wouldn't be expecting it.

Of course, there's always a flip side to every argument. Some people would say that, "Well, she's his student, of course he cares." Again, whether or not we hard-core KakaSaku fans want to admit it, Kakashi did think of Sakura as being foolish, and not necessarily weak, but not as "up to par" with Naruto and Sasuke. It's logical to say that Kakashi thought of her as the weakest link in the group-at the time when they were Team 7. Of course he would want to protect her to make sure she lived.

But when Team Kakashi came together after their two-year break, and after Sakura created a crater in the training grounds, I believe Kakashi finally started to see her as a strong kunoichi, one who was finally taking her life seriously. She grew up and matured, and Kakashi, being like every other man, noticed her, even if he shouldn't necessarily have noticed her.

Anyways, the point of that rant was that I agree whole-heartedly with you. It's hard to not think about it now that the facts are there. Of course, there will always be speculation and the group that believes otherwise, and until the mystery is solved, everyone will be neither right nor wrong. We'll just have to wait and see!

Great little clips at the end. Even though they were short, they grasped the caring and understanding that underlies the KakaSaku relationship. Well done! :D
Guest chapter 2 . 8/8/2012
i totally agree. its just waiting to happen . i have never seen two souls more destined to be together. i sure as hell would just jump on kakashi and kiss him if i weresakura. she must be well aware that kakashi has been by her side countless times and is just the right option
librastar chapter 2 . 4/12/2012
.awesome. What a wonderful surprise to see something like this on fanfiction! We need more advocates of KakaSaku, and this fic is a wonderfully refreshing read and does a great job of exploring the various facets of what would make the KakaSaku relationship actually work.

I personally love this pairing because I think out of all the guys in Naruto, Kakashi seems like the best fit for her personality-wise. I have to agree with numerous other readers in that pre-Shipudden, the idea of Kakashi and Sakura is just wrong, paedophilic but in Shipudden, we see a very different Sakura- one that has matured considerably. And from watching the episodes, it is evident that Kakashi sees her in a new light, more than the just little girl that had this annoying crush on Sasuke. The age gap and their relationship as sensei and student would be considered taboo, but in Shipudden isn't Sakura 16? Who's to say that in a few more years she wouldn't be free to choose who she wants to love/have a relationship with?

Wholeheartedly agree that Kakashi's patience is probably the only real fit to Sakura's monstrously agressive personality, and her passion and caring side probably being the best balm to the numerous emotional scars Kakashi is sure to be carrying.

My favourite KakaSaku moment has to be when Kakashi offered to take on Sakura's burden of killing me, it was just such a big sacrifice on Kakashi's part to take on the responsibility of killing a former teammate. Showed just how much he cares for her. We don't know if it's just in the whole teacher-student context but it definitely points to the undeniable fact that he cares very deeply for her.
BaskingInTheSunshine chapter 2 . 1/12/2012
Okay, I just have to say: I love you. Thank you for putting this up! I'm so glad someone put up something that defends why KakaSaku would be a reasonable pairing. It is my favorite pairing of all time, and it's hard to prove to someone why it would definately work out. Everything you said, is what I'm thinking exactly :) And I love the cute little fics you put at the end :)

And, now, time to add my two cents in ;) And this is just all my opinion, and what I prefer. I'm not saying everything that is not what I say is wrong.

First off, I'd like to agree with your point that us women like older men. I am a prime example of that (even though I'm single...). But seriously. Older men are hot. They are mature, know what they are doing, and they actually use their brain. I look at the boys in my grade, some of which who were held back or started later making them slightly older than our grade (I'm a junior in high school), and I seriously wonder how those boys are going to survive in life. All they do is talk about stupid crap and the majority of their time is spent playing video games. Video games! Sure, they might occasionally have a serious conversation here or there, but it always goes back to something insipid. GAhh!. Sorry about my rant...

Anyways, back on topic... older guysyes. Guys our age/youngerno.

Okay. So. On to my other views. I think the KakaSaku pairing could definately work out. I mean everything you said about how Sakura's a healer and Kakashi is broken etc., it all fits. They complete each other (I think).

And it is definately possible for a relationship like this to happen, despite the age gap. I mean, my youngest aunt on my dad's side is married to a man thirteen years her senior. I never would have known had my dad not told me. I thought her husband was older yes, but not that much older. But once I looked at their relationship, I saw it didn't matter because they loved each other. So relationships with age gaps can work out. :)

Okay, and my last main point...Sasuke. He's a lost cause. At this point, I honestly believe there is no hope for him at all. And if Sakura were to or is still harboring some feelings for him, once she sees how useless it is, I think she will understand that he is a lost cause. And well, Kakashi is not a lost cause. Haha, just had to throw that in there :)

OH my goodness. My review was super long...but basically I agreed with about everything you said. :) Love this pairing :D
crea095 chapter 1 . 12/24/2011
I don't care what others may say or think.

BUT. I just love the WHOLE KAKASAKU idea :D

I think they fit perfectly. :)
ScarletRoseHatake1 chapter 1 . 6/20/2011
I am totally with you on this one, I love KakaSaku.

In 'Naruto' they are the only ones who have clicked and seem good together, even when she was a girl, but back then it was more platonic. When I first started to read Naruto, I started before Shippuden came out in America, I thought that KakaSaku was just pedophile-ish, but after the Shippuden Arc it became pretty clear she wasn't going to be with a immature guy, pretty much every guy of the original gennin, or a guy who didn't respect her(Even though Kakashi is a pervert he defiantly would never disrespect her.) and in every movie and episode I have seen it seems that they always have this bond were they can work together better. Also they are the only people in Team Seven who stayed together in Konoha, for 2-3 years you can not say they did not see each other at all. Especially when Sakura felt abandoned and Kakashi felt like he made a mistake. I really hope this ship comes true.
vintageXgal chapter 1 . 6/18/2011
To HikariYamiKage, Sakura is 12 when this series starts. Kakashi is 26. Do the math and that's 14. Don't believe this? Then maybe you should look at the facts. And for the legal age? Sakura is freaking 16 when this series starts, probably 17 since Naruto confronted his dad and said he was 17 (Sakura's birthday is earlier than Sasuke's and Naruto's) If I remember correctly, the legal age (of what? marriage? drinking? fucking? excuse my french) is 18 for a person to choose who they can and can't marry/sleep with
vintageXgal chapter 2 . 6/18/2011
I agree with your numerous pieces of proof, but I see that most of the proof shown by Kishimoto happens before Shippuden and very little in Shippuden. Also, you mentioned the Naruto movies. This only happens in the third movie. I was searching for episodes and movies that had Kakashi and Sakura in them but it's very rare to see them together :/ I like this pairing, but the proof for this pairing is barley there and most of it has to make you think, or foreshadows(like any manga/anime would) And eventually the author does explain the foreshadowing, but I have yet to see any for the 'sexual harrasment' comment. I could be wrong about what you said about Kakashi being worried about her, but I think that that comment from Temari was just there to lighten mood or even just for shits and giggles. ALso I know I said that the proof was barley noticeable for this couple, and I realize that so is SasuSaku (which is one sided) or even NaruSaku (which is one sided) I believe that I am ranting... oops. But this is a review. And as I reviewer I like this... information? the short stores? Whatever we call this, I find it very humorous and you prove your point. :)... not sure if that's the best way to end this, but seeing as how this is getting to be a very long review, I will end it here :)... and here... and here... NOW!
OctobersAutumn chapter 1 . 4/4/2010
I love it.

And I love the pairing! And you're right!

The first time I watched Naruto I was all over sasusaku.

I thought if there were someone who would love him unconditionally as Sakura did and if he had friends who would stand by his side he wouldn't turn out the way he did.

Even after the first encounter in shippuuden it didn't seem that unlikely but trust me I read the latest chapters (483-489)and he is far from falling in love with anyone. I won't spoil anything don't worry. But in these chapters there's also sakura and kakashi and I think one can tell that she doesn't love him anymore not because of what she wants to do but because of her thoughts and her reaction. It's the first time I ever realized that kakasaku could actually happen he sents her away to protect her and to take the burden off her shoulders. You could say of course he is her sensei and that he is feeling like a father for her but I don't think so. He clearly has a soft spot for her. I won't repeat everything you said so far, but it's obvious that everythng he does for her isn't going along with his usually stoic behaviour or how he treats others.

I think in Naruto it had clearly been only a soft spot the feeling that he needs to protect her but in shippuuden it's different it all begins when they first fight against each other he now considers her equal and I really think that what temari said could be considered as a hint. If you read the chapters where sakura tells naruto MAYBE SPOILER that she loves him kakashi thinks something but it isn't written what he only thinks her name and something like what the hell and holds yamato back to hear further explanation

I think it could be an interesting pairing and you can't claim that it would be 100% smutty.

I mean look at their characters they are made for each other. Kakashi is patient like hell and sakura's very emotional both went through some hardships and the loss of beloved and what I think is vital is that sakura is really smart it isn't emphasised that often in shippuuden but at the beginning of naruto and we all know that kakashi isn't only able to understand porn books both are smart and both have the right feeling of responsbility and both have their endearing flwas it makes the couple round.

I can't see kakashi being together with anko. of course both are mentally scarred but you need someone to heal you instead of licking the wounds of someone else. I think iruka would be perfect for anko. Oh and no i don't see kakairu happen kakashi is way to hot to be gay :D

That was my rant I hope you could folow me and thanks :)
HikariYamiKage chapter 1 . 3/31/2010
Theres only 11 years difference.

Plus, she's already of legal age!

Also, I think he's the only guy who could handle her. Her moods range from teary shy and helpless, to cruel manipulative and sadistic. I dont think either Naruto or Sasuke could deal with both. (When I see her make her evil grin, I dont know how she could ever be with Naruto or Lee.)
Ryuui Hatake chapter 2 . 11/28/2009
This is such an inspiring KakaSaku fic! Thanks so much for it!

I agree with the whole concept of KakaSaku and I'm so pissed when people go 'but Kakashi's too old for her'. Kakashi is only 14 years her senior. And plus,age gap doesn't define love. There are many couples out there who are blissfully married and they have a big age gap.

KakaSaku can happen. In fact,it has more chance of happening as compared to LeeSaku or even SasuSaku and NaruSaku. Kakashi had been there for Sakura when Naruto and Sasuke were gone. He was the one who stayed in Konoha with her for two and a half years.

Keep up the great work! Can't wait to read more! -
LoveKakashiHatake chapter 2 . 8/21/2009
lollyberry chapter 1 . 8/9/2009
This isn't a flame it's just my opinion. I love this pairing more than SasuSaku. Sasuke and Sakura I just found eh it's getting too predictable and out there and all that crap. Yknow what I mean?

KakaSaku is something that would probably never happen. It's just something as ,I guess, a taboo for someone that's almost 30 falling for a teen. Vice versa. People don't take lightly to these kinds of relationships unless youre like twenty and then it's okay. But like come on, it's understandable when it's in Naruto-sense cause well they can die at any moment and etc etc.

So why does Kakashi always save Sakura or give her comfort? It's cause she's a girl, he thinks she's weak, too emotional, and that the only good thing about her is that she has great chakra control and has a knack for genjutsu. Which is why he chose to tutor Sasuke one on one and found another teacher for Naruto but she wasn't even in his mind. Yes he always checks on her and never the boys. It's because he knows they're capable and they've proved it. What has she done? Get her self owned a number of times which results in Kakashi having to see if she's alright. And at somepoint when he's assured he checks on the others.

Um so that\s all i wanted to say. I'm gonna be watching to the kakasaku proof on youtube and hope. Screw sasusaku and any sakuxcharacter cause we all know it's kakashi. Anyways, good job and props to you!
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