Reviews for Romantic Egoist
mappsgo chapter 1 . 7/7/2007
reminds me of ouran high school host club

can't wait till next chapter
Jackal Intern chapter 1 . 7/7/2007
ah, love where this is going!
Silentlamb chapter 1 . 7/7/2007
I kept grinning throughout the story. I love both series and when you put them together, I was like, "Awesome..."

What makes me think Naruto just might become like Tamaki-kun? I don't know why, it just makes me wonder.

And anyway, I love Naruhina. So... if your thinking of pairings, consider that one, please. Also... Kiba should be with someone, huh? But who...
flower mirage chapter 1 . 7/7/2007 know I love your stories, right?

And this one seems very good! And about the pairings, since NejiTen is a given, I have no problem with the others. I'm sure it will work out great any way you put it
Kishiko-Chan chapter 1 . 7/7/2007
gogoogogogog neji ten!
Shadeehue chapter 1 . 7/7/2007
Hehe this is looking very promising, I'm looking forward to your updates.
ForgottenLovedOne chapter 1 . 7/7/2007
that is so funny...sasuke was bet by the puppy dog face...
Master Lamp chapter 1 . 7/7/2007
Me likey! Ooh! Maybe InoShikaTema?
boo93 chapter 1 . 7/7/2007
SasuSaku! :D My favorite! :] Please update soon, this sounds superb!
AngeChen chapter 1 . 7/6/2007
i definitely prefer nejixtenten

i'm okay with sasuke

but sakura pisses the hell out of me

i mean she's a frickin fan girl

forgive my rantings

but plz update
Rin-chii chapter 1 . 7/6/2007
Definitely Nejiten. ;D.

I like this so far. Even though I've never seen or read (i think there's also a manga) Ouran High School Host Club. I think I'll go watch it and/or read it.

Poor, poor, Neji-kin, Sasuke-teme, and Shika-kun. I feel almost sorry for them. Almost. hehe.

Update soon please! :D

Lovely reading, Rindou-neesan
Angelsorceress chapter 1 . 7/6/2007
Haha! One of my fave animes and two of my fave pairings in the same story! I'm sure this will be good! Update soon!
Flanchan chapter 1 . 7/6/2007
FOMG, I love you. Perioid.

I've read alot of OHSHC/Naruto stories, but they were "crap". No punctuation, horrible grammar, it was like they didn't give a flying frick for their story. Well, the ones I've read. Plus, I like that you're going to give it a little twist with the no " girl crossdressing as a boy" thing. )

Oh, as for another pairing, I've read WAY too many SakuSasu, so maybe ShikaTem? I just love that pairing. It just makes more sense to me than ShikaIno. Oh, but please, please no NejiSaku, I know you said NejiTen is a supah dopah for sure in this story (for which I shall bow down and kiss your feet for) but no hints of NejiSaku or " Make Tenten jealous with sakura " stuff. I just really, really abhor NejiSaku, no offence. .;

Update soon? D
ladypunz chapter 1 . 7/6/2007
this is so fun looking. as for pairings, i'm glad that you're doing nejiXtenten.
Azekah chapter 1 . 7/6/2007
I love this story! Please update soon! I also love Neji Ten and it's my favorite, but my second favorite is ShikaIno(only after Sakusasuk of course)
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