Reviews for Nineteen
Reality Inhibited chapter 1 . 7/10/2009
... Man, you made me cry. It was just that emotional, hit just the right spot, and yeah. Well done.
Misguided Angel of Death chapter 1 . 1/22/2008
I'm glad I read this after Wither. If I read it before then...gawd I don't know how long I would've sat there crying. Your stories have that 'umph', ya know? It's like it really, really sticks to the reader. I'm pretty sure it's not just me.
HuMaN-EaTiNg-PaNdA -HEP chapter 1 . 9/30/2007
hey great story loved it

i was just playing this game and it occured to me that there might be some fan fics aboput it

so i looked!

urs is the first jetgrind radio fic ive read!
nohmaskofoblivion chapter 1 . 7/8/2007
'Bout to go to bed, log on to check my e-mail one last time and found a series of reviews alerts and favorites... Thank you. I can't tell you how much I appreciate that.

I was kind of wondering why you didn't just attach this to 'Wither' but I guess you didn't want it to get formatted wierdly like 'Physics.' This fic made me sad... so fucking sad. It wasn't because of Yoyo crying either, it was when Corn mentioned skating at the Skyscraper District and the fact that he almost seemed optimistic about it... Now if you could only write a piece where Beat runs into Soda after their tragedy or about the events that immidiately follow Beat leaving I think it would be complete.

For the record though: 1. I don't think your fic is crappy, I like it a lot. You're a good writer. I forgot to say it in my last review but I think you've got Clutch pretty well and I can already see him digging himself into a hole that he's not going to be able to climb out of. I get the sense that while Soda may not talk to anyone but Corn, and while he may in fact hate everyone else in the gang for one reason or another, the others feel they can at least trust him to have their backs in a bad situation. They don't trust Clutch to do the same so they don't like him... but that's just my opinion.

2. While I do indeed have shit to do my time isn't all that valuble. In retrospect I guess it's a little wierd that I put a review on all of your JSRF fics but the fact is there aren't many new ones in this category anyway- and I have no intention of reading the DOA crossover fic based on general principle- so I like to read any new ones that show up. Yours have shownup most recently so I'm reading them.

3. I'd like to get to know you a little better too.

4. Dookie-door.