Reviews for Empty Jaded Emerald Eyes
Guest chapter 43 . 5/23
Alsome story love it which I love all your stories.
Saissa chapter 43 . 5/22
A very interesting story - thank you!
Saissa chapter 20 . 5/22
see I knew that Gred and Forge were Snapes. Those glamour charms are failing - probably got something to do with the twins getting close to the adult age...

I am curious as to WHO put the twins with the Weasleys and why?
Saissa chapter 19 . 5/22
Gred and Forge have always been on Harry's side!
Saissa chapter 17 . 5/22
interesting story.

Still waiting to see if Fred and George are actually Snapes kids and how the heck did the Weasleys got hold of them? Probably Stumbledore!
Saissa chapter 16 . 5/22
OK, OK the americans are involved somehow - I 'll shut up about the use of the word Federal then...
Saissa chapter 15 . 5/22
Federal is NOT a word that someone in the UK would use. Federal is an American word!
medward chapter 43 . 5/12
Btw, Voldemort killed Albus, then Albus was in the courtroom? I think not!
I thought Daddy Sev was going to hook up with Tonks - too bad for him.
Great story! Thanks!
medward chapter 42 . 5/12
Yes, I would not trust her. She still took his money and testified against him etc. She is smart and was against Voldemort, nothing more.
medward chapter 41 . 5/12
Not Voldemort's smartest move, but he would have died regardless.
medward chapter 40 . 5/12
Ah, interesting question. I think a bound house elf can defend its home.
medward chapter 39 . 5/12
The Slytherins all think they are dreaming.
medward chapter 38 . 5/12
Poor Debs! How many places on your fingers, that you never knew about, could there be?
medward chapter 36 . 5/12
Wow! Victory at any cost! He still can't hurt Daddy Severus.
medward chapter 35 . 5/12
No, he will just try to figure out a way to take credit.
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