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LC03 chapter 27 . 12/3
This was a fantastic read, love how the story progresses well and in a way that you can actually see happening to the beginning of the Scooby Gang with the inclusion of the other characters that were part of the series. I would love to read more if you ever continue with the story, further developing your characters and their storylines.

Good Luck,
Kedavra Lumos chapter 27 . 9/4
An enjoyable story. Thanks for writing it!
Luke Dragneel chapter 21 . 7/17
Personally, you could have just had them 'speak' Yiddish without writing anything out(with the exception of the translator) and explain it as it sounding like gibberish to everyone but that one guy.

Kind of sad to see Willow's candy crumble like this, as she built a pretty awesome and extensive lair in the mountain. Technically she could have built candy traps(mist sprayers capable of spraying poisonous and or painful liquids into an area, as several medicinal plants can also double as being toxic if improperly treated) to go with her guardians. Also I would think with access to a much more vast collection of potential confections, she would be able to produce much more dangerous and esoteric files than most candy witches would be capable of(especially given her age).

I am also confused as to how they found her lair in the first place and how the Scoobies will handle this setback(personally I am curious to see if you had Willow create an escape tunnel to allow them to escape to another lair.)
Luke Dragneel chapter 20 . 7/17
That doesn't change the fact they will actually be able to work their cantrips on it(i.e. The machines) albeit without actual permanence that will be quite annoying.

She could also make rock candy swords and there is edible wax that can be used to prevent water damage, since most rain(while acidic) isn't nearly acidic enough when compared to a person's mouth or stomach and can survive the rain for half an hour to an hour before deteriorating too much. It would potentially make the candy blades even more capable of cutting.

I did find myself wondering what kind of candy you would have Willow use to make candy hounds(gelatin body, rock candy bones with potential hard candy armour/spikes) or what other creatures she will make. Especially if they learn how to make permanent enchantments.
Luke Dragneel chapter 15 . 7/17
I actually like how you put that. Not many would actually realise the truth of science being made almost exclusively for things that are constant, which humans by nature are not. There is normal isn't a real thing, constant(if slight) fluctuations and generalisation tend to blur such.
Luke Dragneel chapter 13 . 7/16
All I have to say about your ministake launchers is to head over to Slingshot Channel on YouTube. The guy is hilariously inventive on anything that could be considered a weapon, he even weaponized a fidget spinner(both mass produced ones and his own personal spinner of doom) and has actually made an automatic crossbow launcher that, while fairly bulky, could easily point out the flaws in your own design.

Add in the fact they could potentially make neophyte/prototype drone like the ones being sold today(cause really, most of the cheap ones you can by are simply an ok motor with four synchronized propellers and a couple of sturdy arms. It wouldn't actually be that hard to jury rig one up using spare items lying around and a few old remote control cars(a remote controlled helicopter would actually work the best rather than a plane considering planes can't hover in place nor travel in a linear pattern, giving them a much better ability to aim, patrol, and stability that a plane that needs to do dive runs where it could potentially get destroyed) around my house, and that's before adding the gift of magic into the situation.

As for more efficient methods, Xander and the Gang would require more info on their enemies than they currently have(since at no time has Xander mentioned the invitation rules among other things) that Giles the Librarian would have.
Luke Dragneel chapter 12 . 7/16
Yep, I did Nazi that coming.(sorry, had to do it)

Glad to hear the Invisible Girl is going to be joining the Scoobies and might possibly become the love interest of Jesse James(yes, I know that isn't his last name but I like it :p).
Ouch, parental doom of the Mother variety. Though in this case it would actually be easier for Willow to escape such wrath if she isn't wearing the same lipstick/gloss as Marcie was wearing, which she shouldn't have changed that easily. That Willow is also one of his best friends and is dating his other best friend should also help sooth his mom's reaction(and draw her attention to the fact her son is more than slightly beat up).
Luke Dragneel chapter 10 . 7/16
Wha? Xander-centric fans focusing more on Buffy then the Zeppo? What Heresy is this!?
While Buffy is interesting and nominally an important role in a BtVS story, I think the main reason for disinterest would have been the fact that without a Slayer around to polarize(as trouble magnets are prone to do) and provide the needed muscle for the Gang to get into a more direct confrontation with the vamps.

There is a surprising amount that the presence of Buffy(the Slayer) tends to provide passively, like having access to tomes on demon and vampire lore that is more extensive than what Mage Dude provided Xander(btw, for some reason my spellcheck has been autocorrecting Xander into Cancer) with thanks to Giles. They also get access to more weaponry that they would otherwise not have access to without building it themselves or putting them under more scrutiny than anyone wants.(also making a survival crossbow is surprisingly easy, they just tend to suck compared to their more modern variants, but I agree with you on their overall uselessness with only the almost auto-load crossbow being worth building)

Also it is rather easy to build a personal and or small forge that would be rather easy and cheap for Xander and the Gang to make(found several on YouTube, not that the Scoobies have access to such but between Xander's cleverness/tutelage under Zorro, Willow's rather extensive knowledge base, and Uncle Rory's junkyard full of ready to use scrap metal would potentially allow them to make their own homeforge).

It would also add to the potential income the Scoobies could have access to while also allowing them to cover potential weapon making.

Also, as Amy pointed out, a Levitation spell would be mighty useful(as Dark Willow showed when she fought Giles, although if it had been a basket full of stakes and against Vampires instead of Ripper the Warlock it might have gone better). Although I think the Levitation charm would need to be a higher level spell(the more the weight it lifts/amount of objects the higher the spell should be) with a simple hover spell being their cantrip(capable of lifting up to 1 pound of material and 1 to 3 items that equal that total weight providing them the first training cantrip).
Luke Dragneel chapter 3 . 7/16
Question asked, answer received. I agree with Cancer here in that learning the cantrips first to the point of being almost second nature while also knowing enough theory to create his own spells based off those cantrips a much better if time consuming process than just teaching someone a fireball spell instead.

Yeah, I like the way your thinking about the use of the sprout cantrip, especially when one knows how to properly care for the plant in the first place(i.e. how to plant, grow, harvest, and breed said plants). There are a surprising amount of easy to grow plants(spices and micro greens) that can be sold in bulk for a good price while bigger, annual or biannual plants(fruit trees, berry bushes, fruit bearing vines) could potentially provide more than normal amounts. For a mage, it is a surprisingly effective method of gaining income from nonmagical sources. The only problem with that type of mage(nature/druid) is the fact they tend to concentrate solely on the plants and don't develop methods of attack or defense against invaders like vampires and fellow mages of the dark variety.
Luke Dragneel chapter 2 . 7/16
Thus lies the way to such skills as embroidery, forging, engineering, potions making, and enchanting. An interesting take on how a magical intervention(and as the case is here, a magical Xander) before Buffy shows up can cause such a drastic change. It also makes me curious to how they will react to finding out about Buffy and vice versa.

Still wondering if Xander will ever use the enchanting knowledge he was said to have gained. Enchanting and magical items always fascinated me when it came to magic as there is so much that they are capable to creating that would be more useful than casting as spell.
Oliver W.K. Twist chapter 22 . 7/6
Excellent story, so far. But I have to comment on the balrog and Tolkien, Tolkien had absolutely no hand in the LotR movies, and in fact, during his lifetime, did everything he could to ensure that his masterpiece was never made into film.
Elven Sorcerer chapter 17 . 7/6
Interesting idea, and a good story. However, I cannot help but feel that it's a bit lacking, both in terms of action and personal development. Everything is happening without sufficient setback of challenge, which prevents the story to reach to potential it could. Still a good story.
Coolest bane chapter 27 . 6/9
Okay since I now have two of your stories read a I think favorited I'm going to request that you finish chunin exam and hopefully update this one soon
Aubrey Bruxton chapter 27 . 5/30
I have to say after muddling through the wordy dissertation that is PKH (I've still only managed to make it up to chapter 42) this story is a refreshing change. I'm a huge fan of suped up Xander fics, and this one doesn't disappoint. The pacing was a little slow for my taste but enjoyable all the same. I'm definitely a fan this fic and I hope you come back to it.
Guest chapter 27 . 5/2
... you're glad to be back... and then don't update for ... *checks* two years, and conveniently blame it on lack of trade with Carroll. Dude, just stop throwing your his sy fit, childish temper tantrum and suck it up. So what that someone disparaged the story, it doesn't mean you throw it in the trash, turn your nose up and declare "Fine! If that's how you feel, I just won't write it anymore!"

Between this story and Partially Kissed, you've thrown more tantrums and whined about people not praising you for your work, AND about some readers getting upset that their happy little lie about the world being nice and gentle is popped when you throw in lengthy, explicit, and thorough exposition that really ought to be in its own 'notes to' piece so as to not clutter up a perfectly good story with virtually inane detail that's really just a fun fact blurb completely out of place in the story. Honestly, though, if it means getting to see either two works through to the end, I'd still endure through such misplaced content just to see the finish of both stories.

So how about you pull the one thumb in your mouth out, the other out of your bum (and please, wash it) and get to writing instead of being a prissy little sis sy about it.
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