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Guest chapter 27 . 7/5
Love it keep up the good work
Guest chapter 27 . 7/5
love it update soon please and could u finish the odder buffy story thanks
VanitasTheFool.1 chapter 27 . 6/25
This story is amazing just like your other two (too bad that it's been inactive for so long)

Thank you for making this!
Raven Xanthus chapter 27 . 6/20
Well done and welcome back. Nice to see that you've gotten back in the saddle, though this may be a bit late to notice the man whose art had inspired me to take up the pen again I must say that seeing you once more is a breath of fresh air.
SonOfNenji chapter 25 . 6/18
Didn't see that coming...

Kidnapped at birth?

SonOfNenji chapter 24 . 6/18
How ironic is it that the Mayor is unknowingly arming his enemies due to a misunderstanding? The same misunderstanding that could likely cause a nominal ally to be suspicious and hostile, even if at first?

And they mistook those healing cuts for life magic... when it was actually closer to sewing, in fact. It's just all so brilliant.

Is Polly going to be here to stay, or is she going to die like Kenda/Buffy (Permanently/Momentarily) to make way for a known character?

What happened to Jessie's faith? Wasn't he their sort-of-almost Priest before Marcie spent any time with her ancestors? Did his time with his own ancestor serve to curb this, or is it merely his behavior that's changed, rather than his beliefs?

I also feel like Marcie got too little screen-time for such a huge change to happen to her (unless you plan mentioning it in more detail later). I mean, she is a Saint now.

Seriously? "Oh and by the way, Marcie is now a holy saint. Just thought you should know."

That kind of deserves some more details. At least close to Xander's time with Zorro (which was/is more important, but for different reasons).

Also, those holy symbols she's good at making are going to be devastating... Sup, Barlogs?

I'm still not sure what you're planning with Cathy. Sure, she's useful and seemingly becoming a better person, making peace with herself and her past, but what about the stuff she's already done and believes? What will happen to change her mind/cause remorse/make her make amends and become a full member of the group?

Also, she has a zombie impersonating herself, so she will be among the first suspects regarding the necromancer's identity. Maybe they will even find out about this cool new "fraternal twin" of her daughter.

And what's been happening to the new vampires in the meantime? You said it curbed their new numbers, but not exactly how much in any tangible way (with fractions and rough numbers, for example), nor how exactly the rest get away. (though one could/would assume it has something to do with them not being in the mortuary, which should have gotten a brief mention, to be thorough if nothing else).

I assume all those years that didn't go to Cathy after she youthed herself went to Snyder instead? That seems really fair, actually.

SonOfNenji chapter 23 . 6/18
Incredibly satisfying chapter.

The construction work and deeper look into how candy magic work (as well as tangentially what some of the other types of magic are) was an engrossing read.

The strategy/tactics for how to deal with the current situation were well written as well, which I like.

Glad I started reading, as the story itself is indeed much better than its summary would indicate.

SonOfNenji chapter 22 . 6/18
I wonder if his internal organs are extra squishy, of if rockets are any good at all if collapsing caves aren't?

What about a Robin-arrow-guided explosive into its maw?

Maybe a blessed container of holy water or something instead?

How weak is it to music? It would be more hardy, but would holy music hurt it enough to expose a weakness to other things? And more music equals more damage, right?

Would a recording of holy music work like a recording of rock music seems to, or a way to project music from a distance using magic resonance or something?

They're going to have to do something about the scent of Amy and Xander. It's unique and as of yet impossible to duplicate, so they could single those scents out among the gingerbread men's and follow them back to the source regardless.

SonOfNenji chapter 21 . 6/18
That Cathy is so troublesome...*sigh*

Also, wouldn't all of their highschool chicanery draw attention to themselves?

From bottom to top in a single summer, with a sudden onset of weirdness and warning signs (like the ape charms the teachers and students always wear during lessons, or a sudden proficiency and excellence in several unrelated subjects that take years of study).

The authorities would be looking for things like this. How easy would it be to recognize some (any) of their habits as signs of magic-use?

What about the sudden growth of trees in such a short time? Surely they would lay traps along those areas if detected.

And the giant farms?

They're really good, but they're not that good. They're going to be detected as suspicious types by anyone who looks beyond the surface.

SonOfNenji chapter 18 . 6/18
Mmm... gingerbread.


SonOfNenji chapter 17 . 6/18
Well, guess we know who's playing manipulative old coot this time.

I love the inventiveness apparent in the heroes, here.

Looking forward to some more action to make use of all of these new tactics and inventions.

SonOfNenji chapter 15 . 6/17

Should I start liking minotaurs?

Demons need a rising scale of evilness, to separate the bad from the neutral. (should I even bother mentioning good demons?)

I am guessing you confused Jenny for someone else and had to fix it with this chapter?

SonOfNenji chapter 14 . 6/17
How long is this charade going to last? This is the kind of thing described in the 3rd book on sex that Amy's mom is so afraid about. They're going to need that 2nd book quickly, as it can hopefully be used in things other than sex for protection. She's ruining hyptonization cramming for everyone.

Are the commands even absolute? Can they be broken from withi or detected through aura reading? Do they have any protection against this kind of thing at all?

Are ancestors going to help? Is anything even going to be done? They can read auras and body language and Amy's mom is new, while Amy remembers and regales them of some of the things she's tried. They have reason to be suspicious of her, so why aren't they? They didn't even take any precautions.

That seems like a fatal weakness, to me...

SonOfNenji chapter 13 . 6/17

BOSS02109 chapter 1 . 6/12
BAE, what happened to chunin exam day? was that the end? oh wait, i'll just pm u
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