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Xulacent chapter 27 . 1/31/2015
I have to say it: This story kicks all kinds of ass. making Willow a candy witch is easily the coolest Buffy fanfic idea I've ever seen. you are doing and incredible job, and please don't stop writing. your New Slayer idea is cool as well, especially since in the movie Buffy's Watcher has clearly taught other slayers somehow (are you going to include that? I mean he was around for all the historic Lothos stuff, just watching, and it was only when he interfered rather than standing idly by that he died. And he stayed the same age in Buffy's visions as well, so he doesn't age, or only hangs out with Slayers when he "like fifty" as Buffy puts it. AND he can fight Buffy hand to hand in the movie, even if it was only training. Could he be some sort of super Watcher in that regard? Rambling, sorry.) and overall the story telling is really interesting, in that i genuinly want to know what is going to happen in the STORY rather than following because one charater is represented really well, or I like a pairing.
So I know and like all of these aspects I just... I really like Merrick okay. I am a huge fan of both the movie and the show, and Merrick was awesome, particularly his interactions with Pike. I mean, the movie was a lot more campy than the show ended up being, but it was really fun and I hope he's not going to have a Gilesish past here, what with you saying he's covered in dark magic and all. Is it just because the gang haven't seen any other really evil wizards' auras personally that they think his is so bad? please tell me it is, I don't want to have him as a bad guy or tortured past guy, especially since the squad and Polly and him are probably going to clash eventually, considering their worry about hr Slayer possession and his dark magicness.

Anyway, great story!
(P.S. the thing about Merrick being a teacher made me giggle, not least because of his interactions with Pike in the movie. I hope he keeps his job.)
elorielee chapter 27 . 1/31/2015
Great stuff! Candyland was unique. Thx
Quietlovingman chapter 26 . 1/31/2015
The Shadow clone Jutsu... er method, sounds like an excellent way to handle the issues you identified in your author's note, and I like the way you limited it for your setting, very appropriate. I am sure though, that the gang will want to work on their illusion cantrips to have shadows all of the time.
Quietlovingman chapter 24 . 1/31/2015
I like the Pre-Slayer Buffy idea, your party is shaping up quite nicely, two Swashbucklers, one Ranger/Bard, one Witch, one Cleric/Paladin, and one Necromancer/Cheerleader.

All with at least one level of Wizard, and a level of Monk! My D&D Group would love this story, I am recommending it to all of them.
Quietlovingman chapter 21 . 1/30/2015
There is a lot of historical precedent for Jewish Demonology, the Kabbalist teachings include legends of King Solomon binding Demons to help in building the temple, there are also supposed methods for creating clay golems.
Quietlovingman chapter 19 . 1/30/2015
Oh my God! Nobody ever goes in, Nobody ever comes out! Willy Wanka was a candy Wizard! I love the concept, particularly how he needed a young (preteen) apprentice. I wonder if the Council has copies of all of Throckmorton's Books?
Quietlovingman chapter 18 . 1/30/2015
I love the Candy Witch idea, makes me immediately think of Band Candy (Ethan) and also Gingerbread, though that episode was a demon rather than a witch.
CatOnFire chapter 14 . 1/30/2015
While 'power leveling' and 'grinding' are good for JRPGs, it makes this fanfic read more like a shopping list than a story. If you could show some more story progression and character building than telling (or inserting it) this would be a much better story. I do like the story but "as is" there are already better fanfics I can read. I can't see myself reading beyond this point, sorry.
Quietlovingman chapter 14 . 1/30/2015
I like your Cathy, however, she is still a bit creepy...
katdemon1895 chapter 27 . 1/30/2015
YOU LIVE! Glad to see you back and writing again and this was a good chapter to get back on track with, glad that the group is on their way to the caves to start setting up their alibis, will Cathy be able to go in? I know you've been trying to shape her into a useful ally and decent person but she's really not, even though it was Snyder that she stole her youth from, why is that a good thing? She did it knowing that she could get out of the consequences, what if she'd chosen principal flutie? or someone not really in league with evil but incompetent enough to seem so? I just don't think that the cave is going to really tolerate her. The others, especially Marcie, sure since they're young, fairly innocent and doing this for the betterment of the world and to protect it from evil, Cathy, not so much. Also, she's mentioned that she had an ancestor who was a trauma surgeon in WWII, maybe Cathy can go through the ancestor spell and the grandfather and any other ancestor with healing training can give Cathy a crash course, and what's to stop the Scoobies from signing up for advanced first aid classes? And why would they really need the BDSM scene?They could always find excuses to hang around the hospital where they can discretely practice some of their healing cantrips like they can always volunteer as candystripers or just to read to the coma patients or something, plus there's that life sucking child killing demon hanging around there and the hospital and it's blood supply is a popular target for vamps so it could use some demon hunters hanging around, if nothing else, maybe they could find a sympathetic doctor to help them out, if you want to use a canon character then Oz's parents are never really mentioned, his family barely gets a mention besides cousin jordie being a werewolf (and presumably that whole little branch of the family if not more of them since oz's question about lycanthropy didn't really seem to phase them) and Oz had enough money to travel all over the place and to have gone to college for awhile so maybe his family was independently wealthy or maybe his parents were doctors, and werewolves, but more importantly doctors and maybe after the death of their son they'd be more willing to step in and help some people who are going out and dealing with the monsters that took their baby, one of them could also give the scoobies an additional physical parent figure to go to for support, being partially raised by their ancestors is all well and good for the past but what about those days where you just need a hug from your mom or dad? Or you need an adult you trust to tell you that things will be okay? Willow's parents certainly aren't the huggy type (speaking of, will they ever find out that their daughter has developed skills they wanted her to avoid? will any of the other rosenburgs?) and Amy certainly can't go to her mother when if ever she feels adrift or overwhelmed, no matter how skilled they get or how smart they are with all of the books in their head, they're all still just kids, and Jesse's mom can only do so much and she'll need some adult figures to hang out with too, I think part of Joyce's problem in dealing with Buffy and her supernatural things, and part of Giles's problem too, is the lack of peer support
What's the likely hood of them getting their hands on more of throckmorton's books? forever ago one of the titles mentioned something about talismans, perhaps a guide that might teach them how to make talismans to make them a little more element proof? or maybe, if they bring in another member, they might have say a viking ancestor who might be rather talented with ruin based magic, ruins that could perhaps be carved into certain candy minions to make them fire resistant, you've mentioned/implied that there were dwarves in the past, dwarves had to have had spells or something to make them fire resistant what with all of the forge work
Petty revenge on Cordelia and her cordettes really seems like a waste of perfectly good targets, and by targets I mean scapegoats, especially Harmony, I REALLY dislike Harmony, Cordelia could grow into a relatively decent person, someone who reminds me much of one of my sisters, but still a decent person, the most basic part of Harmony's character is betrayal, if there's anyone who would let the secret slip to the mayor about the scoobies, it would be Harmony, or Anya, but anyway, wouldn't super popular girls be great people to take attention away from the scoobies so they can work on their projects in peace? After all, if they permanently take the cordette's positions as most popular, and face it, with their confidence they will and they won't even have to go through any effort, then people will constantly be bugging them to join in various high school activities, I'm sure that the scoobies wouldn't mind going to parties every weekend, or at least Cathy wouldn't, but they have other priorities and even with their shadow double all of the social demands people will put on them will get wearying after awhile, and there'll be people like the marcie ross of canon who will try to join in their crowd and potentially get too close, just having the cordette's as another popular group to help get attention off of them could be useful, and again, they're kids, I'm really hoping you give them a break, if nothing else maybe each of the quintet could go to a cordette's house and use a hypno session on them with mental health phrases that revolve around being kind to others, not giving into peer pressure when they know something is wrong/cruel, and to leave the scoobies alone, and then remove the petty revenge spells
If they're going to be in the LA area, I don't suppose they could make a pit stop at the university of los angeles library and perhaps accidentally take a look at a certain book that acts as a portal to pylea? It's just, I'm pretty sure if I have the timelines straight poor Fred is already stuck there as a runaway slave, plus Groo is there and he's a good guy, and Xander and Jesse could use another guy in the group to make things a little more balanced, especially since I'm guessing Jenny and Faith will be in Sunnydale before too long, I'm rather hoping that Jenny and Jane will become friends, as I said, adults need other adult friends (Cathy is not mentally healthy enough for me to count her as an adult)
or would all of the pylea stuff take too long? Since school is in session I suppose they have to be conscious of that, maybe over fall break? Though you've mentioned that pylea, with some work, would be a great place for the scoobies to go to where they could really let loose, and since pylea doesn't have any idea about candy witches, or at least so I'm guessing, Willow could REALLY let loose out there, and they could store the cows they're planning to steal out there and probably hire some of the local humans to take care of them- cows require a LOT of care, I really don't think that the scoobies are prepared to deal with all of that even if it is the most convenient way for Willow to get the dairy supplies she needs, and portals to pylea might be more convenient escape ways than the tunnels, or at least they'd be a little harder to trace if the cloaking spells work on them
Are Willow's candy witch talents limited to just sweet things? Or does it just have to have an element of sugar/baking involved? I'm just wondering, how many poisons are good against demons? And Willow doesn't have to do anything overt to help people avoid vampires, I'm sure that vamps and many demons rely not just on sight but also on smell, perhaps Willow could come up with a line of candy that causes people to emit certain smells that are revolting to demons? Vamps would probably avoid biting someone that smells spoiled/gross, though I suppose there'd be some refining to the recipe to ensure the smell doesn't bother normal humans too, and also, eventually Xander's ghostly information about demon/vampire lairs/nests is going to run out if it hasn't already, what will they do then to get more information on future nests? Willy's is a good place to get info if Willow's figured out how to utilize the spell to make the quintet look within the range of 21, and a thought occurred to me, there are things like laffy taffy which, presumably, Willow could make and use as a way to make whoever eats it really laugh/be super cheerful, a nice little pick me up for people who are having a gloomy day, but could she make other candies to manipulate people's emotional being? or maybe truth serum candies? candy that could make people tell the truth could be a great way to get information out of people quickly, and it could be an interesting way to embarrass people- for example, slip a truth candy to a politician who's about to go in front of a news crew, or give Harmony a truth candy and arrange for her to be asked various embarrassing questions and I'm sure you get the picture
question- that spell that Xander developed to fit thousands of pencils in the lunchbox stake launcher, that spell could be used on other things right? Like maybe backpacks? and for more than just pencils so maybe each scoobie could have their own mary poppins backpack? and/or perhaps enchant a pocket or something with that expansion spell and maybe keep their personal sword or staff or bow or whatever weapon with them, that way if, for whatever reason, they're ever searched for weapons, whoever searches will generally come up empty and then when the scoobies get a chance they can get their weapons and save the day
really looking forward to when you next update!
Quietlovingman chapter 10 . 1/30/2015
In response to your author's note. Frankly I love this story and the idea of it truly being Xander-centric is great. Buffy while an okay character isn't a requirement for this story to succeed in my opinion. Heck, you could kill her off early and just skip straight to Faith if you like, particularly if Xander and crew take out Angel before learning the angst-fest that is the ensouled Vampire. Also I am glad you decided to revisit it, I am a fan of your work an am always glad to see stories come off hiatus.
karthik9 chapter 27 . 1/29/2015
It is excellent chapter.I look forward to future updates.
HuntingConch2 chapter 27 . 1/29/2015
I'm so glad that you are back and working on your stories once again. Good new chapter it needed some plot development. Good luck on future chapters and relations with the other authors in expounding your work. I do hope that you will also be returning to your other alias also. - Big fan of your work read all your stories.
SeanHicks4 chapter 27 . 1/29/2015
Cool AU, I'm gonna miss Oz, but I guess Marcie and the others that died or moved by the end of canon is worth it. Looking forward to an actual intro to Buffy and Giles since you covered Jenny Calendar and Faith already. Looking forward to the next chapter.
Riniko22 chapter 27 . 1/29/2015
Been missing this sweet story, glad to see you are back to it.
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