Reviews for Questions
DitzyMusicLover chapter 1 . 11/19/2013
Too lazy to do a password reset. I read this story years ago when you first posted this (has it really been that long?) and reread it again just now. After the last line, I realized that the song playing in my headphones is Forever Yours, Faithfully by Journey. That made me laugh.
Kiwee chapter 1 . 4/11/2010
No no, daddy isn't having an affair with the car, he's in love with the car. In my mind, Sam loves the both of them, but he has to choose, and he'll stay faithful to that one choice no matter how hard it is (though I do root for Bumblebee, of course). A good look at the future, and I love this kid, man. Such insightful questions.
dark kitsune chapter 1 . 8/6/2007
Ah out of the mouths of babes...

Sweet ficlet!
Super-girl-straight-from-hell chapter 1 . 7/19/2007
Mantinas chapter 1 . 7/12/2007
Preety good story.
Psychic-Ghost chapter 1 . 7/12/2007
Just what line -did- spawn this fic? Seriously, I've only seen the movie once.
Fire From Above chapter 1 . 7/10/2007
That was funny.
Sothe chapter 1 . 7/9/2007
hahaha leave it to the 8 year old to question it.