Reviews for The Decoding
Kalisko chapter 2 . 7/18/2007
Huzzah! That chapter was great! So was the last one! Voldemort having sex freaked me out! You're doing great!

I wish I had the drive and the preserverance to write story after story of something cool. I'm impressed that you stuck with it for so long. Good job!
KateMarie chapter 2 . 7/18/2007
It was fantastic of course and I know you have a lot of these reviews to get through, so I'll shorten my thoughts a bit. I really love how the complexities of Ginny's charcter set her up to be the perfect one to date Draco and also how she is so tempered and lively, but there's always a darkness brewing near the surface. I suspect the storm will break soon and I am very excited about that b/c I think it's going to make for some seriously interesting reading as Draco has to deal with yet another contradiction in his view of his father. Ok, looking forward to Tuesday!

Gaina Katrea chapter 1 . 7/18/2007
Awesome story beginning ! Bill is really awesome as a friend. I'm glad we could see Draco's withdrawal, how he coped with it and interaction with Bill. And Ginny. I like how you don't push those two together .
Lilith1631 chapter 2 . 7/18/2007
Okay, *snort*. A very unladylike action, but i cannot help but do it. It appears that draco is settling in quite nicely, soon he will just be another part of the chaos...well...maybe XD

First off...GREDA? What a name! if that kid wasnt magical then i would be bullied as soon as it stepped into the playgroud. Thank goodness its going to hogwarts otherwise there would be raised eyebrows. I think they should have called it 'art' - i love the story of 'art' from draco in the first one, it cracked me up completely! XD

LOL! Poor harry. Go on! be mean! give him a vision! Poor harry would be traumatised for life! LOL! Fantastic! Harry/draco interaction - Squee. And i like the whole "omg, draco has a sense of humour! I thought that gene skipped the malfoys" - very good! He's definately got wit, how could anyone not notice the funniness that is draco...even if its usually at your expense.

I found draco's announcement of being a walking brain had a bit of a dismissive response. it was like... "No youre not." "yes i am." "Prove it." "Did some scrolls." "Oh." OH? Needs more...go on us your might powers of the scrolls! mwahahaha!...sorry, got carried away...

I love how dumbledore just came right out and said it to draco with no bullshit; "Yes i want you for your sexy brian you..." (okay lilith...that's not right...eww, grossed myself out there)

I can already predict the nastiness that is HET creeping into the story, its all done very well and naturally and I keep wanting to press the back button everytime I read Ginny's name...but I CANT! I love the story just too darn much...drat. Damn this het, i might be traumatised!

Hmm...what else do i want to talk about?...Oh yes. The breakfast scene. Pure Chaos. Tis brilliance! It must be a hell of a change for draco. And Narcissa on the Zone Diet seemed to clash greatly with her love of potions...seems a bit counterproductive...HERE THAT CISSA? COUNTERPRODUCTIVE!

So glad i signed up...ooh lookie...lovely notification in my inbox...very nice :P I shall never miss another chapter again...oh wait...i'm so obsessed that i never did before. Quite a feat considering i have the memory span of a dead goldfish.

Loveage! Liking it loads! Want the next chapter. Now. I would say please...but slytherin's don't say! XD


Slash a day keeps boredom at bay (go on, jut dabble in a little might like it...*wiggles eyebrows and copy of slash inticingly*)
Shining Bright Eyes chapter 2 . 7/18/2007
I saw HP5 again last night - much better the second time around. The first itme I was subconciously looking for all the parts they'd missed out.

Brilliant chapter. It's good that Draco won't be along - that would be a disaster waiting to happen. Not much mentioned about the connection being broken. I thought you'd delve into that a bit more - will you in future? If he comes in contact with family members will he feel it? Just a brushing of the magic that used to reside in him? I dunno. Little thought there.

Lord Voldemort's love life... *shudder* it'll be great if the Order can exploit that... erg. *SHUDDER*.

I can't believe book 7 is only a matter of days away. I'll be lockd in my room all weekend - then I'll sneak out and read your next chapter :D hehe. I've got it all planned out. If JKR kills the malfoys I'll get my weekly dose from you!

Thanks again,

Bright Eyes
muppetmadness chapter 2 . 7/18/2007
OMG! Three minutes since I read that last line and I have only just recovered from the laughter.

Oh, You just rock so much! The characters are perfect, he story is perfect... actually the only thing that isn't perfect is Draco's hair.. which is slightly disconcerting!

Anyway, great new chapter... Josie and Claudia still don't know what to dress up as but I just made a very fetching lion hat and Qibbler magazine with the headline

"Muggle Rowling discovers Wizarding World"

A Muggle? Discover Wizarding World? Well, it is the Quibbler and they print out lots of rubbish! :P

The newest suggestion was the wrap Josie in tin foil (aluminium foil for you I think?) so she can go as the Mirror of Erised.

Lots of muffins (and maybe brownies becuase I'm making a baked Alaska at the moment and using fair Trade brownies for the base)

Roo of Muppetmadness!
Lady Okori chapter 2 . 7/18/2007
And so his secret is revealed. Of course, Sirius would be the one to laugh at the topic of Voldemort's love life first, xD. And I feel so sorry for Harry. It'd be kind cruel for you to make him see/experience that, rofl. I wonder if we'll ever find out the reasons behind all of Dumbledore's quirks? Like the 'all-knowing' aura and the like in the seventh book? I doubt it, though. Too bad...
Turquoise Girl chapter 2 . 7/18/2007
Poor Draco. Being surrounded by all those Weasleys must be overwhelming, but he seems to be playing it down. I wonder when Fred and George are going to prank him, warned or not. With Draco's genius, his payback would be brilliant and diabolical to say the least. If he finds pranks beneath him, I've no doubt Ginny would talk him into it with her random, roundabout way of arguing.

And Voldemort's love life at the dinner table? That's hilarious! If anyone said as much when I was taking a drink, I'd go the same way as Harry. That being said, this chapter was full of humor and Draco settling down. I hope Alastor makes his opinions better known soon. I'm a glutton for conflict. Ooh, and Draco needs a talk with Severus soon. You know, Slytherin sticks together and all that. He has Bill for support and that's wonderful, but Bill will keep things from Draco to keep him "safe" whereas Severus will tell it bluntly to keep him in touch with reality. Or am I just grasping at straws now?

Until next time,

ladyerudite chapter 2 . 7/17/2007
all i can say is that every dinner party should have draco in it! voldemort and love life in one sentence is classically priceless! that was extremely ingenious of you! a fantastic follow-up chapter! ;) whew! what a thought, indeed - and, that'll be something that i'll really keep in mind, and smile broadly about when i'm by myself, which probably will make me look kind of loony in the end! :)) i'm looking forward for some action in the upcoming chapter, so 'til next tuesday or so! keep up the fabulous work! :)
ralyks chapter 2 . 7/17/2007
Haha. You had me laughing out loud at the end there. Great. You're one of the few writers who can actually keep me interested through sequels. Excellent.
Lucathia Rykatu chapter 2 . 7/17/2007
I almost forgot about Claire and Voldemort! What a topic! That certainly lightened the mood at the table.
forsaleortrade chapter 2 . 7/17/2007
Fantastic chapter as always. I'm always excited to get the newest chapters. Excited about the new book on Friday? Well hope everything is going well with you and I'm dying to see how you continue this. -girlonthem00n
Nancy chapter 2 . 7/17/2007
I'VE WAITED SO LONG! Ok... maybe a week is not too long but still... But this chapter was so totally worth it! Please update soon or at least on schedule. PLEASE! :(
Kazuli chapter 2 . 7/17/2007
bwahahaha...voldemort's love life...*gives draco a fat plate of chocolate chip cookies*
Athena chapter 2 . 7/17/2007
I love this story and the other two previous... I'm glad I got to keep reading you are a very good writer... Can't wait til your next chapter...
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