Reviews for Though the Dragon Waits
KouiiShi chapter 7 . 9/21/2011
I want to hug this fic and stroke it with love. It's just so..THEM!
DragonSteel chapter 1 . 11/12/2010
Ah! Not this one either? I guess I was going through a lazy kick when I read your stories!

Sky and Jack's interactions are really fascinating. And the rest of the team's too!

I've never watched SPD, but you've written the characters so well that I feel like I know them, and this is just a really awesome story!
SilverNY57 chapter 7 . 8/24/2007
I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT! Your characterizations of the rangers is perfect - the banter between them is constant and funny but also serious and gets the point across (true, I did get confused a couple of times - during the drink explanations and the post-Hope discussion). Inwardly-tortured Sky is great and I hope you write more of him. I love how you dig deeper into the characters' inner selves and the "let's attempt to get drunk in order to really know each other" scene is exactly something I could see this team doing. Oh, please write more!
rosabelle317 chapter 4 . 7/16/2007
Aww. This one is my favorite. It's warm and fuzzy, and then a little bit heartbreaking. The line "You really couldn't tell?" just about made me burst into tears. Poor Sky. :(

You really capture their voices (Syd's "Don't hate me because I got the pretty power" and just about anything that comes out of Bridge's mouth seems perfectly in character,) and all the Bridge/Z-ness makes me smile. They're so adorable together! Jack and Sky, too... I'm not sure what else to say about them except that I absolutely love them here.

So, yeah. Awesome story you've got here. :)
DevilsArchangel chapter 1 . 7/12/2007
The word "wow" pretty much says it all, but I'll emphasize anyway.

Great. Awesome. Huge. There's not much left to say after that. Your writing is definitely superior to a vast of the majority of authors on this site, your pacing is fantastic, as is your symbolism, subtlety, subtext, understanding of character, and intrinsic humor along with the ability to pull all of that together.

(Also, yay, because it looks like I might be your first review. Awesome.)

Your characters are great. I mean sure, I was annoyed whenever Z opened her mouth, but other than her, you seem to have found almost every voice perfectly. Syd's a great side character (fundamentally less self-centered here than in the show, thank god), Bridge is...well, aside from the continous support of Z, his voice was down pat (although, if Z/Bridge were to exist, this is without a doubt how they would function, hands down).

Again, I'm not so sure about Z, though. She came off more Bitchy and Beligerent than I would have figured her for considering she's supposed have a heart. Not that she wouldn't say or think what she did, just nicer or more quiet about it, less directly insulting to my Sky.


Speaking of... Sky? And Jack? Um. Ultimate OTP, btw. I love what you did with them, the whole stasis they seemed locked in, encased in that the "will they, won't they". It was a slow progression and is left off with the *possibilty* of coming together-which is brilliant, because that is how I picture Sky acting and Jack's reacting. You've certainly found the precarious balance between them, and you certainly never let the moment get to serious to the point of melodramatic nor humorous that it loses the feeling of significance in the culmination of a potential relationship and that is very telling (esp. as your skill as a writer).

As for your side characters? Hmm. Well...

Doggy: as much of an asshole as can be expected when coming in from a realist view. Giant blue dog barking (ha, literally it seems) orders at me?...I wouldn't be happy either.

Kat: smart and untouchable. and she knows it. Luckily, you reminded us we know that, too without the need to hurl at the cheesiness.

Boom, Sadie, random people placed elsewhere: Eh. as much as can be expected you pitiful peons. They served their purpose.

The entire thing: on a scale from 1-10, this got an 18 from me. There is nothing here that made me gag, but more importantly this actually made me like it. I read a lot of fic for a lot of people and have become desensitized and often viewed as callous. This touched me. In the good way. So, you know. Achievement.

Now, I know this is hella long already and I'm sorry, but I just felt I needed to tell you how much this, well, rocked. However, one more thing.


shh. we're supposed to pretend we can't hear them.

you're a lot younger than I remember you, but you still kind of scare me

Are a big part of what makes your writing so powerful.

Again (and, no, I can't say it enough times) great job. Awesome, pefect, submlime, etc.

P.S. Your First series?...oh, man, I'd get into that with your right now if I wasn't afraid this comment box wouldn't hold,

Also, I like how this meshes with Seduction (and I think that's where I'm basing most of my opinion of Kat), but there's nothing I can say about Seduction that I haven't talked your ear off about this one already. In any case I love this fic/verse and I'm glad you wrote it. There isn't enough (good) Jack/Sky out there.

Again, thanks and kudos.