Reviews for The Malchior Widow
Aurora De Logan chapter 23 . 11/8
I loved the end!
Bigteenhero13 chapter 23 . 10/14
Ahhh I love it do much u haft to update this
yamila andrade chapter 23 . 10/15
I loved this you are a really good writer
yamila andrade chapter 22 . 10/15
So close to the end
yamila andrade chapter 20 . 10/14
Gar is little jealous
yamila andrade chapter 19 . 10/13
Oh finally, I hope that raven get pregnant
yamila andrade chapter 16 . 10/13
So nice
yamila andrade chapter 13 . 10/13
I think somebody want sex, calm down gar
yamila andrade chapter 11 . 10/13
Yes, was something you said kory! Poor raven
yamila andrade chapter 10 . 10/13
Oh they firts day! Que emociĆ³n!
yamila andrade chapter 9 . 10/13
Oh muy god, they kissed! I was reading this fic un spanish but I could not wait, you are si good I go to try review of every chapter that I read
Excuse muy english
Besos desde colombia
Bri chapter 23 . 9/5
Beautifully written, couldn't stop reading. My feels were everywhere by the end of this story. My favorite parts were when Raven visited Gar at the zoo and when she threw a surprise party for him. Thought that was really sweet of her. Great work!
FeedMeFanfiction chapter 19 . 8/25
I'm in love with this story! Definitely worth the read. Keep up the excellent work!
003586dog chapter 1 . 8/16
Guest chapter 23 . 5/9
Oh my god, this is one if the best stories for beast boy and raven, this is truly amazing.
Rate/: 100000000000/10
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