Reviews for Roller Coasters and Retirement
darla scudder chapter 1 . 1/19/2015
loved it! That is exactly what I wanted to have happened. THank you for that.
sfbxfcb chapter 1 . 6/5/2012
G chapter 1 . 12/15/2008
Aww, darling that was fabulous. So them. And so sweet. But, you brought the angst too, which you know I adore. Everyone was so in character it was like watching the show, I could hear their voices. I am predictably in love with Emily and Richard getting frisky in the tunnel of love. Well done, my love, well done! G.
Mary chapter 1 . 7/22/2007
I really loved this story and enjoyed the length(thank you) had everyone so in character...I wish we had seen something like that on the show...I hope you write something soon again...
Sandra chapter 1 . 7/15/2007
Richard planning the whole thing and keeping it as a secret from Emily, priceless.

It’s so nice to see them doing something normal, away from business and obligations, just enjoying a great day together and even Emily had to admit it was great day. And it was perfect and those pictures, wish I could see them. ;)

And it had a nice family moment at the end, when they told some childhood tales about Lorelai. Love this story. Just as I love E/R’s banter and teasing. Great work.
lilienprinzessin chapter 1 . 7/14/2007
A great one shot. Loved the FND talk, curious Emily and Lorelai.

Loved that she got along with Richard, even when she already fulfilled her promise. You had the E/R banter in character.

I like childlike Richard and the photos - great idea. The two in the park were very cute. I like that in the end they join a carousel she likes.

This was great, but please write one with all 4 going. You had them so in character at FND - love that Emily reminded Lorelai of the good moments - that I'm sure you can pull it off perfectly.

Thanks for writing this.
Emily-RichardFan chapter 1 . 7/13/2007
You have made me very happy. Since the first time I watched Bracebridge Dinner, I thought it would be wonderful to see Emily and Richard's roller coaster ride, and your depiction surpassed any expectations I could have. It was so sweet and romantic (happy sigh), but not sappy - instead it was very witty and fun. I love how you integrated sweet scenes with playful ones, steamy ones, and clever, well-written dialogue. And everyone was so in character.

You do plan to write about the trip the whole family takes to the amusement park. Right?

Miss GoodManners chapter 1 . 7/13/2007
Hi! I've just read it and let me tell you this is the most funny fluffy Emily and Richard fanfiction I've read in ages! First of all,another "we didn't get to see it" scene that realized in the fanfics world! I've always liked that scene in The bracebridge dinner and I always thought it would have been something so sweet and here you've precisely conveyed it:their "adventure together" as Richard called it was sweet,very sweet,it was like seeing them young and falling in love again and it's not only an really felt that way and Emily's little kiss after the carousel ride clearly showed it! Richard holding her hand,the Tunnel of love were all so sweet and romantic,but the carousel was my favourite! Emily was like a little girl and reading about her dreaming expression and amusement made me smile one of those smile that made you curl up the corners of your mouth and look like a little girl yourself! But sweetness wasn't the only ingredient of this adventure. There's was excitement,too! And they really sounded excited! Specially Richard! And then there were the funny parts:first of all some lines like "I left it in my other purse”(so typical of women to say something like that!)or the "half-dressed mouse" or Lorelai's chill pill and Russian accent! They were witty and funny lines,just like in the show! And I really loved it! You've completely taken it and shaped this humor in your own way! Then there was the slapstick funny part:Emily's facial expression would have really been great to see! LOL! Specially the big "O" she made! Finally,add a little family dynamics and the receipe is done! I really loved the interaction between Rory and her grandparents,but specially between Lorelai and her parents,particularly at the end because you can see that not remembering the good times isn't something that hurts Emily only(Richard putting his hand on her knee was so soothing!),but also Lorelai and you can see she really wants to have those memories back! They're similar under this aspect,but in many things as Rory pointed out! They both know how to make people talk and they can both cover their attempts at finding out inventing funny and unbelievable things!

You've done a great job with them,but specially with Emily because the change in her attitude was clear,but through little things like the change in her facial expression or tying up her hair(some sort of symbolic putting her hair down)or deliberately kissing Richard in front of someone! Really great!

I hope to read another story from you soon!


Curley-Q chapter 1 . 7/12/2007
This was so cute! Please ocnitnie
morzsa chapter 1 . 7/12/2007
Wow, it was really FUN to read!

I loved they can be so carefree.

I hope you will find the time to write some more E/R fics.


Ann Y. Mous chapter 1 . 7/12/2007
What a fun story! Loved Emily going to the theme park!
Sheila Bryant chapter 1 . 7/12/2007
This is SO adorable! I wouldn't have known how to begin this story, but you really wrote the perfect beginning for it. It's cute how he sneaks out of his study to take a look at her current month schedule!

I also like their conversation over dinner. How he tries to hide his intentions and she sees right through him but doesn't let him notice. Very IC for both of them.

It's fun that you added the maid. Well, she seems to be one of the few who stay longer than a day or two. ;o).

I could actually her Emily's fork hitting the plate & her "Richard, really." *giggles* It is so Emily to react that way.

“Where’s your sense of adventure?” - “I left it in my other purse,” *ROTFL* Purfect Emily moment. :oD

And I'm glad she wasn't actually mad at him for not telling her. I think as soon as she'd see the delight on his face, she would give in. It would bother her, but she could live with it. ... He's just too cute. ;o).

I like it that it's secretly driving her crazy.

Oh and Richard 'running' to the door to make sure he could get a moment alone with Rory is great!

If I hadn't known it was the rollercoaster story, I would have been even more intrigued. It's so much fun that he leaves her completely in the dark until they finally get there.

The talk between Lorelai and Emily is priceless. The whole scene in the living room sounded so much like out of a GG script that I started wondering which episode it was from for a moment.

The way Emily tries to get information out of Rory is so much fun to read. I can see her face so clearly. I actually can see the whole scene play out in my mind very clearly. It's like a movie. If I'd have enough money I'd pay Kelly Bishop to play this scene for me!

Then; the big day. *giggles*

Funny how you make her unable to sleep. Well, at least she's smart enough to decide to wear pants instead of a skirt. Now THAT would have been impractical. I guess it would have been fun to watch, but ... poor Emmy. ;o)

Oh and I like their outfits. :oD

You actually taught me a new word: "Scrunchie" - Didn't know that yet. I do have several, but I didn't know what they're called over there. (PS: There's a 'in' missing in the last sentence of that paragraph. You wrote "...and placed it her pocket hoping..." Yes, well, I know - I'm a horrible person.)

*giggles* You did the VTs proud: They're driving to the fun park in Richard's SILVER MERCEDES! ;o)

"She softened as soon as she saw his face. “Well, I guess, I did promise, didn’t I?”" *happy sigh* ... So cute.

Rory is a good grand daugther - suggesting a route, helping with the VIP tickets. I like her when she's like that.

I'm glad you let them skip the "Whiplash"! And again, Emily's comment cracked me up. I was thinking the same.

First I wasn't sure what the Log Jammer was. I would have never thought that Richard would take the risk of getting Emily mad at him for ruining her hairdo in a wild-water channel. It was cute how you positioned them though. I'd like to switch places with Emily there. ;o).

And the PICTURE! *LOL* Aw, I want to have a copy!

Then the actual roller coaster. It's so sweet how she doesn't argue and just gets into the front seat with him and lets him have his fun.

"...she loosened her white knuckled hold on the bar..." Aw! She is afraid! *giggles* Well, he'd better hold her hand VERY firmly. It's so cute how she hides her face. I'm pretty sure he doesn't mind at all. Poor Emily, all those horrible pictures. But of course she'd look adorable on this one too!

It fascinates me that they had a DECENT lunch at a park restaurant. Could you give me the name of this amusement part? I never had a decent lunch at one.

*giggles* Tunnel Of Love. Cuteness in cans! But are you sure that he can keep his promise? I mean … okay, it’s not a roller coaster, or fast. It does not spin or drop but that last part … ? *angelfaced* Okay, okay. Mind. Out. Of. Gutter, Cira!

Okay, I’m good. :oD

I like it when they neck. The whole scene inside the Tunnel Of Love is just very sweet. *happy sigh*.

Yes, they are quite passionate, those two. And I’m glad you let him explain to her why he pulled away as soon as he does. … Straightening her sweater, huh? Well, I guess my mind wasn’t that wrong, down there in the gutter after all. ;o)

And hey, LIPSTICK! *giggles* Yes, I’m glad you made him wear more of it than she did at the end of this little encounter. It’s more realistic that way.

I just hope that her lips look alright.

“Well, at least they didn’t have a camera on that ride.” – *LOL* I wish they had! ;o)

I like the Atom Smasher. *wiggling eyebrows* They do have a hell of a time in this park! I LIKE it!

Ah, the next roller coaster. It’s so sweet that she wants to go and he actually hints that it is okay if she wouldn’t. And you’re right; she never does anything she doesn’t want! *wiggling eyebrows*

It’s so adorable that he sneaks his arm around her this time. I like the roller coasters with bars like this better. They usually have bars that you pull down over your upper body now, but they’re safer they say.

I wonder what that 3rd photo would look like. And it’s very smart of him to make that mental note, because I’m sure that is just what Emily would do!

Ah, there’s the cotton candy.

What the heck is a funnel cake? *looks up funnel cake* … Hmm … looks interesting. But I’m sure it tastes good. Okay, I read a recipe. I think I’d like it. Even though I still prefer cotton candy. Well, ours isn’t pink. It’s white. Pure sugar. Yumm. I miss cotton candy.

The part with the carousel is SO SWEET! I really grinned in circles here. A little childhood memory always works wonders, doesn’t it? And I’m glad she didn’t decide on the elephant. I don’t know why though. You know, I wonder if she rode her giraffe side saddle. Richard the Lion Heart riding on a lion – how very fitting. ;o)

I could really picture the way he helped her down. It’s so like Emily take him by surprise – and his reaction was just wonderful. Really sweet moment there. :o)

“Thanks, Mom; though I think I’ve been slightly insulted in there somewhere.” *ROTFL* - SO in character. The whole dialogue is! Well, you’re just a great author, but then, I never doubted that.

I’d really like to read about that distraction though. Frightening Lorelai is funny. And it sounds a lot like her “Don’t ask questions” chant in 5x12.

“I’ll have copies made for you…” *LOL* Hey, while he’s at it, he could scan them for the VTs! *giggles*

It’s so great that you add that little talk about how they used to take Lorelai to amusement parks! Her initial comment on how they never did and then finding out and actually remembering is so well written! I bow at your feet here! And then there’s the bonding. *happy grin* I really hope you’re going to write a story about all four of them going to the amusement park! I’m sure you can do it and it would be great!

…Okay, so I guess I will go and review your other stories too. My, I wrote this feedback in word and it actually turned out to be 3 pages long. I wonder if ffDOTnet is going to allow me to post it. ;o)

Can’t wait for your next story! Any plans? :o)
Mrs.Scott323 chapter 1 . 7/12/2007
Adorable. Just plain adorable. A great E/R story. I hope you're thinking about writing a story with all four of them at an amusement park :)

I loved that both Emily and Lorelai can't stand it when secrets are being kept from them. Like mother like daughter :D
Valerie chapter 1 . 7/12/2007
This was really an enjoyable story. I love how Richard want to surprise her with the trip and Emily how to find out where they are going. I can really see our Emily restless lying in bed only thinking where he will bring her. I also can see Richard be thrilled to bits to go with her to the park. Her impression when she found out where they are was great described as well. Oh what would I give to see them both in the Log Jammer and of course the three pictures the were taken in the various attractions. :D It was so cute when he hold her hand and she put the head at his chest. The Tunnel of Love I really can picture her behaving like this “What should the people think” but in the end giving in for a little moment but glad there wasn’t cameras. :D. I have to laugh by the thought of Emily’s try to fight against the centrifugal force. Plus I love that she is going on one more roller coaster, he asking her if she could keep her eyes open this time and his comments during the riding was sweet too. You have included the cotton candy in a good way and it is really so that sometimes what you remember taste yummy it is not what you want now. But can you explain me what a funnel cake is like, I never heard about it before. And at the end Emily and the carrousel with the animals was so wonderful her shy smile Richard lifted her down, her kiss on his lips and her peels of laughter he heard so rarely. I really wished we had seen this on screen.

Lorelai’s reaction about Richard’s comment how he saved the pics was foresee and I love that you mention Lorelai being at an amusement park when she was little and it's really all wasn’t so worse in her childhood. It would be great to see them as a family in such a park. My résumé a wonderful long, sweet, enjoyable story and I hope to read more by you soon. Hugs Valerie