Reviews for Unintentional Fairytale
miss-bexie chapter 15 . 10/17/2011
this story is so amazing, you think your gunna get the typical 'happy ending' then bam, tears at the end! lol, so amazingly written and well told, so thanks for a fab read :) x
Priceless-LegacyGirl chapter 16 . 4/2/2010
Okay i just read this entire story and i will admit at the beginning i hated randy, but as it progressed i couldnt wait for the randyXriz thing to happen, i cried so hard the last two chapters, but we wont tell anyone that haha. Okay so what i was trying to say with this is, its absolutly amazing and i am going to read the sequel right now! I can already tell its gonna be amazing!
wwelover1995 chapter 15 . 6/24/2009
u should make a sequel wheres shes never really dead. and she comes back
sweetcandyfun chapter 16 . 3/23/2008
a very lonely birthday... a very lonely birthday indeed! :))

Riz is at home? haha.. whatta lie... or maybe not... hahah SEQUEL yeay!

BTW, someone loved the Norielle Randy pairing... lookie at the reviews. hahaha. :)) touching.


Pinayprincesa chapter 16 . 3/20/2008
aw how sweet! _
Jewelgirl04 chapter 16 . 3/20/2008
While I'm still TOTALLY pissed that you killed off Riz, I can't wait for the sequel.

This was a great ending and I think it will flow well into the next installment. Keep up the good work!
sweetcandyfun chapter 15 . 3/2/2008
I love John's rap! It's so long and sweet... and OMG! RIz! her neever poem thing. I love it. And as for Randy, he doesn't know how to deliever a good speech. LOLers! As in, he sounds arrogant all throughout except for his last line... I can't blame the audience for booing him all the time!

AND YEAH, SEQUEL FOR THIS DEAD GIRL! LOLers! ang sama nun! wahaha anyway... I love you Rizzie Wizzie! :))


~Sweetcandyfun ü
SnowAngel2009 chapter 15 . 3/1/2008
woah this story is just woah excellent job idk what to say really it left me speechless at the end (never can be left speechless by a story really but this one did)
mandy chapter 15 . 3/1/2008
hey itz awesome n sad! i fely like cryin! cant wait for the sequel!
Dechii chapter 15 . 3/1/2008
Pardon my crudy english but...

I was so happy! "Omg Update!" ...and I ended up crying like a retard D: ..

But it was awesome ...Great work. I hope to see more of your work! (:
blehhh chapter 15 . 3/1/2008
Well IF THE SEQUEL HAS A HAPPY ENDING I'm all for it!..Yeah I'm still mad at you for bumping Riz off...!..this chapter was really good!update soon!
rani chapter 14 . 2/25/2008
wish u hadnt let her die...very sad!
Jewelgirl04 chapter 14 . 2/25/2008
I'm sorry for not reviewing in a while... but OH MY GOD! She's DEAD?


You have to post the next chapter ASAP! I'm dying here!
blehhh chapter 14 . 2/25/2008
OMG!Why did you bump her off?I really wanted her and Randy together and get to know each other...update soon!
sweetcandyfun chapter 14 . 2/25/2008
He wanted everyone to think he didn't care for her. Now how stupid is that? He's always been a stubborn bitch. haha.

Now she's dead... but it's not the end of the story... RIZ I WILL MISS YOU! *drama* LOLers!


~Sweetcandyfun ü
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