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Preemtive Karma chapter 1 . 12/19/2009
"Edogowa Kiden isn't that different then Edogowa Conan. We can just say our parents are insane."

This line made me laugh so hard!
nequam-tenshi chapter 7 . 7/30/2009
a truely heartbreaking ending-I wonder what became of the gem?
bobbyneko chapter 7 . 11/24/2008
dawnnoondusk chapter 7 . 4/19/2008
Oh gosh.. why did it have to end like this? I feel so sad for Kaito, he has lost so much.

Will you be writing more on this? I hope you do, I really want to know what happens to Rose and the others as well.
Ceirwy chapter 6 . 3/30/2008
Wow. You sure know how to through around the drama .
Claude le noctambule chapter 5 . 3/7/2008

(cough)I mean...YEAH UPDATE!

On the other hand, the two things are far to be mutually exclusive with you. Case in point. Xp XD

Well, let's begin by few typo...

"Aoko put down the underwear she had been folding, looking at Kaito. She gave a sad smile, watching a he clutched at the brown-haired doll, as if it would shield him from her leaving the next day. "I really am." She said, sitting down next to him, prying one of his hands off the doll and taking it in her hands instead.""

There is an useless quotation mark here(the one at the end of the sentence, not the one of my own quotation...Well, you get what I mean, ne?; )

(Takes his french beta-reader's hat)

You've forgot our lovely accent aigu(é) for my chérie.

(for once, I'm not correcting Jeva's )

And someone had already pointed Megure's mispelled name on LJ.

OK, now the positive things.

The training session was...I don't know how to said it, but you know that I love how you're making nice interactions with everyday life kind of scene, ne? I still do. _-

(Same opinion for the scene with the house's menagerie...And Watson ROCKS by the way)X3

Aoko's depart was a wonderfully scene which was pleasantly surprising... After all, I didn't expected to see those two crossing the line of platonic relationship.

But well, ambigous feelings for the win, and it was wonderfully bittersweet(and hot COUGH).

I was a bit surprised to see Kaito...well, cheating on Hakuba...

Not that I condamn him, it was human and understandable with the current circumstances but... I was still surprised.

On the other hand, with his...special relationship with his twin and his detective, well, it's true that Kaito is a bit beyond the notion of adultery.

(And I don't remember if they've put precise rules inside their own ménage à trois on this area).

That beeing said, I've loved the little details you've inserted in the smut(Kaito's scar for example).

Kid... You're indeed not a whore...but you're still a shameless slut...(shakes head)


Pimping Saguru was love. X3

And Conan's pragmatism is...mades of win. XD

(But well, the boy's argument are just earth logic anyway, and you know that I've a weak spot for ménage à trois' dynamic)._-

The last scene...

...ok...You're without a bit of mercy, for your readers and for yourself, ne?;

You've a LOTS of things to handle in the next chapter,

Good luck, and thanks for the reading._
Claude le noctambule chapter 4 . 1/24/2008
(looks how slowly this story is updated compared to MW)


It would be hard to wait until the next update.


(looks at his own WIP)

Who I am to judge, anyway?(shrug)

Ok, this story become more addicting in each chapter, I should admit.

Rum seemed to be an opponent worth of our little group and I can't wait until the first

The "I never scene" was my favorite one. I've a weak spot for your everyday life scenes(like the breakfast one in MW), it makes the characters more human, and it's easier to relate to them when we could picture their lives...reaching a point where you could almost calling them "normal"._

Ok, kid is not the fandom bicycle...He's the fandom's captain Jack(obvious Doctor Who koke).XD;

(And...phantasms about...Megure/Nakamori...O_o; XD)

Nice little scene between Akako and Ran. Hey, who(except the fanbrat) couldn't love it when this kind of issue are solved in a mature way?

The heist...the heist...could have happened in canon without problem but...but...



Impatient to see the next chapter, but hey, took all the times you need._-
Claude le noctambule chapter 3 . 1/24/2008
I should said that this chapter is my favorite one of the whole story(but hey, I've still one chapter to read so we will XD).

I've specially loved how you've handled Shinichi's issue in this one. To be honest, Shinichi maturing and learning something from his life as Conan and the people who have helped him? It's one of my faborite kink.

And I've seen few story handling the theme as well._

It was convincing, mature, and did justice to everybody(Ok, maybe not everybody, but still a fair number of people who had played a signifiant role in the detective's life).

Thanks, Saitaina, now I've another crack pairing in my book...which is not a good thing, dammit!Enough is enough!Xp XD

(translation: Good jon with Akako and her!X3)

It was nice to see how the things are evolving in our gay threesome, not too slowly and not too fastly.

Oh and...The scene between Conan, Kiden and...the underwear.

...Kid is such...such...a magnificient slut! It's impossible to not shakes your head in front of this shameless whore...but it's impossible to not love him

Well, well, and I've enjoyed the little reconciliation scene between the two childhood friends.

This chapter was sweet and optimistic, since we see how everyone have more or less deals with his/her past to move forward... brutal twist at the end was...stunning.

Not that it was a bad thing seemed that your epic is moving into a very dark corner. But hey, I wouldn't complain, as long you're keeping the balance between the positive and the negative.

(I don't mind hopeless and dark stories with your deathfics, but with this epic, I want to see the character having their part of happyness too, I should admit!Xp)

See you later, at the next review.
Claude le noctambule chapter 2 . 1/24/2008
Ok, I've just read the first two chapters.

I should said that I was a bit...sceptical about Kid and Kaito beeing splited up but...once you're trapped in the plot, it's not so hard to become used of this new setting.

And since you've created nice interaction and issue to solve with this crackish idea as a basis, I wouldn't complain.

(And once you've read MW, it's not really hard to picture Kaito and Kid as two distinct entities)

Hum, actually, I'm even curious about Kaito's evolution since he could find his own path as...well, Kaito instead of beeing the boys hidden behind Kid's eyeglass.

For now, I still love how you're handling Conan's issue with Ai(hey, what is the point of killing a character if it was not to harm other character and see how they would deals with the loss?XD)

And...puting Jack in the story was a good idea.X3

Curious to see how the things would evolve(Mika beeing pregnant? Aren't you a bit...masochistic? You could already build an epic with the current issue of your characters, but no, it's not enough for you?O_o XD), story added to favs, and...see you alter, in the next review._-
Dragon's Hitokiri chapter 4 . 1/2/2008
LMAO that was a great heist I loved it! I was laughing throughout the chapter. The game of I've Never was wonderful, I was snickering and laughing throughout the whole it. I'll be waiting for the next chapter.
NNF chapter 3 . 11/8/2007
Holy... fuck.

I'm sorry. That was rude. However, that is my reaction after reading all of Magician's Waltz and Illusionist's Ball in one go.

Let me introduce myself. I am a lurker, and a proud one at that. Getting me to actually become respectable in the world of fandom would take an act of God. I have been lurking in DC/MK for several years now, but I must admit that I never read these stories in that time. I did try to a couple of times, but I'll try to put this into coherent words...

Before today (glances at clock)-yesterday- I never managed to get through chapter 4. It is nothing against you, certainly, nor against the story. From what I read, it was well done, thought out, no real grammar/spelling mistakes, all-around shinyness... But I could never bring myself to go past Chapter 4.

Even now, I can't think of how to explain WHY...

I guess the closest I can get is that... it hurt. It hurt to read, because... I could see where the story was going, and all the mental anguish Kaito would have to deal with (or whatever my brain thought up, I suppose)... and I couldn't bring myself to read further. Which, I might point out, makes no. bloody. sense. I'm one of those writers that torture the characters they love most. I revel in their pain (and wail at the same time, I admit). I absolutely adore all the lovely death fics out there... But for some reason your story really... disturbed me.

I guess I can say that you totally succeeded as an author, striking such a deep cord in a reader, except... until today, I didn't actually COUNT as a reader.

The reason that changed lies with Icka! and randomaicoholic. Icka!, for posting the link to detective_conan, asking for recs (which dragged some great stuff out of the woodwork), and randomaiholic for the rec, which you probably already know about. :)

By the force a rec, I retried your story. There were a couple times that I had to sit back, think it over, and ask myself, 'Why am I hesitating to read more? This is a good story. Others say it is a good story. There is nothing here to stop me.' Though, on the other end of the spectrum, many parts had me laughing so hard I cried, or I never noticed that the last time I'd checked, I was many chapters behind where I was at that moment. And after your cliffhanger, I just had to start IB right then and there...

The ending of chapter 3 was... delicious. I'm a sadistic individual, and the mental images it caused (and trust me, after a couple weeks spent researching Dracula's real origins in a Civics freshmen class awhile back, I have some very, very vivid ideas in my head...) gave quite a bit of horror... and pleasure that the writing was good enough to GIVE me horror in the first place.

And now I'm hungering for much, much more.

You are a bona-fide writer, fanfiction or no. Your skills are already much better than some published authors. To bring out such emotion in such a well written piece... Bravo. These gems are getting mentally marked down on the 'great' list, and an eyeball is going to be on the lookout for more goodies continuing IB.

I would like to apologize for the length of this review, as well as how unhelpful it is in regards to your writing. However, due to either your writing skills or the late hour, I felt compelled to... chat at you, I guess. Even if I couldn't explain myself at all coherently... please excuse my rambling, unhelpful thought process.

*shrug* In any case, this is GREAT STUFF, and I regret not reading it earlier. (By the way, spliting Kaito and Kid apart is pure genius.)
goldfishlover73 chapter 3 . 11/2/2007
I finaly read it!


its really good! love as always...though i noticed...i've read most of it already! XD

but anywho...i dont know what else to say! _
dawnnoondusk chapter 3 . 10/30/2007
You never cease to amaze me. This is a sweet chapter with a little bit of everything, from romance to humour to suspense. I particularly liked the line, 'Problems in your happy little lust bubble?'

You are also awfully good at cliffhangers. I just can't wait to read the next chapter!
Dragon's Hitokiri chapter 2 . 9/14/2007
Holy dude! Okay interesting way to end a chapter. I'll definitly be waiting for the next one.
Hyper Chef chapter 1 . 7/16/2007
Wai! XD More ideas. XD lol

I LIKE this story. Just as much as the first, (and this is only the first chapter). I don't think I've seen a seperate KID fic ever before and I bet this one would be the best written of any others if I search.

Can't wait for the next chapter. :3

-Hyper C.
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