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reaperP chapter 21 . 7/24/2010
This MUST be made into a miniseries at least!

Awesome is the only way I can describe it. Someone contact EA & the Sy Fy channel asap. Keep up the good work man.

PS:needs more Havoc
Costin chapter 21 . 7/16/2010
Now this is interesting.

Was hoping for more Havoc, but Wallace is good. :) And nice way of showing what kind of cold hearted decisions commanders have to make on the field.
Ganheim chapter 21 . 7/14/2010
Chapter 21

Egypt was a Yellow Zone, nearly overrun with Tiberium,

[If it was the heart of the area’s infestation, wouldn’t that make it a small area red zone?]

and all his observations were being transmitted back to Pyramid Base via a line of point-to-point laser transceivers.

[Why do I sense that Nod’s going to either intentionally or as a lucky fluke hit a few of those point laser transceivers at some point in the future?]

GDI's First Expeditionary Special Task Force. "FESTF" was hard to verbalize, so most of the soldiers simply referred to it as the "GDI FEST" which was bastardized into "GDI FIST."

[Big groups love long acronyms, what those are mutated into is always interesting]

a different name for the task force: the Wild Cards… one of the troops had produced a stencil showing a pair of aces (clubs and spades, to be precise)

[This reminds me of Space: Above and Beyond]

being overrun by Tiberium, but the lack of any available Tiberium

[So is the area choked or barren, Tiberium-wise? Description seems a little inconsistent, and if it had been recently cleared (if that’s possible) then I don’t see mention of it]

as FGM-90 teams dismounted from the APCs and started firing long-range, UAV-guided shots.

[A pity we never got the option of doing this stuff in-game]

as the Predator tank Goldeneye (who named these things? she wondered)

[Somebody with a video game fancy?]

taking hits and drawing shots away from the squishier troops.

[Well, they’re called panzer in German for a reason…]

Its behind the dune


"Sir?" Corporal I-Don't-Know-Your-Name asked.

[Corporal Red Shirt?]

to show several familiar-looking shaped, painted a dark brown to match the sand

[Familiar-looking whats? Towers? Structures? Tiny refractors?]

"Backup's in the way."

[_on_ the way?]

soldiers as thy lined up

[they, though there as something funny about seeing “thy” in the same sentence as “railgun”]

Another pair of shot

[“shots”, I believe]

The world flipped over, and Hershey felt a sickening vertigo as everything started spinning, and heat blossomed from somewhere behind him. Then there was force, swift and brutal, and darkness for an instant. He blinked and opened his eyes, seeing a thick brown smudge around him that some part of his brain distantly told him was flying sand.

[So much more eloquent than “boom”]

becoming expanding flowers of white heat-blobs and splattering liquid.

[Given that he’s sighting by thermals, in 55 plus degree conditions I’m surprised they can easily differentiate infantry from the surroundings, unless the infantry are cooler than the sunned sand and metal]

"Who's hit?" she gasped, sitting up.

"Major, don't move!" Fett shouted, and she was just about to say something about giving her orders when she realized the blood was hers.

[That sucks]

he had some many

[so many?]

B Company's Wolhounds


Besides a couple of things that could’ve been typos, upload faults with QuickEdit, or such the chapter was very good. Straightforward and flashy as felt very fitting to GDI, with plenty of glimpses into the subtle workings of Nod With A Plan. It’s been a while, but it’s good to see that the story’s not going down with a whimper.
awilla the hun chapter 21 . 7/14/2010
This entire thing is just...good. And I'm not even into this branch of Command and Conquer (Red Alert 2 and Generals are more my thing)!
Caracaos chapter 21 . 7/12/2010
As always, an impeccably written chapter. I'm looking forward to going back to NOD.
tanks60808 chapter 21 . 7/11/2010
u r a god. this is the best fan fic i ever read. you should seriuosly send this EAs way. this is vastly better than their peice of shit "offical" novel
Hawki chapter 21 . 7/9/2010
-Not sure if it was always like this, but have you changed the chapter quotes from left to center alignment? Works better on the left IMO.

-Good job in depicting Egypt and the effects tiberium has had on it, not less the Nile River Basin.

-Action starts early but is handled well.

-"Sergeant Mitchell Colt lay in the sand, watching over the expanse of sand, rock, and the occasional pipe, and came to a stunning conclusion: Egypt was hot."


-"it wasn't Nod-style optical camouflage, but wasf functional enough."

Think an extra "f" got slotted in there.

-Not sure whether Oxen would be able to handle pre-fab buildings, unless they're distinct from the normal structures present in the game. However, that also makes me wonder about your take on the MCV, when its abilities could be considered pre-fab 2.0 in a sense.

-Good narrative with Karrde, mixing in narrative with approaching action. -I take it that his experiences with the missiles are from TW2?

"Look, I'm just saying we've got this gigantic, trillion-dollar ion cannon array in orbit, tanks the size of fucking houses, supersonic jet fighters that can hit the stratosphere, and these crazy-calculus advanced proto-world-conquering super AIs, and here we are in out fucking recon with our fucking super cloak-piercing sensors and radar array and guided missile launchers and auto-loading mortars, and for some mystical, unfathomable reason, we don't fucking have working, fucking, AC! This is bullshit of the biggest, bisioniest order."


"Yeah, Sarge?"

"Shut the fuck up."

Two memes that never get old. Nice stuff.

-The Predator tank 'Goldeneye'-this may be stating/assuming the obvious, but a reference to the film and/or game(s) of the same name perhaps?

-Good fight scenes further down the track. The wide radius of the Nod forces seems reminiscent of the second of the GDI Egypt levels, where the player's base has a large perimeter and the Nod forces come in droves, making it one of the hardest missions in the GDI campaign IMO. Don't know whether this was intentional or not, whether this chapter is directly based on the level, but I certainly got a feeling of deja vu.

-"Hold on," he said quietly to B Company, even though he knew they couldn't hear him. "Backup's in the way."

Shouldn't that be "on the way."?

-Karrde's dillemma-short, sharp and handled well.

Anyway, good chapter. The alternating future ones sound good as well.
AluciusDawn chapter 21 . 7/8/2010
You've already got tons of reviews for this story, and it is likely that anything I would say has already been said, so I will say only this. Thank you, you have more or less single-handedly renewed my interest in the command and conquer series.

I look forward to whatever you have in store for us next.

Your loyal reader,

Falls-44 chapter 21 . 7/7/2010
Excellent chapter, as always. I loved how you were able to tell the battle from multiple viewpoints without disrupting the flow at all. Every scene melded together without being too abrupt or disconcerting. Good work.

Please update soon! This might be one of my favorite stories ever (not just on fanfiction!)
Just a Crazy-Man chapter 21 . 7/7/2010
Above excellent job on this...keep up the good work.
IrateScribe chapter 21 . 7/7/2010
You see this is why I don't mind waiting three months for you to update. It is soooooo worth it. Keep up the excellent work!
DarthNacho chapter 21 . 7/7/2010
"...GDI soldiers as thy lined up their next shots..." They?

The action was, as usual, badass. I've literally got nothing else. Generic fanfiction review.
Eristarisis chapter 21 . 7/6/2010
Well.. another chapter where you outshine the original piece of junk.

the opening was, very fitting " A thousand square kilometers of shit." fitting when its all yellow, brown and powdery... kinda.

I admit I was surprised to see Captain Wallance back in action... i'd assumed he'd bought it permanently in his suicidal hold the line against the Nod Avatars. nice to see that medical technology keeps pace... I'm guess tho, that the bortherhood doesn't have anythign quite that good?

You got the feel of desert combat well done, factoring in heat (weather) and also teh impact of sand and dust.

Loved the alpha strike reference - ain't seen that one in a long time...

I'm curious to see how you handle brazil... you planning on sticking to the level (the artillery platforms, the gdi aircraft carrier and maybe showcase the GDI battlerig?
DarkGidora chapter 21 . 7/6/2010
As always, this chapter was well worth the wait. I liked the dilemma you're giving Karrde; the survival of his men versus the completion of his mission. And the action scenes never fail to be interresting and gut-wrenching. I look forward to your next update.
Mr. Martin chapter 21 . 7/6/2010
Hmm, Liquid T...Foreshadowing perhaps?

Man you write Military SF good. I'm going to channel this story when I write for the genre.

I love the visuals for this story. Keep on writing and post the next chapter soon.
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