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jpdt19 chapter 9 . 7/4/2008
Absolutely Brilliant.

Really Really good!
gunslinger01 chapter 8 . 6/21/2008
it's so realistic

keep the story flowing
Ganheim chapter 8 . 6/19/2008
Chapter Seven: Flames of Nod

Popping the lid and extending the syringe, she jabbed it into her wound.

The pain-killers were tortuously potent in their first few seconds, and she bit back a scream as they fried her nerve endings, dulling her pain receptors and filling the entire area with antiseptic cleanser, clotting agents, and muscle-rejuvenator. A few seconds after the initial spike of pain, it had faded into a dull ache,

[Your description of the medical technology itself was remarkably minimal, and the attention given just to the effects was appropriate and pushed the flow back to the action effectively.]

He thought he heard screaming, but over the roar of the flames, he couldn't be sure.

[Dark and cold, good narrative.]

Sheels and missiles fired from the distant artillery batteries screamed through the smoke

and listened to th incoming reports.

[_the_ incoming]

Distract the enemy with a broadsword, strike at his heart with a dagger.

Classic Nod strategy.

[Ancient beyond telling.]

If not, they made good training tools to inure the Brotherhood's soldiers to overcoming their natural human aversion to killing other people.

[Another dark sentiment appropriate to a Nod commander.]

and the overpressure from one of the detonations sent a pair of his men flying.

and them man toppled to the debris-strewn floor.

[and _the_ man]

to attend to her grievous eyes wounds while the first kept the hallways covered.


and the Avatar is just plain silly.

[Personally, I think the entire 'Avatar' unit was originally a joke.]

I'm enjoying the chapters as much as ever. The cold calculation and religious slant of the Nod officers gave the chapter a very individual feel, and though there wasn't anything from the point of view of GDI the way that you showed them responding to Nod action was extremely well done. From earlier chapters I was expecting you to be jumping around in POV often, but this shows that you can quite handily deal with only one or two without being bogged down at all.

God bless and happy writing,

Omer Imran chapter 7 . 6/7/2008
I have started reading your novelization recently. I must say that you have written a very excellent and good war novelization based on the Tiberium series of Command and Conquer. Your story is well written and I truly enjoy the way you depict the battle sequences. C&C should hire you for the official Tiberium Wars novel. I would like to give a few suggestions and my views of the story in the end you are the author and you get to choose whatever you may wish.

history,details and mission of GDI zone troopers I throughly enjoyed your mission of Zone troopers attacking NOD forces to save the trapped scout force.

2.A little about Kane the enigmatic leader of NOD and his thoughts during the war.

3.I would enjoy if you do a fully armored battle in a open area, you would be correct to say NOD is a guriella hit and run force but you can show GDI forces, force the NOD in the open and find out that suprisingly in an even open battlefield NOD forces were a powerful opponent and without walker technology GDI is no longer king of open battlefield please also use air support,artillery and heavy infantry in this battle.

Finally I would just like to say a very good story and very well written. Thank you
The Ascended Ancient chapter 2 . 6/5/2008
I've never read the novelization of Tiberium Wars, but as a huge fan of the C&C universe since it began, I have quite enjoyed this story so far. In my opinion, Tiberium Wars was a game that hit all the right notes in both key aspects, gameplay and storyline, and the way you are elaborating on it here is very intriguing. I look forward to reading more.
fatdude chapter 8 . 5/30/2008
AH once again you have made this story simply, well, awesome.

ive said this before, and il say it again,(again), your detail in evrything is simply awesme.

-So your going to hate on walkers? do it. tanks so outclass them.

-a great tribute to the story, later on would be, up to you of course, would be a Fire Hawk pilot chracter.

-um i noticed that you make predator tanks sound like German tiger and panther tanks back in WW2. (in my oponion)

-good luck and good writing.

Hawki chapter 8 . 5/30/2008
Heh, you did say that in the A/N section of the previous chapter that there would be elaboration on DC falling. To say the least, I think that may have been an understatement...

It's hard to say where to begin with the review of this chapter proper, so I'll start on a broad level. Notably (and somewhat obviously), it was entirely from Nod's POV. Now granted, this isn't the first time in the story that a the POV of a single faction has been done. Chapter 7 was entirely from GDI's POV, but as I recall, every chapter has featured a bit from both sides (and a small scrin segment with the Ion Cannon blast).

What distinguished this chapter however, was that the single POV approach actually WORKED. Chapter 7, IMO, sufferred from problems that the single GDI POV probably contributed to. This however, was everything that chapter 7 could/should have been in that a) the single view isn't limiting and b) the numerous scene shifts don't give it a segmented 'vacuum' feel.

So um, yeah. Whether it was due to correcting the shortcomings of chapter 7 (technically that's opininated) or something new altogether, but kudos to pulling it off, the added bonus of which was a high level of intensity to the chapter. C&C lends itself well to this by default, urban combat is often desperate and it's probably safe to say that Nod possesses far more conviction (aka fanaticism) to its cause than GDI, but even so, great job in pulling it off.

A few more things that I noticed too. One of the things that interested me was Nod's differentiation from soldiers ("infidels") and civilians. In any war it's a distinction that should be made lest we become monsters, but the fact that Nod does make the distinction presents interesting. It keeps in with the feeling of moral ambiguity between the two factions and it would be interesting to see Nod's distinction fleshed out.

Or the millitants are bleeding hearts ;)

Another thing I've begun to notice is the use of "Brother" for all Nod ranks. My exposure to the C&C universe is limited, so I was wondering; is this standard for Nod soldiers? Or is it original? Certainly reminds me of Warhammer 40K Space Marine rank structure at least...

-I'm guessing that the InOps file was written not long before TW3. Regardless, I noticed the mention of Marcion, which reminds me...will there be any intergration of the storyline of Kane's Wrath in this story, or at least significant mention/reference of the events that take place in it (the Rio Insurrection is one, but that was mentioned before KW)? Or do you intend to keep the storyline's as seperate entities?

-As for Walkers...well, I can appreciate their shortcomings, but these are shortcomings that exist in the present day that I'm guessing could be rectified in the future due to advances in technology. If nothing else, walkers would at least provide a psychological effect on the battlefield.

Of course, given his comments on the discontinuation of the Mammoth MkII, I'm guessing that Havoc will have something to say about it...

Anyway, to sum up, great chapter. Definetly one of the best, if not THE best so far.
nodikus chapter 8 . 5/29/2008
Excellent chapter with excellent action. You make it sound like you've experianced urban combat first hand. Are you planning on keeping those Nod militants as regular minor characters?

I agree with you that all the Walker designs in Command & conquer are fairly stupid (especially the MMII) except the juggernaught. Infact, the avatar seems the most sensable design to me seeing as it might be able to stand up on it's own when it falls over but even then...

I much prefer tanks.
eliteElite chapter 8 . 5/29/2008
Well I can't wait for GDI counter strike, though that will likely be a ways away. Awesome job man, simply awesome.
Anon chapter 8 . 5/29/2008
Fine, bash the humanoid walkers. Never mind that since no working model of a military walker has been tested(yet) no one knows what is practical or not.

That said,you're a good writer;perhaps one of the best on this site

(though it doesn't give you an excuse to be mean-spirited, but that

is only my opinion, and should be ignored).

Update! I hope there are more chapters to enjoy!
John117xCortana chapter 8 . 5/29/2008
MORE please ! I can't wait for Havoc's " That was left-handed! " moments.
Northern-megas chapter 8 . 5/28/2008
Keep the good stuff going, you are on a roll.

And hey, I have no problem with the walkers being ditched. They always looked silly to me.

And I can help but grin when I hear that Havoc is going to give NOD the proverbial one finger salute.

Am I the only one who thinks Kane is full of it?

Is the NOD commander going to have a hernia when he just can't take the pentagon (GDI campaign reference) despite being within sight of it?

Till next time.

Luck Runs Out. Skill Doesn't.
Cant Namemyself chapter 8 . 5/28/2008
And then the Mammoths and the Avatars and the Tripods start rollin in...

I can't wait to see your take on the Epic Units.

However, each detail is well selected, and I enjoy viewing each word- I'm sure it'll be worth the wait to see the big guns come out.
Falls-44 chapter 7 . 5/25/2008
Great novelization thus far. I think the history of the third Tiberium conflict is definitely the most interesting. I can't wait until the Scrin get involved...

Also, I'm looking forward to Havoc ripping into Nod with a vengeance!

Update soon, good work.
Northern-megas chapter 5 . 5/19/2008
To make things clear, I have not read DeCandidio's novel. And probably won't. Nor have I played C&C Commando (AKA Havoc).

Now I do find your story far more interesting then other C&C fics, and I would like to see more.

But I would like to comment that the Steel Talons sub-faction of G.D.I. (see Kane's wrath) still use war walkers from TW2 (Titans plus rail guns upgrades pain).

And I have said so not to discourage you, but the opposite. As an attempt to support you, and to let you know it's fine to bring them back.

Keep up the great work

Luck Runs out. Skill Doesn't.
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