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Reina19 chapter 19 . 5/4/2011
This story was really nice! I read it from beginning to end in one sit-in and I loved it. Nami and Cliff make an interesting couple in your story. I like how you made the starry sky my mind, the star-gazing scene was really pretty. I think it really suits the traveling pair.
Heather Kaylie chapter 19 . 4/18/2011
FINALLY! finished reading this story :) not that I'm hating or anything, I really like stories that go into detail :) This is probably the best thing I've read for Harvestmoon :) No lie. I'm just kind of bummed that it ended :( Oh well, I'm young I'll get over it :) I love your writting style and I can't wait to check out your other works! Keep it up!

artisticmeerkat chapter 19 . 8/7/2010
Loved it. Simpy loved it! I'm always sad to come to the end of a story, but this one in paticular...! A perfect ending; I really admire your writing, it's brilliant, everything is balanced and well thought out and described wondefully. Thank you for such a lovely fic! 3 x
rawr says kariii chapter 19 . 2/19/2010
Wonderful, simply wonderful. I don't know what else I can say besides, I enjoyed reading this very much. It's hard to find a good story on here lately, or at least one worth reading, but this one was worth every minute. Thank you :)
Love's Bitch chapter 19 . 1/1/2009
I've been a follower of this fic for a long time, and I'm actually quite sad that you've ended it. It's a lot better than most fan fictions, I'll admit. It had an actual plot and you expressed everyone's personalities perfectly. This is probably my favorite Harvest Moon fan fiction, so thank you for writing it!

P.S. I might have reviewed under the name Og or Blamby, because Love's Bitch hasn't always been my pen name.
Alien-Child chapter 19 . 11/16/2008
Sad that it's ending, but I'll always remember it! Really cute epilogue, and I hope to catch ya later!
KenowaX chapter 19 . 11/15/2008

The happy ending we've all been waiting for !

Thank you so much !
Chicken Yuki- Human Reviewer chapter 19 . 11/15/2008
BGM- "Rose Confession"

Wow, I'm glad I chose to listen to this song while reading the conclusion. Both are equally moving, and... well, they both mark the end of a worthwhile saga.

Little Flora, huh? Nice touch. I'm glad she's kept that friendship in memory and engraved it somehow. It's just still too sad to know the older one died.

But what's wrong with Rock Junior! It would be REALLY unique, given the circumstances. XD (Um... Rock NOT being the Father.)

And Star... yeah, an interesting choice, I'm sure. It would be interesting if Star met Phantom Thief Skye, and then they came across some random dude named Cloud, a girl named Moon, and another girl named Sun. Everything would turn to madness, but then they'd have the complete ensemble of names!

Ah, sorry.

So, this is the first ever Cliff x Nami fic I think was ever written. And a longfic it is. One heck of a longfic. Let me say this again:

Thank You.

It's pretty much my favorite non-cannon Harvest Moon Pair in existence, and you did it justice. But before you even delved into THAT, you did chronicled Nami's little life most competently. This was a story about MUCH more than romance. A slice of life, all the precious little things in it that mean much more than they seem... yeah, this is the stuff of legends.

You've left a really good overall tale in the Harvest Moon Section. Be proud and feel good, because this really made my day. I'm sure it satisfied many others. Even the non-reviewers.

Good Day.
kenowax chapter 18 . 10/13/2008
Man this is the best fanfic i've read so far

I think i'll make a game with this scenario

If you've got any great stories like this one (especialy about Cliff) email me

(or add me to msn(your choice))
kenowax chapter 18 . 10/13/2008
Man this is the best fanfic i've read so far

I think i'll make a game with this scenario

If you've got any great stories like this one (especialy about Cliff) email me

(or add me to msn(your choice))
Alien-Child chapter 18 . 9/22/2008
A happy ending, yet sad for us that it's ending.

It was fun suppourting you and reading the story since the prequal

And just to let you know, I've posted my Harvest Moon story recently.

Catch ya at the epilogue!
mysteriouslyVague chapter 17 . 8/21/2008
eh too lazy to sign in so here goes...

first off the plot of this story is VERY well planned and thus far i've liked every chapter you've dished out (though i've seen have read all the chapters all too soon ,) the couple is very unexpected and i havent seen too many of those NamiXCliff that pretty much sums it up ANYWAYZ Deary Update Soon...! "Pl-Please"?
Alien-Child chapter 17 . 8/13/2008
Sad beginging, happy ending!

Whoa, the next is the final chapter (Uncounting the epilogue), man it sadly went by fast.
BerryRain chapter 17 . 8/12/2008
Aw! My gosh that was sweet! You have an excellent writing voice and it's perfect for this story!
Chicken Yuki the Reviewer chapter 17 . 8/11/2008
Whoah. What a coincidence. As I saw that this story had began over a year ago and having 17 Chapters, I found myself wondering: "When is this going to end?" And then I read the last few lines and the ending notes, and I'm like: "Oh". This thing is almost over. Wow... As good as this story, and as much as I thought there could be more to it, I'm looking forward to the conclusion.

Flora is... wow, that was bittersweet. Did I miss what CAUSED her fate exactly? I don't think that was exactly touched upon if I'm right.

Muffy and Nami. Buddying it up during wedding plans... again, wow. Nami has a point there. I'm sure there are more (dire) things to consider than the decorations and whatnot. Makes me wonder just WHAT Nami would've given priority to in a wedding. It would be a shame if she ever did "come to understand" Muffy's dilemma, though. Maybe whatever was on Nami's mind in her personal priority list would've been cause for a far more interesting wedding...

All this new Cliff and Nami interaction is just having me think this: We're a bunch of frikin' animals. What growth, horomones and pheromones seem to bring are animalistic desires that register as deep emotional joy. I mean to "want" to be held and stuff...

But Chapter's End says it all, pretty much. Kudos to Cliff. He's made a decision and he's become more "efficient".

And I only have one question left to ask:

Does Lumina hold any importance to this story?
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