Reviews for A Life Rescued
Angel Rios chapter 26 . 3/3
I have enjoyed the story so far, but there are some pretty big plotholes here and there as mentioned before. Jesse's height, Jesse's DID and it effects, and last but not least THE FREAKING NUCLEAR BOMB. How in hell did you just drop that plotpoint and then almost completely ignore it?! The ramifications of such an attack would be ENOURMOUS, the US government and its peoples in full panic and mass hysteria, not in the least the loss of so much people, prestige, and infrastructure damage not to mention the biological effects would devastate the nation. All in all, the story has been good but has plotholes.
Haydoge chapter 47 . 2/26
This level of death and trauma boarders on absurd.
en jaune chapter 54 . 2/19
Jesus fuck you got me in the first half, not gonna lie.
What a rollercoaster. I feel like I've just experienced through my teenage life again, through another's eyes.
Child of Dreams chapter 21 . 1/24
I don't understand.
There were seven Von-Trapp children, not six.
Why isn't Liesl mentioned?
Child of Dreams chapter 13 . 1/24
Jackie Roller? Harold the Hairy Wizard?
Any relation to JK Rowling and the Harry Potter series?
Solyluna chapter 54 . 1/13
ohh it was just wonderful ... i really enjoyed it ... thanks
Solyluna chapter 37 . 1/12
oh something similar happened to me ... I knew I was going to die but I didn't know how ... I cried like crazy
Solyluna chapter 32 . 1/11
you know I concentrate so much on reading that I forget to write and thank you i love your fic
Solyluna chapter 9 . 1/8
Oh rays I really don't stop reading and I need to start understanding ... Is he already aware that he has memories of a future that didn't happen?
Solyluna chapter 4 . 1/8
Hi I am delighted, I have read without stopping ...
King Ivysaur chapter 37 . 8/17/2019
I’m not a huge fan of dropping the future arc and adding terabithia. I understand why for both but I just felt it was unrealistic and with dropping an arc a bit iffy

Also I kNow Graces improves, half the time she was an irritating jerk
Spartan10007 chapter 54 . 4/7/2019
Man this was a beautiful story. Really really enjoyed it. I’m gonna have to read through it again lol. Well, I wish you well in your future endeavors. Until next time
Guest chapter 42 . 1/4/2019
Dunno too much, but your OC Tom just annoys me.

He seems like the kinda guy who is possibly decent overall, but when something bad happens constantly treats others like trash to make himself feel better, and hangs your past mistakes over your head for no reason.

He reminds of stiles from Teen Wolf, and that's not a good thing.
Guest chapter 27 . 10/30/2018
best fanfic ive ever read
BTT2007 chapter 54 . 9/2/2018
This story was all together an amazing fanfic! I love this story, truly a wonder!
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