Reviews for Harry Potter: Dark Memories
Noricepanda chapter 57 . 9/18
Ah! I absolutely loved this! Its well paced and written. Its by far one of my favorite fanfics yet!
C'Riverblade chapter 57 . 9/17
Wow. I have to say that this is by far the best piece of Harry Potter FanFiction that I've ever read. I absolutely love how he created the Custosae de Lux. I love how he created Mage. I only wish the whole Custosae de Lux association had found out that Harry and the other kids were the masterminds behind the whole things. Their reactions would be priceless to witness. This is definitely something that I would and have shared with others. I love this. Thank you for this wonderful piece of art!
dragunpfeonyx chapter 57 . 9/16
Danke für diese geschichte ,sie hatt alles was eine gute geschichte haben mus und viel mehr Danke dafür.!
Twisted Holiness chapter 1 . 9/15
GreenThumbTarasova chapter 33 . 9/15
Teddy is adorable! Hmmm. Teddy. Dora. And Lupin was already there. Will Dora enter the story anytime soon?
GreenThumbTarasova chapter 14 . 9/15
Yeah. No ifs ands or buts about it. White Dragon is phenomenal.
GreenThumbTarasova chapter 12 . 9/15
I have a feeling I'm really going to love your White Dragon.
GreenThumbTarasova chapter 11 . 9/15
I've begun reading your fic. So far, I adore it! You've done such a lovely job with first year. Forging unexpected friendships, alliances, and a secret order! Fantastic!
Scarlet Firesong chapter 50 . 9/14
Scarlet Firesong chapter 19 . 9/8
I hated Gilderoy almost more than I hated Umbridge. Dumb chicken almost killed someone. So glad that he's going to be leaving... early... this year.
Guest chapter 28 . 9/6
To lazy to log in.
The correct tranlation would be; Förvisa denna ondska, Hogwarts.
Skydda alla i ditt inre. Ingen må träda in, Ingen må träda ut.
If you would like to change it one day.
/Selfinflicted poison.
Guest chapter 6 . 8/26
Chapter is stupid or really the story is stupid
anonymouszrt45 chapter 3 . 8/21
Three chapters in and it's still a canon rehash. Not even going to bother reading more.
The Lady Rogue chapter 9 . 8/20
Hi! Great fic here. One thing- Harry and his friends are in the library when Norberta starts to hatch- but that happens at Hagrid's hut? You've got a bit of an issue with continuity there.
Mr. Blackwood chapter 57 . 8/18
I really enjoyed this story 3 only thing I can't imagine or comprehend is at the end... Weasly twins as Headmaster and Deputy Headmaster? holy hell xD
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