Reviews for Harry Potter: Dark Memories
Emily Morgan chapter 57 . 10/14
Just finished reading the epilogu. One of the best Potter fanfictions I have every read! Loved it from the first word to very last, congratulations on creating a truly fantastic story. Thank you for sharing it x.
SilverDragon1218 chapter 57 . 10/10
Wow. Just wow. This was BRILLIANT! I loved this soo soo much! (I’m still sore about you killing a certain someone though) I’m glad Snape got a happy ending and the pairings weren’t expected. Loved what happened to Fred and George, I can definitely picture them in that role.

The fixing of the magical world was something I have been looking for for ages. You’ve done it so well and provided a solution to a basic problem that was so hard for the Wizarding World to understand. Goblins, gold stars. Pixies were a cool addition too.

Got to say that Teddy was an inexpected OC that I couldn’t help but grow in fondness for. Mage is really cool as well by the way. I kinda hoped he’d just appear in the future because why not?

I could go on! There’s so much to say! To put it simply, the whole thing was spectacular! The ideas were original and the concepts explanations were perfect. The way you made them powerful without it seeming unrealistic. I swear you nearly gave me a heart attack at some points.

Overall I would definitely read this again another thousand times! Great job!

SilverDragon1218 chapter 50 . 10/10
Nooooo! Evil! You are EVIL! Why did you kill him? Why?! Noooooo! I won’t spoil it and say who was lost but... damn you made me cry! You killed him! This story is so good though. I don’t regret my decision to read this one bit. But you killed him! Why not someone else? I can’t wait to keep reading.
SilverDragon1218 chapter 14 . 10/6
I just wanted to say that so far this story has been brilliant! I’m on the edge of my seat! I can’t wait To keep reading!
embrewing chapter 6 . 10/5
damn, it's rare to see a genuinely good dumbledore, i honestly forgot what it was like...
I know okay chapter 57 . 9/30
I'm glad their future is bright. It's too bad real life isn't always that way.
I know okay chapter 56 . 9/30
I'm very happy he pushed forward with this. I am sad to see this pretty much end though. I can't believe I devoured this story that quickly.
I know okay chapter 55 . 9/29
Very good, Harry.
I know okay chapter 54 . 9/29
Voldemort should not be so cocky.
I know okay chapter 53 . 9/29
Hmm... Harry can't actually be dead yet, can he?
I know okay chapter 52 . 9/29
Well, that should make things interesting.
I know okay chapter 51 . 9/29
Hmm... I hope this new Professor can help Harry in some way.
I know okay chapter 50 . 9/29
Well, I feel bad for the boys, but I think I knew when Bellatrix pulled out a silver knife.
I know okay chapter 49 . 9/29
Poor Neville having his Gran taken like that. Hopefully they can reach her.
I know okay chapter 48 . 9/29
It's too bad Harry has more added to his plate. I really hope this won't affect him forever.
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