Reviews for Harry Potter: Dark Memories
Spannerspoon chapter 57 . 2h
BRILLIANT! Incredibly well written and a truly gripping plot? Poor Harry just couldn't catch a break could he? And Teddy was adorable, his worries about stuffing had me in stitches!
Guest chapter 30 . 8/27
Love this story so much, 2nd time reading
Guest chapter 6 . 8/26
I really like how hagrid is the person Harry looks up to, it's quite unique.
blewis61 chapter 8 . 8/22
Loving the story so far. I am enjoying how you are meeting many of the large events but wroth slight changes to match your storyline (the going to the library to search for more info on occlumency rather than Flamel for example). Your take on Draco is interesting as well; an interesting thought excitement about of Riddle could have been changed in a way if someone had reached out to him the way Hatry does to Draco. I am just hoping as we get to the relationships you keep it canon and don't throw in a Draco Hermione or Ginny twist. It might make more sense worth your Draco than canon Draco but I am a firm Harry/Ginny Ron/Hermione fan :)
blewis61 chapter 1 . 8/22
This is a great first chapter. I am always a little wary of rewrite stories because I'm always afraid they will simply rehash the books without significant enough changes to be engaging or will change them so much I feel I'm not reading a Harry Potter story. I decide to give this a shot because it was a favorite of one of my favorite authors and because the concept seems intriguing. I am glad to see that you gave hints at the books without simply rehashing it while also setting up your alternate storyline. Looking forward to reading more.
Salinia chapter 57 . 8/22
This story was absolutely amazing!
This one is definitely going in my favs!
ShadowFireHime-Sama chapter 20 . 8/21
awww dray har how cute
ShadowFireHime-Sama chapter 19 . 8/21
go siri go sev :)
ShadowFireHime-Sama chapter 12 . 8/21
dray... dobby...
Shinigami5910 chapter 57 . 8/1
I love this story. It’s actually my third time reading it, but I can’t remember if I reviewed before.

I noticed this earlier but I found the choice of Harry’s wife odd. I got a strong HermioneXHarry vibe the entire story. So it was confusing to learn who he ended up with in the end.
Lady Beaumort chapter 23 . 7/31
happy belated birthday Harry! (I felt the need to do this; I just got off work and it's 12.05am-aug1) please excuse my hp Obsession... I need to do this for all my favorite stores.
Spacegoodra chapter 18 . 7/30
I'm having a hard time of taking the super secret club of twelve year olds seriously.
misherukuro chapter 57 . 7/26
Fantastic fic loved re-reading it. ~,~
NexusRider161 chapter 21 . 7/16
...this feels like it's building up to a Drarry pairing... please don't let it be Drarry... please let the magical bond be one of camaraderie or friendship or brotherhood rather than of romantic love... turning it into a slashfic would ruin it for me...
NexusRider161 chapter 18 . 7/16
Snape is Batman. Death Eaters beware.
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