Reviews for The Awkward Adventures of Meghan Whimblesby
Havane 31 chapter 30 . 10/9
I'm from France. And I have a hard time understanding some of Meghan's expressionsI mean, the few times I heard the word "dork" was in Spiderman fanfics, so I only have a vague idea of what it meansBut your story is good !
lTigerMoonl chapter 1 . 10/8
I love this story. It is an awesome spin on a Mary Sue fic.
1616.lotr chapter 46 . 10/6
Wow, awesome story! I read it waaaaaaaaaaay too fast to review every chapter! Three days. School days. In high school. With homework. Up till midnight every night. Reading this. SO. WORTH. IT.
o0SapphireMyst0o chapter 41 . 9/8
Ooo! Spicy! I really do appreciate that Legolas is very proper. Thank you for that. It was a good chapter, thank you :)
o0SapphireMyst0o chapter 40 . 9/8
I would like a cookie please! X) Wonder how the meeting is going to go. And poor Legolas... that was not what he was expecting that morning X) Good chapter, thank you :)
o0SapphireMyst0o chapter 39 . 9/8
She may not have biological family here, but she does have family. Really enjoyed those kissing moments :3 Thank you for this chapter, it was lovely :)
o0SapphireMyst0o chapter 38 . 9/8
Aww! So cute! More! Loved this chapter! Thank you so much! :D
o0SapphireMyst0o chapter 37 . 9/8
Yah, I would be miserable too. Good chapter, thank you! :)
o0SapphireMyst0o chapter 36 . 9/8
They're just trying to protect you Meghan! Although I would be furious, as I'm sure she is. Legolas cheated X) Good chapter, thank you :)
o0SapphireMyst0o chapter 35 . 9/7
;; Poor Legolas. Very good chapter, well written. Thank you :)
o0SapphireMyst0o chapter 34 . 9/7
Well that was a scary bit at the last part. Yay for people coming to her rescue! Then there's Gimli and his interuption... Very good job with the chapter, thank you! :) And thank you to MusicalSoul!
o0SapphireMyst0o chapter 33 . 9/7
Sam and Dean , broccoli X) Awesome chapter, thank you :) You know, I was watching the first LOTR movie and I could help see and hear Meghan throughout it. Was rather amusing X)
o0SapphireMyst0o chapter 32 . 9/7
Yes Meghan, assert yourself! But you really don't know what you're getting into. More romantic angsty tension, yay! Awesome chapter, thank you! :3 As for favorite shows, yes I know you asked this five years ago, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Falling Skies., Probable dome others I am forgetting. You can check out my profile if you'd like. I really like the Labyrinth fandom (Not a tv show, I know). Cheers! :D
o0SapphireMyst0o chapter 31 . 9/7
Well, looks like she needs to talk to the Princeling! That is going to be very awkward I think. Good chapter, thank you :)
o0SapphireMyst0o chapter 30 . 9/7
Well that was hilarious! XD Sweat... Haha! I wonder if Legal is like that because she scared him or something. Awesome chapter, thank you! :D Oh I'm from the PNW, USA but live in Southeast Asia :)
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