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InSilva chapter 63 . 4/17
See, I'm thinking they are talking about shoes. Shoes that are eaten by a snake.

Do like the way you write Tess and Rusty. Absolutely a reason why Danny loves her and why he robs three casinos just to get her back again. She understands the DannyandRusty and she understands completely how she fits in. Danny loves them both and well, I can't put it better than you did. Tess makes Danny happy and he wasn't unhappy before.

What is lovely about the TessandRusty that falls out of this story is the trust all round. Because Tess is right. Staying the night with another man isn't usual but nothing about this threeway relationship is usual. Love that Danny can return and as you said, isn't jealous but is joyful: the two people he loves most in the world and they are getting on together with the level of intimacy that he extends to both of them.

Giggling for the "Looks are very important to me". And smiling for Tess's rationale. Even in five weeks she's been able to deduce the truth of things.

Sigh for neither of them being comfortable not knowing where Danny is. And since I expect he was doing something Tess shouldn't know about, I understand Rusty's relief. Slight smile at the taking a bullet for him. Yeah. If only she knew.

So, much love for the unplanned friendate. And for blueberry pancakes. They sound nice.
happychica chapter 8 . 4/1
Rereading these, I still think this one is my favorite.
lightatlast chapter 63 . 3/16
So, the site won't let me log in right now, but I adored this. I always like explorations of Tess and Rusty as friends because I would imagine there is a certain level of negotiation that went into that relationship. They do both love Danny, so I don't think it was ever a fight, or anything, but it's complicated. Especially when, as in this story, the longest your boyfriend and his best friend have ever spent apart was two weeks and not by choice, or when you don't really understand your best friend's urge to settle down, even if you respect it and you think his girlfriend is lovely.
CuteSnake Earfalas chapter 2 . 3/14
xD Awesome the "Dear Auntie" one! I love it!

light at last chapter 62 . 2/23
Hahaha, someone needed to poke fun at the "everyone mysteriously speaks Cantonese (or whichever Chinese language it's supposed to be)" situation with Yen eventually. I love it. Also, Addams Family references for the win.
InSilva chapter 62 . 1/31
Three very funny pieces. As opposed to the occasions of general torment which aren't funny at all.

Ah, an ensemble piece. Yes, you remembered everyone. ;) And smiling for the calling card. Just never their style, never what they're about. Maybe a little vanity in there but not that kind of ego. Amusement for superior!Roman. Actually, make that just Roman. ;) And people looking to Basher for translation. Oh, that's not hopeful.

Incidentally, little purple bears with minds of their own? Don't think I didn't see what you did there. And poor Linus. They will never tire of it.

Giggling so much for the Yen piece and the playing with the movie trick of how they all understand him effortlessly. And smiling for observant!Yen looking after Rusty and slight ow for missing!Danny and the effect that has on Rusty. Always. But peanut butter cups will help and Rusty will smile when he sees them.

Loving the Fish Called Wanda. Really like the language thing that your Rusty and Isabel have going. Makes perfect sense to me that they would delight in playing with it and giggling for the "Is this really important flirting?". Poor Linus. Again.
Maia2 chapter 61 . 12/20/2013
aww, sweet. Merry Christmas to you too.
InSilva chapter 61 . 12/19/2013
*happy sigh of fic*

Firstly, very much liking the idea that this is where "Stolen Smile" is headed. Would indeed be nice. Like the idea of all three of them safe and out of Terry's reach and together. Please make it so. And where is more of that fic anyway? ;)

And secondly, "Happy Christmas" and it is a very happy Christmas here even with (especially with) the aargh of past Christmases lingering. Giggling for Rusty drawing pictures on the window. Of course. And smiling too for Danny needing his espresso fix to start the day. Know how he feels even though I don't like espresso.

More smiling for the poinsettia line. Utterly plausible where Danny is concerned. And love the little quick kiss. Can imagine the happiness in Danny. And happy sigh too for Rusty and the gingerbread men. Thinking about "True Meaning" and other fic I can't remember title of where card game is interrupted for baking tips. Like the tradition and can imagine them settling down to watch Jimmy Stewart.

Giggling for the "died of shame" line. Just a few words and it's all effortlessly brilliant. And even more, like the idea of sustainable Christmas. That is indeed a lovely idea. As is the promise of more Christmases together. Never mind them, makes *me* feel all happy and warm inside. :)
light at last chapter 60 . 9/5/2013
Bwahahahaha. I missed dialogue fic. Also, I'd like to point out that everyone has probably seen Rusty naked already. That just seems like a thing that has occurred. Except for Terry, because ew. And implying that Rusty is a hooker is not acceptable, Terry, honestly. You'd think at some point he'd realize it's a bad idea to provoke them. Oh, well, I'm sure Danny's revenge will be both epic and horribly embarrassing for Terry, which I'm always on board with. And it'll give him something to do while Rusty's in Helsinki!
InSilva chapter 60 . 9/2/2013
Giggling for this one. Danny epic fail at technology number 71 and of course he manages to invent phone commands without even trying. Am imagining the considerable blinking going on at the receiving end along with the rolling of eyes and the "I knew it!"s.

And with the heat this scene exudes, am expecting that (a) Danny has to catch the next flight to Helsinki (b) Rusty goes with him (c) one of the toilets on board is permanently engaged.
Maia2 chapter 60 . 8/29/2013
Hee! This was great. I love that you can make write something so hot and so funny at the same time.
TheQuarryBeatles chapter 5 . 8/26/2013
The more i read, the more I love! The characterization is one of the bests I've read! I just keep smiling all the time!
IShipEveryoneandEverything chapter 59 . 7/22/2013
I hope you know that I've stayed up till four am reading fanfiction and 50% were yours. This is unhealthy.
light at last chapter 59 . 3/11/2013
Hahaha. I love it. And I would absolutely believe that Danny and Rusty are responsible for all of those headlines. Also, Terry should definitely watch what he says about Reuben's casino. They know about his clown phobia and they do what they want, so maybe mouthing off isn't the best choice. Also, Virgil would totally have a rule about doing dinosaur impressions without him. And it's a great birthday present. Everyone needs a robot dinosaur the size of a grown man.
InSilva chapter 59 . 3/8/2013
These made me smile. Lots of "just because they can" in here.

Like the maple syrup story mostly because I can just see the look on Linus's face and the "they're joshing with me again" thoughts running through his head. Giggling for the...snobbery, I think I want to say, of certain items being beneath one to steal. And of course Rusty is going to keep a portion. Probably in his room with a spoon. (Now the sd is giggling.)

Second story and ah, Terry, Terry, Terry. Will you never learn? I like how this links back to Coulroaphobia - can see the plan of vengeance hatching. Probably over a burger.

Like the idea of bridge removal. Can imagine that no one would take a blind bit of notice - like Basher with his traffic cones, if you look official, you must be. And smiling for the supervising. Of course. And bridge is no doubt destined for private collector with water lily pond. I share this so you can see the bridge in my head. :D

Love the Godfather naming theme being continued with Virgil's twins. And giggling for the giant dinosaur theft. Am picturing it in the back of Rusty's convertible. Wondering if Rusty named it. :) And is a cute scene of the toddlers and Sarah rahhing. No way Virgil and Turk would want to be left out.
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