Reviews for Snippets and Drabbles
light at last chapter 67 . 7/26
I don't have much to say about this one other than "awww, cute." I love that Danny is confident Rusty doesn't care about Valentine's Day until he's not, and that he's instantly willing to put in a ton of effort to make sure Rusty gets something nice. And then it turns out he was right all along, which is fabulous. But the effort is still appreciated.
Sena Yamazaki chapter 4 . 3/3
This one's the BEST so far!
Peabodythecat chapter 67 . 2/14
Oh his was a great Valentines Day fic!
Of course Danny would want to please Rusty and would move heaven and earth to insure that he walls r be disappointed.
And of course Rusty is's the thought that counts.
And we know they are ALWAYS thinking of each other.

Hope you had a happy VD...the romantic holiday, not the loathsome disease. ;)
light at last chapter 66 . 1/21
Yay, more dialogue fic! I always enjoy these. Also, I'm fairly certain Rusty's body actually does directly convert sugar into thought. It's the only reasonable explanation. I am somewhat curious as to what they were doing in the desert, and also what some other random facts Rusty knows might be. As a random fact aficionado myself, I just want to know.
Peabodythecat chapter 4 . 1/17
Well, apparently Isabel didn't care for that surprise either.
I, however, found it to be delightful.
Peabodythecat chapter 55 . 1/17
Purrs happily like Zombie.
That is one damn lucky cat. In this fic alone he snuggles with Virgil, Danny and Rusty.
It's a sad, sad thing to admit you are jealous of a fictional neutered cat.
Peabodythecat chapter 66 . 1/17
Oh this was fun!
I love Polllyanna!Rusty and Grumpy!Danny. They were quite adorable.
Love, love, love the banter.
My favorite line : I automatically convert sugar to pure thought.
PizzaCanBePoetsToo chapter 65 . 1/6
I love all of your stories (except for the ones that made me cry my eyes out) and this one made me laugh in most of the chapters. Thank you for dedicating your time to these stories.
LassieLowrider chapter 65 . 1/3
I just read this entire thing in less than 2 hours

I regret nothing - I will when I have to wake up but meh

Also are you aware that you have some of the most spot-on characterisations of the, well, characters I've ever read? Are you sure you're not Danny Ocean? Because you're amazing.

Peabodythecat chapter 58 . 1/2
i don't care who you are, that's funny.
Peabodythecat chapter 61 . 1/2
Yes! Yes! A million times, yes!
Unlike Danny I have clearly consumed too much coffee.
Peabodythecat chapter 62 . 1/2
Ah linguistics. I love words.
Peabodythecat chapter 63 . 1/2
You know, you have given me much to think about regarding Tess. It's so easy to dismiss her in favor of dannyandrusty, but Danny is no ones fool, so there must...there must be more to her than this woman reaching for a white picket fence dream.

I think in canon, she was probably more upset about being cut out, being lied to For Her Own Good, than she really was about the whole thief thing. But it all happened so fast and then she was stuck and wedded (maybe pun intended) to her story and Danny was in prison and ... Yeah.

Your Tess here...she is smart, confident and honest with herself. I really like them as a trio. Danny, of course, is the center, but I am really coming around to appreciating Tess based on her own merits. Look at you, making me question and reconsider deeply help prejudices against fictional characters. :)
Peabodythecat chapter 27 . 12/1/2014
Man..powerful stuff ...
Peabodythecat chapter 12 . 11/30/2014
Well, after spending the weekend shot gunning The More Things Change, I think I can guess where that came from...dark, but very, very satisfying.
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