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Guest chapter 93 . 8/21
There are actually Sith and Dark Jedi that have been redeemed. Darth Revan, Asajj Ventress, Quinlan Vos, Bastila Shan, and a million others. But otherwise, I love your fanfictions, which are the best I've ever read. Keep up the great work!
ThePhenakism chapter 130 . 8/16
I can't belive I've only recently found this story ! Absolutely amazing, sometimes I felt as though the chapter could be slighter linger but overall a very appealing story and huge chat yet development especially in regards to Abakan ! Awesome work.

jeanosauryehet27 chapter 130 . 8/12
I loved the flow of the story! it's sooo beautiful! I liked how Vader redeemed and also the chemistry of LeiHan here! It's sooo perfect and I loved it!
ReunitedLight chapter 130 . 7/25
Wonderful, wonderful read! I could not stop reading this for a few days now and this is my fourth or fifth time reading this particular story, I've read all of your stories quite a few times. I really enjoy all of your stories because I'm a huge fan of Vader/Anakin/Padmé, and I love his transition to the light side. This story was absolutely perfect in every way and it is my favorite of your stories.

Everyone has different opinions on their favorite character. I see Vader as more of a character who knows he's being manipulated, he knows that Sidious ruined him, but he has nothing to live for anymore and all he can do is wait and do his Master's bidding. The way you portrayed Vader was very, very good and I like how he battles himself, knowing he cannot love them because he is a Sith Lord, but at the same time wanting a family and then deciding that he would kill the emperor.

I know it's been a very long time since you've last written anything, but I'd just like to say that I will wait for another story like this one. And if you write another story, please, please include Ahsoka because I was a huge fan of Twilight of the Apprentice. And for reference, stormtroopers are a mix between Jango Fett clones, clones from other templates, and human volunteers. Why did Tatooine have to blow up? :(

But I definitely enjoyed all of your stories, this one was my favorite and it was perfect. Every time I'm itching for a story like this I will come to you.

Spectacular job!
Guest chapter 94 . 6/16
I have a request for you, and if it's too much, you don't have to comply. Can you add Ahsoka Tano to your stories? If you don't know who Ahsoka is, she was Anakin's Padawan during The Clone Wars. He nicknamed her Snips, and she's call him Skyguy in return. The two of them shared a ton of adventures together and cared about each other like siblings. However, Ahsoka was accused of bombing the Jedi Temple and framed for killing a woman. She escaped the Jedi Temple and during her escape, ran into Anakin, who tried to persuade her to come back and plead her case to the Jedi Council. Ahsoka refused, knowing that no one but Anakin would believe her. While on the run trying to prove her innocence, Ahsoka was contacted by Barriss Offee, her best friend. Barriss told Ahsoka there was a clue for her in a warehouse. Ahsoka went to the warehouse, only to be attacked by a masked person, whom she fought. Exhausted from being on the run, Ahsoka was defeated by the stranger, knocked out, and found by Anakin. She was taken to the Council and given a trial, in which she was deemed guilty. Ahsoka was expelled from the Jedi Order and turned over to the Republic Senate. During her trial by the Senate, she was almost sentenced to death, but Anakin walked in with the true criminal... Ahsoka's best friend, Barriss. Ahsoka was shocked. Later, the Council offered to make Ahsoka a Jedi Knight, but instead of apologizing for accusing her, they blamed her traumatizing experience on the Force, saying it was all a mere test. Ahsoka felt betrayed by the Council for not trusting he and not taking responsibility for their mistakes. She refused their offer and walked out of the Temple. Anakin chased her and tried to convince her to stay, but eventually, he let her go.
In Star Wars Rebels, Ahsoka returns, fully grown and having masters light saber combat and the ways of the Force. At the end of Season 2, she and Darth Vader fight in a Sith Temple while her comrades try to retrieve a Sith holocron. Vader neutralizes Ahsoka by Force pushing her to the bottom of the Temple. However, Ahsoka survives and makes her way back up. Meanwhile, Ahsoka's comrades are almost the their ship when Vader begins to Fore pull Ezra, who has the holocron, towards him. Ahsoka ambushes Vader from behind and cuts off part of his mask. As she starts toward the ship, Vader calls out " Ahsoka" in his robotic and normal voice mixed. Ahsoka, though already suspecting so, now knows that Vader is her former Master Anakin. This is how the dialogue goes:
Ahsoka: Anakin...! I won't leave you! Not this time.
Vader just stares at her, looking genuinely moved by Ahsoka's compassion for him. For a few seconds, they just stare at each other. Then Vader's pupils dilate. "Then you will die." Ahsoka and Vader begin to fight again while her comrades make their escape. And then, the Temple explodes.
If my explanation wasn't thorough enough, please go watch Vader vs Ahsoka.
padme-sky chapter 130 . 4/23
best anidala fanfic ever 3
Misted Wish chapter 130 . 4/3

You never cease to amaze me! :P

I've been comparing this while reading it to 'The Protector' and I find it interesting how you had Bail Organa be a hero in that fanfiction, but made him into something of a villain in this one. Your fics, though mostly holding the same theme, are all completely different (which is great, because I never get tired of reading about Anakin/Vader and redemption (he is my favourite character as well!)

Do all of your fanfictions have a Padmé/Anakin love theme in them? If so... YAY!

I think I'm going to read Beloved Nemesis next. Good job as always!
The Hope Lions chapter 130 . 3/24
Wow! I did it! I finished! Okay... So plot wise it's a lot like your other one. I forget the name but the one with Vader getting the twins and then Padme as their school councilor. So the plots were very similar and yet they were different enough that I found i couldn't stop reading. love it. truly do. It was great.
The Hope Lions chapter 69 . 3/22
I just find the idea of being the ruler of the galaxy as a life long goal really funny.
The Hope Lions chapter 48 . 3/21
I like the grey clothes because he's in a very gray point of half sith but also loving and kind
ArmoredSoul chapter 130 . 2/12
Well, it took me a week, but I finally completed this novel.
And I am going to MISS it.
Between the discovery of the Twins, Padme surviving, Vader being a dad, the return of Anakin, the multiple layers of secrecy and intrigue on top of the Emperor's tyrannical rule...
Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.
This will forever be a favorite fic from now on, thank you so much for putting it up here for everyone to see and enjoy.
joeyf3271 chapter 33 . 1/28
I love the story thus far and especially this chapter! I noticed in other stories how Padme thought herself as a prisoner and resented Vader and the prison she had been forced in but this story isn't like that and I love it! I was surprised to see that Vader allowed them to go to Naboo but it happened to be perfect timing and I love how the twins and Padme are standing up for Vader and defending him. I love it!
Lord Sanguine chapter 130 . 1/13
At over 300k words this fix is nearly three times the size of a novel, which is quite impressive. While this is the first Star Wars fanfic I read, I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it. Good job.
Linna R chapter 130 . 1/10
I know it's been 8 years since you've written this story, so I don't know will you ever read this review. But I wanted to thank you for writing this amazing story! It was so pefectly well written, with all realistic details. I wish with all my heart that this was the real Star Wars movie, because I enjoyed id somuch more than the actual serial (and I love SW,so you could only imagine that).
So, thanks again for writing this perfect story and happy belated Christmas and New Year 2016!
SiriuslyPink chapter 20 . 1/8
Not Leia's fault? I kind of do blame her indirectly for Andrew's death.
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