Reviews for Walk the Shadows
Lucifire chapter 13 . 9/8
I have never, ever reviewed a fic before. You wield a skilful pen. In regards to the disclaimer (WTS ch. 13) JK is rich yes; and you are, in you're own words, not. But by gods you should be.

He promised.. No hurting..

But they all lie.
megacharizat chapter 39 . 7/28
uh oh, I hope he isn't going to kill dumbledoore
megacharizat chapter 37 . 7/28
uh oh, looks like the boy who lived is gonna become the toy who lived for death eaters
megacharizat chapter 30 . 7/28
you know, I would be really glad if Harry avadaed malfoy to the next week.
Serafina chapter 1 . 7/25
interesting start!
becgate chapter 44 . 7/20
Awesome! Couldn't stop reading!
erikabalaclava chapter 44 . 7/8
Poor Harry! For everything that had to happen. I love that Draco has gone to talk to him, definitely bad person is not.
Guest chapter 22 . 6/28
Harry is the most precious bby, he must be saved
Guest chapter 29 . 6/9
I thought you can't polyjuice half-breeds or werewolves? did Snape make a new polyjuice potion?
Sleeping Dragon2333 chapter 43 . 6/4
Can I just say something? Stuff it, I'm going to say it anyway. I love it, everything about this was just brilliant. Sorry for the lazy review, but man, I just spent two days reading this and it was so worth the time and you can guess, where I'm going next. Yeah to read, you're sequel.
Guest chapter 1 . 5/15
this is amazing!
httpkirby chapter 19 . 4/28
The irony of Snape being Harry's Head of House and your other story amuses me.
shera98 chapter 44 . 4/24
This story was amazing. I'm not sure if I even want to start reading the sequel though because I know it's not finished and this story had lots of cliff hangers. I do hope you plan to continue your stories. I've liked the ones I've read.
ChrisUSA chapter 44 . 2/2
Awesome! Totally awesome
Eagle Hawke chapter 37 . 1/29
Please kill Dumbledore. Please kill him.
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