Reviews for Whelp
MangaSockAttack chapter 27 . 4/13
Nice story!
FireflyOfTheShadowWolves chapter 6 . 3/23
love the story
Evangeline Whitlock chapter 23 . 3/9
insecure harry moments get me every time, I think I'm tearing up
Xander K chapter 27 . 3/2
(I realize this is an old, completed work but I still wanted to leave a review since I think that's the polite thing to do if you favorite someone's story)

I really enoyed your fic, you had a very suspenseful plot (which is hard to pull off since there are so many Snape-rescues-Harry-from-the-evil!abusive!Dudley-Fics) but I think you did a great job and gave the story your own twist. That's amazing because sadly many of these fics don't stick out enough and kind of blend together, especially if you're like me and used to read tons of Severitus stories xD

Well, what else to say? I simply adore your style of writing and I'm glad I found this fic again! And now I'm off to re-read 'Whelp II' :D
Maybe2Morrow chapter 8 . 2/20
Well that cleared up my problem with the master thing lol. I want to punch Dumbles in the face though.
Maybe2Morrow chapter 6 . 2/20
I noticed that Severus didn't reflect on Harry calling him "Master". I know this story was completed a while ago, but you'd think Snape would think on that. I'm liking this so far though!
ShadowThief126 chapter 27 . 1/23
This was really cute and we'll written. Good job and I look forward to more cute stories in the future.
greenwings33 chapter 27 . 1/16
I almost cried my eyes out during parts! This was amazing!
So good, I really like your detailed writing along with how you express their feeling properly!
(though I didn't like that Dumbledore was willing to send him backD:)
I look forward to the sequel!
nemesisswan chapter 8 . 1/14
Writing style perfect but you somehow can't can't catch this subtle way of writing without turning everything into OCness. I mean, there should be much, much more at some parts and there is no way some sentence could be spoken in such circumstances.
MadManWithATimeTravellingBox chapter 27 . 1/1
You are evil... absolutely evil. and amazing.
this story is beautiful and your existence is a blessing.
jan banan chapter 8 . 11/22/2013
this is soo good!
Peachesandmolybdenum chapter 9 . 10/17/2013
This is so hard for me to read! You're a marvelous writer, and I've found myself in tears over Harry's plight in the last few chapters. Really enjoying the story!
Niki Spade chapter 5 . 10/13/2013
Dirty Muggles! Avada Kadara is not good enough for the likes of them.
Niki Spade chapter 1 . 10/13/2013
Holy Shit. I'm used to angst but never have I read directly of harry eating from a trash can.
I didn't know my maternal instincts were so strong till I just felt like crying and killing just now.
Poor baby.
Ooooo chapter 12 . 10/13/2013
Snape is so cool here! THAT WAS JUST PRICELESS!
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