Reviews for Memento Mori
Marry chapter 1 . 9/30
Hello! Just want to say I love this fic and have read it a million times. Your characterization of L is spot on, something that is not easy to do. You have also made Kira, a character I really dislike, someone I can understand. Thank you for sharing this fic. I hope you keep writting fics with L.
adam chapter 18 . 8/1
Is this end?
bloodamber chapter 18 . 7/2
Fantastic story. You wrote Light and L so perfectly and the situation you set up between them is interesting and twisted and so fun to read. You didnt make any excuses for Lights behaviors which I am glad. He still believes what he did was right only that he is now too tainted to reveal in it and live up to the God like status he has given himself.

I was very sad to get to the end and realise this story was abandoned. But I hope you still check yourreviews because I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed reading this :) thanks for sharing!
Hope Is Nope chapter 18 . 6/28
Guest chapter 18 . 6/19
I love it
Tamha chapter 18 . 6/13
It's weird, the ending feels somewhat abrupt, except there's nothing really left to tie up outside of Stockholm Syndrome and eventual sex, and continuing on past this point could easily turn into a pointless slog, so the end feels dragged out instead of abrupt.

I enjoyed the fic, at any rate. Thank you for writing it.
Guest chapter 18 . 6/11
amazing :)
Dbzgirl1011 chapter 18 . 5/28
I am literally going to die if you don't continue this... This is the best LxLight fanfic I've ever read. They were both so painfully in-character the whole time, and it was just wonderful. I know it's been 11 years, but gosh. You really need to continue this!111
Dbzgirl1011 chapter 3 . 5/27
That fight scene was intense. Why is this so perfectly written? It's awesome. Their interactions are just like the anime, and it brings me back! :)
Dbzgirl1011 chapter 1 . 5/27
Boi... that was a REALLY good first chapter. L's reaction was so interesting and I love it. Also I feel really bad for light... hopefully L will save him :(
anon chapter 18 . 4/16
this was fucking amazing I laughed, I cried, everyone stayed in character the whole fic, and not a single thing felt out of place. this is true art
Lokifan13 chapter 18 . 4/5
Soooo good. End well and fine. L0ve it.
blackbloodywolf chapter 18 . 2/6
this was such an interesting story!
GodsLittleGeek chapter 18 . 1/30
Absolutely incredible. This was just perfect! You, and I don't know how, have managed to capture both of them so freaking perfectly its astounding. Just like watching the show. Wow. The way you made Light not immediately fall for L, like so many other fics I've read, was like a breath of fresh air. The build was intoxicating and hilarious. Oh I do honestly love this. But it sucks that it's finished I'll be stuck in boredom now.
Many, many thanks.
azizet chapter 18 . 1/21
This was phenomenal!
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