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Guest chapter 5 . 3/27
Such a diverse and satisfying tale! You have written with depth, humor, and compassion. Bravo! I loved every chapter. Thank you for sharing!
BeaMax chapter 5 . 11/17/2016
BRAVO Awesome story...WOW.. Thank you for writing this story
SadGuest chapter 1 . 10/14/2016
This precious soul passed away at some point. You know, this is a place of FANTASY and ESCAPE for a lot of us. We are not desperate, deranged or perverts. A lot of us are professional women, who are single or have families. Talent comes in all things, writing is art and Ms. Figg had it. She put all she had in her work to bring happiness to people. I think the man that portrayed Severus (the late Alan Rickman) probably would have told Ms. Figg that she put herself out here creatively and is that now how Mr. Rickman got his start? So, for people who want to put someone else down for giving of themselves, you need to reevaluate you. I have read several stories of hers and most of them are really, really good. She doesn't claim to be a famous author, she shared a part of herself with everyone and like me, she thought Severus was delicious and sexy. Thank you, Ms. Figg for helping me get thru some heartaches and tough times with an escape with my Severus...
Guest chapter 5 . 9/23/2016
Miss you. Always loved your stories. We lost an epic writer. God keep you.
Anna chapter 5 . 2/1/2015
Fantastic story! It gave me many laugh. I like that they started a family in the end. I have read so many of your stories.
Guest chapter 5 . 1/17/2015
Thank you for this wonderful story :)
alizeta chapter 5 . 1/8/2015
Thank you very much for this great story as beautyful as life itself.
alizeta chapter 4 . 1/8/2015
No thank YOU SO MUCH for writing so far
alizeta chapter 3 . 1/8/2015
Wonderful text, now I wonder will Hermione choose to stay with her old bad tempered lover, or will she finally marry this Percival Hornything ?
alizeta chapter 2 . 1/8/2015
Wonderful chapter with a lot of psychological issues, I love it, I really do, bless you author you talk about feelings, it sounds all like real life.
alizeta chapter 1 . 1/8/2015
This story sounds just like an actual novel, the parts talking about the loss of the unborn child alomost made me cry, you are a real writer Missfigg. I don't have the words to tell you all I felt about this first part I read.
Ms-Figg chapter 5 . 7/22/2014
They can't all be shining gems. But thank you so much for your viewpoints. I don't take any critique as a flame, simply because I started out as a poet in critique circles where they tell you your work is shit to your face, no apologies and you don't defend. I like to take different takes on Hermione, who is basically a Mary Sue to start with from the Harry Potter books, and I have no delusions of making her better than JKR did. I am not the least bit insulted and appreciate you taking the time to write such a long criticism. Keep in mind these stories are merely written for enjoyment and not for any other reason, and I'm no longer writing HG/SS fanfiction, except for little one shots and drabbles that aren't involved and have very little plot or character development. If it wasn't for the fans of the stories, I probably would have taken them down by now. But I do have to laugh a little, because Hermione IS bitchy. XD And bossy too. And she gets pissed off easily. And she comes across as the smartest character in the HP series. I actually ran her through the Mary Sue Litmus test as is, and she's a flaming Mary Sue, and Harry's a Mary Stew. But you know, perceptions are subjective, two people can look at a character and see completely different characterizations. I don't think she is mature, in fact, many full adults are not mature even after years of living on the planet, and that's reality. I could go on, because although I'm no longer writing, I still enjoy discussing fanfictions and perceptions and choices, but I have things to do. Again, thank you for taking out the time to share your perceptions and opinions. They have been duly noted. :)
narutonarutolove chapter 5 . 7/21/2014
This is probably one of the worst stories you've written. I'll tell you a few reasons why.

First, Severus is not to blame for the divorce, despite he was the one who indirectly suggested it. After so many years of abuse and fights, he snapped. Therefore, cannot be blamed for finally giving back to Hermione the pain the kept causing him.

Second, you wrote it with an easy way out, despite the fact that Hermione was "ill" and therefore cause of her behavior, Snape can hold a grudge for a VERY long time, Hermione made him a promise, she broke it. Snape would still harbor ill feelings about that, even if Hermione was overcome by grief or not.

Third, he forgave her too easily, like I said previously, she tore his heart apart despite swearing that she would not. Snape would NEVER forgive her so EASILY as you wrote, she BROKE he word. Sick or not, that is not something he would forget. When they lost their child, he was in pain too. Hermione, even realizing her mistakes, should not have been forgiven so easily by Severus. She still lied, and humiliated a prideful man. Snape doesn't forgive and forget. Hermione should have worked harder to earn his forgiveness, even after he learned why she did what she did, it still caused him damage, scars. It would take a VERY long time, maybe even a few years more now that he knows the reason, to even consider taking her back.

Fourth, I was APPALLED when Hermione seduced Severus into forgiving her. That was low, and DISGUSTING of her. She manipulated a man who she knew had not had sex in YEARS, into forgiving her for her own selfish reasons, instead of giving him the free will to decide for himself with his own head and heart, not with his cock. In this story, Hermione is the most selfish person ever, had she not learned her lesson about being selfish? Was not selfishness the reason their marriage broke? Yes, it was. Yet she CONTINUES to be so. That is not Slytherin, cunning and ambition is totally different that Hermione's actions, and I am already getting annoyed by your constant close-mindedness about house qualities. Stop using Slytherin and Gryffindor references as when he says that it is very Slytherin of her to manipulate him. THAT has NOTHING to do with one's centers actions.

Five, you have a habit, of leaving loose ends in stories, things happen, yet you don't explain WHY. You just throw it out there and expect us to accept it. For example, in your story A Looping of the Scales, Severus' animagus form is a magical creature, it has been made VERY clear, that you cannot be a magical creature, it has to be NON magical, ordinary creatures, like dogs, cats, even a freaking cricket! It CANNOT be a dragon, a MERMAID, of a hippogriff or anything! THAT's the canon line. HOWEVER! if you ARE going to make him into a magical creature you have to explain WHY. WHY was that possible for him? What made him so special, what actions did he take, WHAT DID HE DO! To be a magical creature. Do you understand? But you didn't explain why? you just chucked it out there with no explanation at ALL as to why. You have to be VERY careful not to do what. If you deviate from canon facts, you need to give and explanation. I'm very disappointed that you don't.


STOP MAKING HERMIONE A GODDESS! What is WRONG with you? Why do you keep doing that?! STOP writing Hermione so SMART! She's not that smart. STOP IT! Yes, she's a brilliant girl, but for God's sake! You write her as if she is the most intelligent person in the whole world! More intelligent that ALL her teachers combined with all the damn students! Please, PLEASE tell me why you write her like that? Hermione is the most brilliant witch of her GENERATION! Pay attention to what is said! Generation! not the WHOLE FREAKING WORLD! Therefore she is NOT smarter than McGonagall, or Snape, or Dumbledore! As you imply! She is NOT smarter that Flitwick or Sprout or anyone!

And what's WORSE! You make her smarter than all AT THE SAME TIME! It will be okay, fine, if she was gifted with one, maybe two subjects, but ALL OF THEM?! COME ON!

This review has been a long time coming, so I know i'm coming off strong, but no one points these things out to you! And how else does and writer learns if not by the reviews of her readers? Hmm?

Please believe me when I say that there are aspects of some things that you write that I like, I really liked how you wrote Ron, for example in Looping of the Scales (I take out examples from that story, because it is the most recent besides YPiWbF that I have read.). You wrote Ron much more mature than in most fics, they write him off as a sort sighed baboons ass. But that Ron, was not liked that, and I really appreciated how you wrote him. I was very happy with that, so congratulations with that. )

I also really love HOW you write, I really love how you can place a sentence of a thought in a situation with out seeming random. Like when In LotS, Severus tells Hermione he told Harry they might go to the RoR and you smoothly intercepted with the thought of Harry might get a surprise going in there. I LOVE how you do that, I have never read a story that has that interception done so smoothly. You do a very good job with that, and I hope I can write interceptions as well as you do in my own stories. (Naruto stories, being re written).

And please don't take this review as a flame, take it as a very honest, long time coming constructive criticism, which I hope you take to heart, and improve your writing, Hermione more specifically. She's murder, and NOT in a good way. Yes she is smart, but stop making her smarter than people who have more experience and clearly more knowledge than her, that's like saying a hormonal teenager is wiser than Solomon or something. Do you get what im saying? There is nothing wrong with you making Hermione smart, what IS wrong, is you writing her like a goddess of knowledge, she isn't. Just because you take away physical attractiveness doesn't mean you take away the potentials of being Mary Sue. Your Hermione's are the most Mary sue Hermione's I have ever read. And considering how much I've read, that's an insult.

Im being honest. Please learn and accept what im telling you.

I tried leaving this this review in BP, where I read the story, but 404 error came out and did not allow me. So I came here.

Sincerely hoping you will learn. (And stop making Hermione so bitchy, for someone you describe as being mature, she is probably the lest mature in the stories)

Guest chapter 5 . 7/4/2014
Loved it
MoonShadowAMR chapter 1 . 3/15/2014
I love this story. it's the third time I read it and I still teared up...
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