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bhoney chapter 29 . 2/11/2009
Despite the seriousness of the situation, this made me laugh: "Okay, so maybe standing on a wheelchair was a really, really bad idea. He needed to file that one away for future reference. That panel that Sam had been so worried about hung open now, dangling from one of those stupid screws. Yeah, that was a great safety feature. He needed to write a letter. To somebody." *snort*

I LOVED this: “Never left,” he said between grunts, “did you?”

“Nope.” He felt Bobby press harder against the crowbar. “Sat…in…truck.”

“Why?” Dean grunted, feeling the doors begin to give way.

A rough chuckle rumbled through Bobby’s grunts. He paused, looking over at Dean. “The gremlin. Did you really think I’d leave you two alone here with a gremlin after Sam?”

Dean really had to stop underestimating Bobby.

Love that Bobby stayed, even though Dean tossed him out, and he could have gotten justifiably angry and stomped off. And Dean just doesn't seem to get that Bobby LOVES them.

Also really liked this: “Dean. Shut up.” Bobby gave him a shove toward the stairwell. “And next time I start in on Sam when he’s in the hospital, I expect you to knock me on my ass.” Aw...Bobby's awesome.
bhoney chapter 28 . 2/11/2009
LOVED this: "Back at Bobby’s house, that very same tone was the one that sent Sam right over the edge. Now he found it familiar and comforting, because the truth of it was that Dean was the one who always looked out for him. Dad was almost never home when they were kids, but Dean was always there. He knew that Dean would continue to always be there when he needed his big brother." YES! LOVE references to Dean basically raising Sam when they were kids.

And though I love Bobby, I was kinda glad Dean stuck up for Sam and had him leave. Poor kid felt bad enough as it was. I am wondering though about Dean's "It's not important." Are things okay between them or not? I was kinda wishing Bobby hadn't been there, so they could have a real talk about things.

And now Sam's in trouble again. That boy is a magnet for it!
bhoney chapter 27 . 2/11/2009
SO glad Sam's getting his memories back. I've been hoping he would.

This made me laugh. Only Dean: "Since it was not a question, Dean figured he didn’t have to answer." Loved that he threatened Doc Wayne with all his personal info (mother's maiden name, birthplace, etc.) if he didn't stop fussing over him. LOL

This made me giggle too: "Wide, wet eyes turned on Dean and he felt himself cave. If Sam asked him for the Impala right now…well, this was no time to get absurd." But so sweet that he caves at the sad Sammy eyes.

And I love that Dean keeps tabs on that stupid woman doctor and sends her flowers cuz she's allergic to them. LOL
bhoney chapter 26 . 2/11/2009
So this left me really curious as to why Dean wouldn't want to talk about it. Is there a story here?: “So your daddy actually took you sightseeing? I didn’t think he went in for that kind of thing.” “Not usually,” the familiar voice replied hesitantly. He recognized that tone. It meant this was a topic Dean did not want to discuss. He wondered if Bobby would be able to drag it out of his stubborn brother.

Loved this: "He wanted to curl up inside those tones, let them just wash over and protect him."

And this was kinda cute, that Dean glaring reminded Sam of Batman. LOL It was kinda evil of you to stop the chapter there, though: "Dean sat glaring hotly at Bobby. That expression reminded Sam of something. He looked around, but it wasn’t here. 'Dean? Did you remember Batman?'
bhoney chapter 25 . 2/8/2009
Always love seeing the dynamic between the boys and Bobby. And of course Dean would insist on being the one to get his brother out. Very scary for him to be stuck under that huge stack of cars.

Is there any chance you might consider writing another story in this series? I really like it, the dynamic between the brothers, the interaction with Bobby, the OCs you've created for this-Mike, especially. Please? *insert Sam's puppy eyes*
bhoney chapter 24 . 2/8/2009
Okay, I have a confession to make: I stayed up pretty much all night the other night finishing up this fic. But I was so caught up in finding out what was going on, that I couldn't stop to review as I went. Really, I blame you for writing such a suspenseful and compelling story. ;) But I'm going to try and be good and go back and review the chapters I missed. :)

This made me really sad for Dean: "Sam had the exact same expectations as Dad. Dean did not even have to make any observations or comments, because Sam was perfectly happy to do all the research and draw all the conclusions and put Dean right in the line of fire to get it. Just like Dad."

I liked this: "Sam clenched his jaw. No, Dean was not as good as Dad was. Dean just might be better. Sam hated how little confidence Dean had in himself, his abilities. Unfortunately, Sam could not blame all of that on Dad, as much as he would like to. Lately he had taken over in that department, which he knew was completely unjustified. Dean never got anyone killed because he jumped the gun, like what allegedly happened between Dad and Jo’s father. Sam still wondered about that one. The fault could lie with Jo’s father, too. The only person who could really say was Dad, and he was gone." I like that Sam realizes how good Dean is, and that how he's been acting has been unwarranted. Hope he follows through on his determination to change things.

I, too, kinda thought we'd find out more about what really went down on that last hunt John and Bill went on. I always thought there was more to the story than what we heard.
StoryTagger chapter 32 . 2/8/2009
That was a great sequel. Looking forward to another sequel...that would be awesome...I do feel sorry for Sam though...after all those blows to the head he must have lost about ten points off his I.Q. I am highly looking forward to more of this universe...
bhoney chapter 23 . 2/2/2009
I was glad it finally came out that Dean manipulated things to get them to Bobby's, but I was baffled by Sam's response. He's been hoping for this, wanting Dean to act like the big brother, but when he does, Sam gets mad. I think that kid doesn't know WHAT he wants.

This was an interesting observation, and quite a paradox: "When it came to Dean, he could be both patient and impatient. He could plan for weeks, devising ways to get Dean to willingly go along with whatever he wanted. He could also just snap, scream at Dean out on some empty road and take off on foot when Dean refused to do things his way."

Loved this description of Dean: "That expression had Armageddon, doomsday, war, and death all rolled into one. Anyone who stood up to it had to be either insane or stupid."

And this: "Full green, Sam knew from considerable experience, never meant anything good."

I loved your detailed description of the bullet-making process. You really sound like you know what you're talking about there, very cool!

And Dean! Running off to face the gremlin alone? That's not good!
bhoney chapter 22 . 1/30/2009
This was kinda sad: "Sometimes Dean had to throw something embarrassing from their childhood in Sam’s face, just to reassure himself that the guy in the car with him was really his brother."

And we got a little more insight into how Dean's feeling from the fight they staged. Glad Sam was paying attention. Loved that Dean and Bobby are in tune with each other enough to know what their hand gestures and symbols meant. LOVED Dean's reaction to the domino effect of cars falling. SO Dean! LOL
bhoney chapter 21 . 1/30/2009
"'Good luck with that,' Bobby called out behind him. Sam scowled as he ignored the comment. Sometimes Bobby acted like he knew Dean as well as Dad did, and it was starting to annoy Sam." Aww, Sammy's feeling a little territorial. LOL

LOVED the holy water bullets. I may have to borrow that sometime, if you don't mind. I've been trying to figure out a way to make those work. Brilliant!
bhoney chapter 20 . 1/29/2009
Crap. I hit the wrong button and didn't get to finish my last review. I liked the quote I quoted there. It was kinda sad. But funny. Also, this: "He took his brother for granted. He took his brother hunting for granted, too." Glad Sam realizes that. Although I do think Dean is more than capable of doing his own research, he's pretty good at figuring stuff out, and we've seen him do some good research on the show. But admittedly, it's not his bliss. ;) Loved the image of Bobby fresh from the shower, ballcap and all. LOL

Hmm...the argument in the kitchen was definitely about more than it seemed. Will have to come out soon. And I KNOW that gremlin did not just sign it's death warrant by going after the IMPALA!

Okay, this chapter:

Can't believe the gremlin went after the Impala. That's just evil. Glad they saved her. I could totally see Dean wanting to sleep outside to protect her. Kinda surprised he didn't put a ring of salt or some kind of protection around her.

This made me a little sad for Dean, that he felt like he was being punished. Bobby seemed very parental in this moment: "Bobby leaned his shotgun against the wall. 'It’s not punishment, Dean. Sam and I just wanted you to take it easy, like George said.'" Sam's utter cluelessness about this just re-inforced how out-of-sync they are.

This was so sad, but cool to know that the Sammy voice exists at all: "He recognized that voice, it was the voice of Sammy, the one who kept urging him to always do what Dean said, to follow his brother’s lead. He ignored that voice a lot, especially when he took off on Dean in the middle of the night right after learning what Dad made Dean promise. The Sammy voice had been particularly loud that time, screaming when he stole that car, reminding him that he promised to give Dean some time." Yeah, he really didn't think over how his desertion was going to affect Dean. Hope you address that in this story.

So do they do anything for broken ribs? Or is it the same as with cracked ribs, just send you home with pain meds?
bhoney chapter 19 . 1/29/2009
Whether it was good or bad, Sam always got all of Dad’s attention when they were kids. It was kind of nice to be the center of it all now. And he got pie.
bhoney chapter 18 . 1/29/2009
LOVED Sam's admission about the Batman doll. Of course, we all knew that's why he was carrying it, but it's sweet that he's admitted it too. And he did acknowledge that Dean should've ignored his urging to break down the door. Not like Dean ever would've done that.

This made me giggle: “He knocked down a door!” the deputy became indignant. “Nobody thought to call me to do it?” I love that Mike is so affronted at the idea, and that he's protective of his friends and really wants to help them. I like him a lot.

And Brad gets ever more interesting. I'd love to know his backstory, what he asked Bobby for help with that was so traumatic that he still sleeps in a ring of fresh salt.
bhoney chapter 17 . 1/29/2009
LOVED the little non-verbal communication and the explanation of what they were thinking during it: "Sam rolled his eyes, he knew it wasn’t Dean’s fault exactly, but he was certain he was doing it because he was worried about Dean. So, technically, that made it Dean’s fault. Sam threw a glare back, which made Dean chuckle and shake his head. His brother was freaking impossible."

And I'm loving Mike's reaction to the news: “Well, lots of things aren’t exactly normal, Sam. You and Dean don’t corner the market on that.” Then an odd smile crossed Mike’s face. “But hanging with you two makes it a little more fun.”

Whew, Bobby's really off his game. Dean noticed the cold flame he'd missed in the black opal, too.

And I couldn't help but crack up at the image of the boys covered in flour. Reminded me of Dean covered in mud in the Pilot. LOL
bhoney chapter 16 . 1/29/2009
This was SUCH a Dean thing to think: "There were more important things to worry about than him."

And I loved this little bit of insight from Bobby: "If Reid and Mike were still partners in ten years, they might approach the level of wordless conversation of the brothers. Or not."

I couldn't believe Sam seemed so clueless about the fact that OF COURSE knocking down a door worsened Dean's injuries. He's really not thinking straight with that head injury. Just like Dean to soldier on and do it anyway though, with Sam freaking out like that. One of the ribs having moved out of place can't be a good thing.
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