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bhoney chapter 16 . 1/29/2009
This was SUCH a Dean thing to think: "There were more important things to worry about than him."

And I loved this little bit of insight from Bobby: "If Reid and Mike were still partners in ten years, they might approach the level of wordless conversation of the brothers. Or not."

I couldn't believe Sam seemed so clueless about the fact that OF COURSE knocking down a door worsened Dean's injuries. He's really not thinking straight with that head injury. Just like Dean to soldier on and do it anyway though, with Sam freaking out like that. One of the ribs having moved out of place can't be a good thing.
bhoney chapter 15 . 1/29/2009
Hmm, Bobby gave Dean a weird look when he mentioned that the opal looked like it had a flame inside. I'm surprised Bobby didn't notice that himself. Or is it something not everyone could see? I felt really bad for Dean that him choosing that stone allowed the creature to burst out, especially since Sam kept making comments about it. He just seemed to deflate, and it was really sad. I've never heard of a black opal before, sounds cool.

And I thought this was a very interesting response on Mike's part: “A fire opal?” Mike asked. “Aren’t there stories about fire opals?” He seems to alreay be familiar with some myth and folklore, and seems to be taking things in stride, for now. He handled the talk with Reid a lot better than I expected too.

But Sam stuck in a sauna? SO not good!
bhoney chapter 14 . 1/28/2009
I think it was those rocks. Probably not a good idea to just grab random rocks from a cabinet of supernatural items.

This made me giggle: “So much for doctor-patient confidentiality,” Dean grumbled, pushing his gun into his back waistband.

And I thought this from Sam: "Scalp wounds always looked far worse than they were. Sam never worried unless Dean actually hit the ground or passed out." was an interesting contrast to Dean's earlier perspective: "Head wounds always bled a lot, but that never eased his mind when the bleeder was his brother." Nice portrayal of their very different perspectives, Sam tending to think his brother's invincible unless he's forcibly reminded otherwise, and Dean constantly worrying about Sam.
bhoney chapter 13 . 1/28/2009
Great description: "Reid’s door opened and he jumped out, moving easily for a man with more salt than pepper in his hair."

This made me giggle: "Mike wondered if George ever worked in the ER, he did not seem to take pressure situations very well." *snort*

I'm really liking Reid a lot. And I thought there was something about George's aunt and uncle when we met them last time, wondered if they knew what Bobby really does. Glad to find out I was right about them.
bhoney chapter 12 . 1/26/2009
This made me giggle: "Either way, John Winchester would be haunting his ass."

This too: "That plus the fact Sam stumbled, hanging on desperately to Bobby’s arm with one hand and that damned Batman with the other, was pretty much the equivalent of a the word escape in bright red flashing lights." LOL

So did this: "Ah, well, everyone had a cross to bear. His was, specifically, the Winchesters." *snort*

Loved the idea of Dean and Mike doing stuff like this: “he and Dean trade driving techniques.” One side of Sam’s mouth curled up in an attempt to grin. “They had a donut competition last time we were here.”

This made me giggle too: "Bobby dropped that line of questions instantly; he did not want to get Mike in trouble, Dean would not stand for that. He was already living on borrowed time since he helped Sam leave the hospital. Getting Mike in trouble just might be the icing on the cake. Or, more accurately, the last nail in his coffin." True! LOL

And poor George, he's not reacting well AT ALL. And poor Dean, it looks like he may lose one of his few non-hunting friends. Hopefully Mike will react better to the "truth is out there" speech he'll be getting at some point.
bhoney chapter 11 . 1/26/2009
This made me giggle: "He wondered briefly if he was dying, but quickly dismissed the thought. Dying would have to feel better than this."

And this was spot on: “Why would it be your fault, Dean?” For the same reason the Earth circles the sun? Because anything that happens to me is your fault – period, Sam figured.

Love that Sam's still getting comfort from Batman. So sweet. Kinda odd, but sweet. :)
bhoney chapter 10 . 1/26/2009
This made me giggle: "The kid had to eat three hotdogs at dinner, didn’t he?" So did this: "Now both washcloths were dripping wet and the bowl looked like an hors d’oeuvres at a vampire party." *snort*

Ah, so imps are invisible? Well then, the flour makes perfect sense! Good thinking, Dean! Loved the idea of Dean giving Mike tips on high speed car manuevers. :) So glad they got Sam out of there and to the hospital. Hope they can keep the gremlin away from him there.

So now George knows that Dean fights supernatural stuff. Trust he'll figure out Dean's really not crazy eventually, it would be too bad for Dean to lose his friendship.
bhoney chapter 9 . 1/24/2009
Ooh, not good if whatever-it-is can mess with the weapons. And the gremlin went after Bobby? Definitely didn't see THAT coming. I figured it'd stay near Sam.

Flour, eh? Wonder what that's all about. Why not use salt, or does salt not work on imps? Also, how did the imp get past the protections Bobby has up in the first place, if the gremlin can't? I know it was trapped in the jar when he brought it in, but does that matter? Hm, will have to give this some thought.

Stinkin' imp, making the phone cut out just when Bobby was giving them vital info on how to get rid of it!

Loved this: "Who knew getting a few bruises could make you so hungry? Well, in retrospect, it certainly explained Dean’s normally ravenous appetite. Sam made a mental note to add that to his list of ‘things that may mean Dean is hurt.’" Love that Sam has a list. :)

This really gave some insight into Dean's character, and was so sad: "'Unless they only make friends with other imps, and they don’t seem to hang out together, all their friends die. That’s a lonely life, dude.' The images of the few people Dean had befriended, either dead or left behind in a town somewhere, flashed through Sam’s mind. 'Oh.'" Poor Dean.

Love that we're seeing the fingerpaintings again, and that the Batman doll still somehow has the ability to make Sam feel just a little better. Best of all, I LOVE that it's eyes had been painted over in green. Aww...

This made me giggle. Apparently Sammy-logic transcends age. LOL "Let’s see, Batman is the only superhero who has no superpowers, unless you count more money than god. So was it something along the lines of Batman reminding me of you and Dad?"
bhoney chapter 8 . 1/24/2009
This sounded so much like Bobby, it made me giggle: "Things were so much easier back in the days where you actually had to be someplace in order to receive a call. None of this running off the road crap." LOL

Very clever of Sam to figure out a way to convince his brother not to drink the beer. Great use of reverse psychology. And even though Dean knew what he was doing, he was helpless to resist. LOL
bhoney chapter 7 . 1/24/2009
This made me a little sad: "'This time, huh?' Dean cleared his throat, remembering how Sam refused to listen to him about the zombie." Hope they deal with the issue of Sam trusting Dean, or not seeming to. Dean's instincts, especially about hunts, are usually good. And it has to bother him to think his brother doesn't trust them.

Glad Sam's finally realizing some of what's behind Dean's uncharacteristic behavior, and trying to rectify the situation. "That stoic silent endurance Dean always had with Dad finally made its way into their relationship, too." Nice insight. Glad Sam's making a conscious effort to get Big Brother back.

This was a wonderful metaphor: "If he concentrated on just the wall and not the blades, he could see it as though there were no obstructions. That was Dean, hiding behind protective flash and constant movement."

This was another great realization for Sam to have: "Dean could no more help obeying their father’s last request than breathe, and even then Dean had been unable to keep it to himself forever. He should be glad his brother got over that blind loyalty and told him, even if it did take a few months."

Nice that Sam's getting some perspective.

Liked this: “I hate my life.” “Dean!” Sam shouted, his heart seizing in his chest. ‘Don’t say that, whatever you do, don’t say that.’

And loved Sam's determination: "Nothing else was hurting his brother, not today."

That gremlin was just creepy!
bhoney chapter 6 . 1/24/2009
Wow, is that really true, that they don't wrap or tape cracked ribs anymore?

More suspicious incidents, eh? Stinkin' jar. Hope Bobby's not mad about the books.

Liked the reminiscing about the incidents from their childhood. The underwear one sounds funny. LOL It is too bad Sam doesn't remember it.

Liked this though: "His family might be screwed up, but they were still family and loved each other." Yep, that sums them up pretty well.
bhoney chapter 5 . 1/24/2009
The railing thing is definitely a sign that Sam's luck is not good. It's got to be tied to the Supernatural. Glad it prompted Dean to display some big bro tendencies though, and that Sam let him do so.

Poor Dean-you almost have to feel sorry for him, everyone threatening him and badgering him to get his injuries taken care of. He's not used to being on the other end of so many concerned people. LOL

Nice tie-in with the last story, that Dean knows everyone at the hospital. Still hoping Sam recovers some of that lost time. Also, gotta wonder-what has Bobby found to entertain himself with since he's stuck being away from home for a few days?

I LOVED this: “I just hate other people calling me that.” Because the implication there is that he doesn't mind when Dean does it, but only Dean. I know he kinda made this point to Gordon, but it's something I love, so it made me happy to have it re-iterated. :)
bhoney chapter 4 . 1/24/2009
The toothbrush thing seems almost like the kinda thing the trickster was doing to them, but I guess that hadn't happened yet at the point in season 2 when this takes place. Still, it has to be something supernatural. Stinkin' jar.

Ah, Sam's finally getting it. "So – between calling Dean a monster and taking off, maybe Dean got the idea if Sam was not in charge that he would leave?" Yep, that's got my vote.

And I was always a little miffed that the boys never found out on the show that Dean would've been RIGHT to kill that kid in Croatoan. He was a demon, and by not killing him, they let him report back to YED and the Marine guy got killed. I always wished that had come out, and that they'd addressed the "monster" comment. Hope you'll at least take care of the "monster" thing here.
bhoney chapter 3 . 1/23/2009
"Well, what did you know? Dean-logic did work on Sam sometimes." *snort* Glad Sam joined him in the beer bottle cap tossing. LOL

And I'm sure this reassurance was something Dean needed to hear, after the way Sam took off in Hunted: "I’m not going after anything by myself, or without you.”

"No, lately Sam made all the decisions and found all the hunts and called all the shots. If he had to be honest with himself, it was downright draining. He really hoped after that incident at the haunted hotel that Dean would step back into the big brother role. Not yet." I can kinda see why Dean would hesitate-the last decision he made (to take a break, lay low, and figure things out) had Sam taking off on him in the middle of the night, without a word. Again. Would make one hesitate to take the role back, I'm thinking.

That pot breaking has got to be trouble.

Hope Sam does eventually find out that Dean called Bobby to get him to convince Sam to take a break.
bhoney chapter 2 . 1/23/2009
"Bobby tried not to frown. Not only were those boys exhausted, they were completely out of sync with each other. Never thought he’d see that day." Well, Bobby, stick around for Season 4, you'll see lots of it. *sigh* Really hoping they can sync back up here, at least.

This was very telling: "'Sometimes I forget, you know?' Wide, hazel eyes turned to him. 'Forget what, Sam?' Bobby took another swig of beer. 'Dean’s not indestructible either.'"

LOVED this: “Dean, did I ever mention to you that I’ve redone my priority list?” Dean’s stomach plummeted. Bobby wouldn’t dare. “Guess what number one is now?” I loved the whole conversation about this, with Bobby threatening Dean with the corner, and Dean caving. LOL I LOVE Bobby and his priority list. *bg*

Ah, Bobby with the holy water in the beer. *snorts* Thinks he's so sneaky. Glad he ratted Dean out to Sam about the ribs. Hee hee.
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