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Jennygeee chapter 1 . 7/20/2007
That was so good SNG! I so agree that there were so many issues left unanswered, but as I’ve said before there is only so much that can be crammed into one episode and that is why we are so lucky to have people like you who can give us what we need…..lots more angst! Thanks.
Brenny chapter 2 . 7/20/2007
i'm speechless, sweetie

the second chapter was way better than the first!

*g* sorry i couldn't stop myself from reviewing again, think messed some things up.

cya tonight
SingleMinded chapter 2 . 7/20/2007
okay why there are two chapters with same chapters? you might want to take a look.
Mich chapter 1 . 7/20/2007
Good story-why are chapters one and two the same chapter?
Brigid Tanner chapter 2 . 7/20/2007
That was so good! You captured the boys beautifully. This last part sums up their relationship perfectly:

This was what made things alright in his world.

Arguments with no malice in them about whether the Impala had an actual personality.

Disagreements over the choice of music while driving.

Battles about Dean's health and his frustratingly cavalier attitude to it.

And knowing exactly what his brother was going to say before he even said it.

This was what made Sam's family, what made their family, and it was something Ellicot had never even come close to understanding.

Listening to Dean hum as he gathered his stuff together, Sam knew he felt exactly the same.

And that was what mattered. They'd get past all this, just like they always did, because when it came down to it there was nothing this world could throw at them that would tear them apart.

Childhood memories.

Words unspoken but understood regardless.

And simple gestures that said 'I love you' better than words ever could.

They were what counted. Everything else they could overcome – together. Just like they always had.
SingleMinded chapter 1 . 7/20/2007
I love it! I love it! I love it!

You just gave me a lump on throat reading this.

Nice job. chapter 1 . 7/19/2007
Wow hon, that was an amazing tag, totally believable, could so imagine it actually happening after Asylum! Again Eric Kripke take note of this genius! Thanks for thanking me, but you don't need me to do your PR, your awesome writing speaks for you, always has, always will!

Now back to the tag! You got the boys emotions spot on, Sam's guilt and hurt for what he did and said to his brother, even though he was not really in control when he said it, and the hurt that Dean felt when Sam said what he said and pulled that trigger, more than once! Both were hurting and because of the situation there was an awkwardness between them and neither of them knew what to say to make it better! Trust Sam though to think of cleaning the impala, the best way to Dean's heart is through his 'baby', and the love and effort Sam put into it spoke volumes! And Dean's panic that Sam had left him when he walked back into the bedroom was quelled when he saw his brother in the car park!

Loved the way Sam broke the ice between them with the little flashback to when they were children and he had said he had hated Dean in the heat of the moment when he couldn't get his own way, going to Sarah's birthday party! Thanks for that *blushes*, really sweet! And the fact that Sam was distraught about what he had said and the only person that could calm him and make him feel better was Dean! But Dean getting Sam to remember what he actually said to him about nothing Sam could ever do or say would make him hate him, was truly inspired writing, just so accurate!

So typical of Dean too to say he'd rather be shot again than Sam give him the chick flick of a lifetime by telling him how he really felt! Could see why Sam couldn't see the funny side though! And the part about Sam being emo, like the lame music videos, and Dean wriggling out of how he knew about them by saying how the TV got stuck on the music channel!

As they got back on track their banter just flowed so easily and effortlessly again and so laughed at Dean's reaction to Sam calling the impala 'she'!

As usual you did the perfect tag to a SN epi, you get inside their heads and write their emotions so well it plays out in your head as you read! Really wished this had been the actual ending to 'Asylum'

Amazing writing, loved every word, perfect!
Brenny chapter 1 . 7/19/2007
hey hon *waves* this isn't the fic we talked bout yesterday right? cause 1: you said it would be finished and posted by the end of the week and 2: This one is way to good for the big fuss you made. you remember, the ladder and the rope? in case this is the story: :P i read it and i really really like it!amazing how you always manage to stay so in character. great job!

so cya later

*hugs* Brennan

P.S. you mentioned me *g* it's your fault i'm blushing and grinning like an idiot now/again
anon chapter 1 . 7/18/2007
You know, it was great stories like this that helped me see the Sam that Sam could be, even when I wasn't yet seeing him on screen. I needed that cause liking canon Sam has been a challenge. Cause episodes like this and BUABS would happen and there wouldn't be that coda where Sam showed he actually really gave a damn about what happened to Dean like he should. On the show he didn't answer the voice mails so no he wasn't ready to come running if Dean needed him. And he never did or said any of the things he does in these stories until the first half of this last season when he almost lost him again to show how much his brother meant to him. Only in the last 5 minutes of the season finale this year did I finally hear and see the Sam I'd been waiting for. The one that realized, too late, that by always assuming his brother was alright and knew how much he loved him, he'd fucked up and left his brother with self-esteem so damaged he felt worthless. Now, Sam, its time to man up and be the brother Dean deserves. Thanks to stories like these I was able to hang on long enough and keep an open enough mind to embrace Sam now too. (Though I'd still trample him in the dust to get my hands on Dean!)
heather03nmg chapter 1 . 7/18/2007
Aww I loved this story, honestly I don't think you can write a bad story!

I loved Asylum and I'm always happy to read tags to it since Kripke left us hanging, we needed to see the pain, the angst, the hurt, and the closure. Thankfully, we have amazing writers such as yourself to give us everything that Kripke holds back on.

The flashback was incredible and I loved how that memory brought Dean back to the reminder of Sam's pain and guilt was enough for Dean to see how much his brother must be hurting.

This is my favorite scene,

“You said there was nothing I could ever say or do that would make you hate me.”

Dean smiled, that rare soft smile he reserved for moments like this with his brother.

“That still stands, Sam.” he said and this time Sam really didn't trust his voice at all so he just nodded, marvelling at what he'd done to deserve a brother like Dean.

Brotherly love is so fluffy and sweet and this scene was just beautiful. My heart is happy and I have tears in my eyes because I am a sucker for chick flick moments.

Loved every word! You rock!

Double batch of cookies for you!
AllieMcD chapter 1 . 7/18/2007
that was very very good, i always thought this epi needed something like this at the end!
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