Reviews for Black Flames Dance In The Wind: Rise of Naruto
shivamjaiswal0102 chapter 51 . 9/7
Wtf lol took you 1 decade to reach chunin exams . By the time you reach the kage summit arc you current batch of reader would be in there last leg
REDD1997 chapter 51 . 9/6
DAMN you really know how suprise people it seems like naruto can never get a break, everytiime he does something this seem to go horribly wrong for one reason or another. It seems as if there is no silver lining most of the time and when there is it makes you feel hollow in the end. My point is that the this story seems great with a lot of twists and turns but inevitable there is no such thing is a plan that goes perfectly, and even when it does there is always a price to pay. Can't wait for the next update I'd love to see what is going to happpen now that Kiba is dead.
Guest chapter 18 . 9/3
Damn, so many clues and detail to this story hardly any issues with reading this masterpiece. Every time I read I have to set a timer so that I don't take to long on my breaks from work because I get sucks in like crazy. Defiantly be stalking your stories lol ,have a nice life.
jesseternal chapter 51 . 9/3
No no no no! You can't do that to kiba! Why!? Please update soon! I need to know what happens next!
hitmarkerzzzzzz chapter 25 . 9/1
In chapter 25 fight how come Naruto seemed hella week? just me?
hitmarkerzzzzzz chapter 1 . 8/30
Who gave him mask
GGHHJJ chapter 21 . 8/29
I'm a chronic masterbater and id like to praise you and your keyboard. If possible may you send a picture of both objects so I can place them upon my shrine. I came a total of 800 times, 23 more than my past record of 777. P.S. I'm a shemale.
Stagking2012 chapter 34 . 8/24
Fuck shizaru
Stagking2012 chapter 21 . 8/24
You are right that is creepy if people say that. But hey that was the best lemon I ever read
Plasma Dragon 312 chapter 17 . 8/23
Please don't rape any of Narutos precious people it'll feel really bad. Not in the "that's not fair!" Way but in that it would be a cliche sort of for the main characters lover(s) got raped.
Plasma Dragon 312 chapter 15 . 8/22
Seriously the hokage SAN idiot. Also what's up with his mom? She should know more than anyone that he isn't the Kyuubi since she was the container previously. But it's your story soillgladlyaccept it
Plasma Dragon 312 chapter 10 . 8/22
Please don't make Orchimura to strong compared to Naruto otherwise there's little point in even making Naruto any stronger other than that he's not as strong as you make him out to be. Also Naruto had a lot of trouble but still won against a demon that killed thousands if he gets defeated by ONE fully human person then I will probably scream.
Plasma Dragon 312 chapter 4 . 8/22
I like it when characters are oc.
MODdenial chapter 24 . 8/20
Well... I didn't expect/want Kushina to appear in this story for another ten chapters. The storm approaches...
Guest chapter 51 . 8/17
I'm really bummed that kiba died the way he did even tho your explanation about nothing is as it seems makes sense I still hope he can survive in some way
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