Reviews for Black Flames Dance In The Wind: Rise of Naruto
Guest chapter 1 . 4/25
Actually shadow clones are more durable than many think it's just that every time naruto fights with them the enemy is either incredibly strong or uses internal attacks ; neji and nagato are two examples of this making them easier to take down hell they can even bleed but it can only really be seen in the manga not the anime.
chetan098nain chapter 2 . 4/25
something new that i can't predict, i never see stuff coming. its awesome.
Sashou Shounen chapter 13 . 4/18
Ah yes, Icha Icha Paradise: Sashou Shounen. Something which would later become Boku no pico. Looks like we've got an origin story on our hand.
Guest chapter 30 . 4/5
I get the feeling Tira is like tiny Tina from boarderlans
bigfan22 chapter 48 . 4/1
Awesome story. Def love the crazy you have mixed in what the action. I have really enjoyed the "demonic" Naruto you created in this fic. I am curious if Kushina and company will be making another appearance soon. It seems that Hiruzen still hasn't told her the full truth about that day. I'm curious if it will make a difference in how she deals with Naruto. Great job so far, and I hope we get another update soon.
Ettore chapter 48 . 3/24
Jesus. Who the hell came up with that horseman? I almost want to say Naruto himself for how much trouble it gave everyone. Don't think so, but how did it block the Darkness element?
Ettore chapter 47 . 3/23
This chapter has to be the most intense and well written thing I have ever read. Period. I am an avid reader, fanfiction and otherwise, and I cannot compare anything to what I just read. The way it was written, it literally affected my emotions through the entire chapter. You could have written the Kurama arc alone as a separate fanfic and I would have said it was your best work.

Call me a pussy for going on an emotional rollercoaster while sitting on my bed, but that's just how good this was.

If you can get a novel published, do it. Your stuff is bestseller-worthy. I would read it. Hell, I would BUY it. Even though I could get it for free on some torrent site if it was published, I would buy it.

Sorry for the long review, I just felt it needed to be said.
kingrobert84 chapter 48 . 3/23
doin awesome man whens update?
kingrobert84 chapter 33 . 3/21
ryu hayabisa ninja gaiden
Umi no Suiro chapter 30 . 3/19
lol the date of chunin exams in this story is my B-day
Ettore chapter 37 . 3/18
Just a guess, and probably wrong, but whatever. I know of only one creature that makes metal grinding noises between steps, and that is the Pyramid Head from Silent Hill. This will probably be answered in a chapter you've released already, but I'm sorta in-the-moment right now.

Also, I've reviewed this story more than any other to date.
Ettore chapter 36 . 3/18
When you described the "Demolishers" I thought of the Kushanada from Bleach: The Hell Chapter. while the hell knight looks significantly more badass, the damn Kushanada appearance is going to be stuck in my head every time you show one in your story. You know how the brain does that.

Also, more graboid references. Awesome. You should totally have one in the story at some point just for shits and giggles.
DokB chapter 14 . 3/15
Dude, I hope that was cathartic, cuz that was some seriously sick shit.
DokB chapter 7 . 3/15
I'm kinda hoping that Naruto gets his ass kicked sometime soon. Maybe the snake will take care of it. His attitude is getting a little annoying. Great story so far though, thoroughly enjoying it. Gonna keep reading now, peace.
Guest chapter 9 . 3/13
I imagined nightmare with the voice of skeletor lol
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