Reviews for Gravity
Aayu chapter 5 . 9/8
OMG I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. There were so many times when I just screamed out loud during this chapter. IT'S AMAZING!
Korena-Li chapter 10 . 8/31
I love rediscovering old favorites. This is definitely one of them! Thank you so much for sharing it.
ChrissyTRam chapter 10 . 7/29
This is amazing! I know it’s been 10 years since you finished it but I just found it. I laughed and cried and wanted to smack bit Draco and Hermione upside the head. And when Hermione was dating George and Pansy invited Kara as Draco’s date, I wanted to hide under the covers when he flirted back with her. I know my faith in the story/characters waivers but I should know better. You take Draco and Hermione through tests and difficult, awkward times but they always make it back to each other. Even when Sarah entered the picture and wanted to take him to dinner as a thank you and all that I was scared about how Draco would respond but he was marvelous. My favorite moment was when he held James and agreed to be his godfather. Loved it. Also I’m glad Hermione pushes him to see his father and I’m really, really glad Lucius didn’t kill Narcissa! And he even sorta respected Hermione a Story as Draco’s choice. It was wonderful! Thank you!
Reya Lace chapter 10 . 6/30
I still can not stop the butterflies exploding in my stomach and I'm very happy to say that you are the one of the most brilliant authors I've known, second to Cassandra Clare if you know her. Only problem is that there was no scene of the proposal. Anyway, this story is one of my favourites for sure...
Hera chapter 10 . 6/28
this was amazing
GwendyMary chapter 1 . 6/18
God, I've spend my whole day to read this and I did not regret any seconds
emma chapter 10 . 6/15
ur really a talented writer...i wish i could be like u...but i have a request, if u continue to write fanfictions(especially dramione).plz make an epilogue too..i have a feeling ur readers will appreciate a small one doesn't the one u made for necessities of winter
Jamie chapter 10 . 6/8
Loved it.
EmpressTheodora chapter 10 . 5/27
I absolutely adore this piece of writing. I won't even call it fanficiton, because that would not be doing the story justice (not that I have anything against fanfiction). I think that this is amazing and beautiful. You've done a great job.
Muted Rainbow chapter 10 . 5/22
This was unlike any other Dramione I've read and it's simply fantastic. I love that we got to see do much inside Draco's head, his insecurities, etc. It was brilliant.
Guest chapter 10 . 5/10
Thank you for writing :-)
lna jt chapter 10 . 4/23
One more sleepless night... I just HAD to finish this one! My Dramione shipper‘s heart is happy
Hiiiiiiii chapter 1 . 4/6
I’m embarking on my FOURTH read of this. It’s so fucking good!
MaggieTheCat94 chapter 10 . 4/1
That was simply brilliant! Definitely one of my favourite DHr fics ever. Thank you for giving me so much joy!
earthlyXangel chapter 10 . 4/1
Ahh, I didn't realize this fic was on FF! I read it on another site, an archive of HP fics, and absolutely loved it. So of course I have to leave you a review here to reiterate that I love it. It's great!
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