Reviews for The Sitter's Walk
Doorda chapter 1 . 12/21/2007
I thought the seals were originally placed by one hundred and one men. Hence the title the one hundred companions. And the reason saidar wasn't tainted was that there were no chanalling women present. Though how they could have linked or combined the power escapes me. The two great sa'angreal where created for locking the dark one away(idea suggested by some prominant woman forgotten her name sorry) but that plan was disliked by Lews Therin and he liked the idea of using seals to lock the dark one away and went ahead with the paln because he couldn't get any woman to help him or something like that.

Anyway nice idea on how he could have schemed for locking away. Smiles. I liked the outrage at locking them away without a 'trail' .
Dark Lord Moridin chapter 1 . 9/3/2007
i seem to remember reading something that said there where both male and female aes sedai in the circl that sealed the bore. however it is arugueable over how saidin got tainted in the first place the main theory in the books is that it was a backlash of the True power that occoured when it was sealed another is that the dark one knowing that they where going to seal the bore tainted saidin in an attempt to prevent another Dragon from living long enough to stop him if the seals should weaken. either way your thing is probable but some of the culture mastakes means it could not have happended.
Any chapter 1 . 7/21/2007
Nice one...could turn out great!

But a few mistakes I the prologue of the Eye of The World, Ishmael called Lews Therin the Tamyrlin, look into that...also in the WOT series, it was later clarified that Stillin and Gentling, were called Severing in the time of Lews Therin...And, as far as I am aware, there is nothing stating anything about the Ajahs being present in the Age of Legends in the series...also, Lews Therin had with him his Hundred Companions (which might have contained females or ter'angreals to allow linking among males)...check it out!
Mask1 chapter 1 . 7/20/2007
It has to securly be said that as you know it is Fictional fiction in the broadest sense. I think LTT would have liked to have massive linked circles of 13 joineed to thirteen joined to thirteen etc. Certainly he needed women for it to work properly but its also possible that had women helped saidar would have been tainted right along with saidin. Anyway you know about that.

The story is quite enjoyable. You pull in lots of facets such as the justification for the attack, the desperation of the times, LTT begin strong and named the Dragon and a nice touch suggesting what Adjah he would be in. I would say Green without a doubt... unless Red were a little differently squewed. Anyway, I look forward to an update with this one. Will you go utterly AU and have women present at the sealing of the bore. I wonder.

Raeigh chapter 1 . 7/19/2007
Hey! This is a really good story but just for the sake of expanding your knowledge of the Age of Legends, I'll correct some stuff. Ajah did not exist until after the breaking, as well as sitters. Lews Therin was the Tamerlyn seat, which is equal to the Amyrlin. The Forsaken did not free the Dark One, Lanfear (who was then Meirin, and Aes Sedai) and another man were atempting to find a source of Power that both men and women could use. In doing so they created the Bore. The term Dreadlord was not created until the trollic wars 10 years after the breaking. There was no actual name for Novices, but I assume that they were called aprentices, or something of the sort. Gentling and Stilling were both called Severing. There was actually a hall called the Hall of Servants.

Anyway, I'm not trying to flame and I did enjoy this oneshot, but I thought that I might just share some info :)