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Lady Silvermaine chapter 209 . 11/22/2011
Do you know how much I love you? Thank you for LuCissa awesomeness.
Bramblespite chapter 209 . 11/18/2011
My worst fear is to have someone spring a surprise, public proposal on me. Yeek. I'd never talk to the bastich again.

And oh no! Poor Draco! :( It needs to all work out for him!

Given that Weasley and Hermione are back together, does this mean Hugo, Rose and Scorpius (Scorpio? Damn it) will be born after all? That was the only reason Dramione made me sad. There's always divorce and joint custody, after all. :D
VesperAgain chapter 209 . 11/18/2011
Yes, NOW she takes a hiatus, why not! I mean, it's not as if we are on tenterhooks and literally on our knees for the rest of the story, are we? Dear CCC, you do have a most Draco-ish sense of humor. And the most headbang- worthy thing is, I get you!

Skeeter has well and truly done it here, hasn't she? Too bad she didn't take a closer look at poor Perkins' 'Voldemorta'!

Hermione decided to get banged by Ron once again. I don't know whether to be sympathetic or disgusted...maybe I'm a little of both. But that night did bring out the difference between Ron and Draco out so sharply...Draco refused to shag a woman he thought was inebriated even when she asked for it, while Ron did it even when the inebriated woman was confused. I hope Hermione realizes that. AND refuses Ron in front of two thousand spectators...maybe that will make him think. At least Harry is thinking, even if Ginny has lost touch with reality.

I had an inkling that Narcissa, too, would come back to be with Lucius, but when she did, it was still a shock. Because now Draco lives in a huge house with just his servants and two ghosts for company. Talk about being buried alive! And it's so unfair, too. I mean, because of their ability to simply glide through everything, Draco, the master of the house, actually has no privacy anymore! In their own time, Lucius and Narcissa must have done 'it' on every piece of furniture in the house, all over the house, any time they wanted...and Draco doesn't have that luxury, nor will he ever have. Narcissa, while well meaning, is bossy enough to always insist upon being the lady of the house, no matter who the current Mrs. Malfoy is. And Draco is still enough of a wimp as far as his mother is concerned to continue being babied around! SO not good. But at least they will come in handy trying to find the real culprit and unveil Voldemorta!

Btw, did I mention how much I love this story? Will a formal declaration of love get me a quicker update? And did I mention how much I adore Goyle in this story?
BarbaraKaterina chapter 208 . 11/18/2011
You really *are* evil. I mean, getting back with Ron? Seriously?

And also, I'm wondering whether this isn't a bit OoC too - but might be just because I'm so angry. Not with you, mind you, with Hermione. :) I think she'd be headstrong enough not to get herself manipulated into getting back with him. I really do think she'd send him straight to hell the morning after. But it might be that she feels like nobody else wants her anyway, and so she can just as well get back with him...

Well, at least Draco seems to be getting on the right track - or rather, Greg seems to be getting him on the right track. Even though I still don't see how is he going to find out that there is a point to his being in love with Hermione, because she doesn't love Ron. I mean, ho is he supposed to do it when she's such a simpleton and actually gets back with him? Urgh. You can say I'm really angry. ;) (I mean, when the scene started, I was soo looking forward to her telling him to go to hell, that she really didn't want to get back with him...and she does this instead. This is the girl who set bloody canaries on him we're talking about!)

Oh well. I'm glad I guessed Narcissa would come back, and I'm glad Lucius can see that being with Draco all the time might not actually be such a great idea. Hopefully that bit will work out in the end, and I can't wait for Narcissa to actually start talking to Hermione, after the fiancée thing is explained and all. And I'm generally glad Narcissa's back, I missed her.

Also, Rita's idea? I know I'm repeating myself, but you're evil. Draco most definitely does not deserve that. Even though I guess it might make Hermione come back to him when it comes out - for some reason she's only able to be with him when he's down.

Huh. I'm *still* angry about that Hermione thing. So. Irritating.
Bramblespite chapter 205 . 11/17/2011
Pardon me for a moment:



Aww, I'm so happy to see her back, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed! And defending Hermione, too. And silly Lucius going off his brain like that, the prick. I'm so happy about Cissy that I can barely be mad at him.

Gods, you torture us. Every time we think Hermione and Draco are going to get together - nope. It's quite realistic, though. People rarely speak their thoughts when they're sure it would lead to failure, which is why they're in this mess. (Lucius notwithstanding.) I hope they navigate their way out of it.

And crap, I hope nothing happens to Hermione when she's drunk.
Bramblespite chapter 202 . 11/16/2011
"I have never forgotten Narcissa Malfoy's attempt to intimidate me."

The second I read that I thought, "Oh F*CK!"

It also made me pretty sad the orphanage wouldn't let the lady adopt the kid just 'cause she's in a wheelchair. Single parents with more severe disabilities have managed to raise children (though they have occasionally had to fight tooth and nail for it, such as in the case of two blind parents who almost had their newborn taken away from them).

It's good to see Hermione comforting Draco. I can only imagine what's going through Snape's head as he eavesdrops! LOL.
Guest chapter 202 . 11/16/2011
If was wonderful chapter, however can you please let lucius be able to join narcissa in the afterlife
kateswalshs chapter 16 . 11/15/2011
I love their flirting! This story is brilliant! Love the line:

"Of course I am serious. I'll hex you like you've never been hexed before."

"Can we just exchange a consonant there?"
kateswalshs chapter 5 . 11/15/2011
D'aw. First year Severus is so cute! Exactly how I picture him!
kateswalshs chapter 4 . 11/15/2011
Oh, Lucius. He's got it bad. I love your writing!
kateswalshs chapter 1 . 11/15/2011
I have heard that this story is amazing, and this first chapter is interesting! I'm going to read more now... Expect sporadic reviews :)
Bramblespite chapter 200 . 11/14/2011
Finally caught up, and, oh god, my heart. Cissy. We've known you for so long, ever since you were a little snobby girl of eleven, and now you're gone... at first I felt just so numb reading that chapter, but now I'm looking at it again and reviewing I think I'm tearing up a little. Oh, Cissy. We love you so much.

I'm crossing my fingers that Lucius doesn't come back, that he finds some way to go with her... or, at the very least, we'll see him say goodbye to her. I'd love to read that scene, though I think I'd cry my eyes out. But I know Lucius won't give up. One day, he'd find a way around it to join her again, even if it takes hundreds or thousands of years. And I know she'd wait for him to find a way until the end of time.

Though, part of me wonders if perhaps this is paving the way for a reincarnation story... maybe they'll never be joined as spirits and end up reborn as various people's children, until they find each other again at Hogwarts and begin to remember? That'd be fascinating to read, I love reincarnation stories, but I'm not sure you'd do that. Still, I get the feeling that this isn't the end... or maybe that's wishful thinking.

And oh, Ron, you jerk. Hermione deserves to much better than you. C'mon, sunshine, admit you love a Malfoy! *Grin*

... Oh, poor Draco. The Malfoys were so beautiful as a family unit, they loved each other and were so tight-knit and close. To see that shattered is heartbreaking...

Please, Lucius, don't come back. Find a way to join her. I know you can do it. ;_;
Lady Silvermaine chapter 200 . 11/12/2011
You know I'm no fan of the DraMione ship, so I'm more curious as to what will happen to Lucius and Narcissa. By gods, poor woman. You can just feel how much they cannot live without each other.

I also have to say that I reaaaally like it when you update because you update with so many chapters, then you stop momentarily (a few weeks or months), then come back with more chapters. I like that style. By the way, congratulations to your 200th chapter! :D
Anya Fira chapter 200 . 11/12/2011
Ok I feel better now that this chapter has been added. I'm still looking forward to the next chapter though! Awesome writing as usual :)
Samesinlove chapter 199 . 11/11/2011
Ok, I promise you, you'll get a longer and more througout review soon. :) But first of all I wanted to tell you how you turned almost each day of the last week into a wonderful one, because of the updates. I loved it to find one or even more new chapters every time I checked and I am soooo glad that you have returned. For this totally fascinating story you are absolutely forgiven for not updating sooner - I cannot tell you how happy I was when seeing that you had updated! Well, you'll get a longer review in the next week and Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for not abandoning this story!
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