Reviews for The Other Side of Goodbye
lovemya2000 chapter 6 . 10/2/2014
Guest chapter 6 . 8/20/2013
The last time i cried over something in a book was when JK herself wrote about freds death.. I feel ridiculus for crying about fictional stuff but dammit! I completly broke Down at the part about the story about the brave witch ginerva and ginny crying :( oh dammit now Im crying again
Elzebel chapter 6 . 8/11/2013
More! More! More! Please!
dorkyharu chapter 1 . 12/5/2012
I love how this is going. Every single chapter made me tear up and I would have actually cried a lot if I was not reading this when many people were around. You literally capture everyone's emotions, and it just makes me so emotional. I do hope you continue with this.
Guest chapter 6 . 8/11/2012
Wow, this is amazing. I like how you wrote from Fred's point of view instead of George's like most other stories about Fred's death since it provides a different perspective. Each chapter is so heartwrenching yet so eloquently written. It's as if I can personally feeling the anguish Fred, George, and the rest of the Weasley family and friends are experiencing as Fred's death sinks in. I have really enjoyed reading this story and I really hope that you continue this excellent piece of work!
noxfiction chapter 6 . 11/18/2011
This fic is just perfect. Ugh I love it. I've been slaving over a post Deathly Hallows fic centered on George and this has been the most interesting look into the other side of the twins' loss.

You really capture the grief and sadness of Fred's death well, and I seriously cried at every chapter of this. I understand the feeling of desperately wanting to finish a fic- I feel the same about mine. You definitely haven't lost your mojo; this chapter has been brilliant.

I hope you write more. :)
Guest chapter 6 . 9/6/2011
This story is SO amazing! It made me cry so much, I loved it! Please write more soon! :)
WritingBRB chapter 6 . 9/6/2011
Please please Please write more of this i think its absolutley beautifully written and i love reading it :)
kukumalu01 chapter 6 . 8/14/2011
I know it's been a while, but I can feel George's pain very vividly. You have a very realistic, non-sentimental approach to Fred's death and I love it. I especially love James Potter's scenes :) Please continue the story!
confessions.of.katijane chapter 4 . 8/5/2011
i've read this dozens of times now, & i've never reviewed because it made me so sad. but i figured you deserve to hear how wonderful your writing is-this is such a creative, painful thing. it flows so naturally, it's like it wrote itself.

& even though it hurt to read, i loved it. i loved the subtle differences between fred & george that you brought out, & especially the thought that george was left behind to make sure everyone laughed again. i've never thought about that before.

wonderful job. seriously.
Ashlay28 chapter 6 . 4/3/2011
i love this story, please update soon :D
ForeverFalling86 chapter 1 . 12/6/2010
This is wonderfully written so far, the only problem is I'm having a hard time reading it because I'm crying so hard and it's giving me a headache. But I shall continue on!

Schnubbi chapter 6 . 11/8/2010
i cried.


way to go, breaking my heart
An-Jelly-Ca chapter 6 . 8/24/2010
Great chapter! This story is so depressing and so well-written. I love it. Update soon!
An-Jelly-Ca chapter 5 . 8/24/2010
"Why did it have to be Fred?" George demanded of nobody in particular.

Why did it have to be Fred? I'm with George on this.

Great chapter!
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