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Mich' Loinvoyant chapter 6 . 21h ago
I hate that chapter. By which I mean I can never read it without ending in tears ;_; It just hurst so much after Peter's and Andromeda's chapters.
We see Rowena waiting forever if needed for her daughter, we hear the children of Susan's class saying Mums forgive everything, we see Peter finding his mother in the end and finally admitting it was his fault.
And yet Regulus' mother doesn't try to forgive hime, just doesn't love him enough.
We see Andromeda waiting for Bellatrix, not really forgiving her but wanting to and searching for ways to, and in the end it comes down to love too, even though Bellatrix killed her daughter, and that's unforgivable, but some patr of her loves her sister enough to try and forgive her, to find a way to.
And yet Sirius just leaves without even thinking of Regulus.
I wonder if it could be argued that Regulus didn't really love them either and was just searching for someone who would leave with him? But his conversations with Salazar shows that he understands them - or îs trying to - and doesn't resent them, or at least tries not to, and even when someone tells him he has a right to be angry, to regret his decision, he doesn't go back on it, and.
It's just so unfair that we've seen people who did worse things, like Bellatrix, or who didn't repent, like Peter, and someone they loved did try to reach to them, or wait, and yet Regulus' family all turn their back on him.
And after all that he still finds it in him to love Kreacher enough to send him onwards and just.
I always end up crying.
But in the end both he and Kreacher are on the train, and I know it means they'll be happy and loved and love each other and there's that, at least.
(also Kreacher, whose only crime was to be loyal and love the Black family, and was simply forgotten for that. I wonder how many house-elves are waiting, like him? I'm glad all his loyalty and love was not ignored, in the end)
Also I need to dry my tears now.
It's a happy ending,
16magnolias chapter 8 . 3/29
This is just so cleverly and beautifully written. Bravo!
Pariaritzia chapter 4 . 3/8 I'm about to cry in a public library.
I can't even thank you enough for the gorgeousness of this.
And I'm only halfway through! By the end I'll likely be sobbing!
Pariaritzia chapter 1 . 3/8
Okay, so I've only read the first chapter and I already love this.
Thank you SO MUCH. I grew up with these characters (when I started reading the fourth HP book had only just come out) and their deaths felt like those of family.
Especially Snape. He was always my favourite (I was-am-a weird kid) and The Prince's Tale is the one chapter that I can't ever bring myself to re-read. It's good to know he would finally be happy. :)
AnAncientBard chapter 8 . 3/1
Holy fuck, my jaw aches from all the tears.
I've never had a reaction like this to a story ever.
Dndchk chapter 8 . 2/22
*bursts into tears*
This... It's been, what, six years since Deathky Hallows was published? and I still hadn't quite found the closure for all my childhood friends' deaths. I needed this so much.
Thank you.
Scuttlesworth chapter 8 . 2/15

Thank you very much for writing this.
Guest chapter 7 . 2/15
...I'm pretty sure the difference between heaven and hell is population density.
Guest chapter 4 . 2/15
Stopped halfway through this one and walked away(crying) to get dinner. 20 minutes later came back and sat down with dinner (lamb sanwich and potato salad) and started to read again automatically. 2 minutes later, in tears again. Damnit.
Scuttlesworth chapter 2 . 2/15
Well, shit. Good thing I had a box of tissues right next to me. *sniffle*
bloodshound chapter 8 . 2/1
oh, i do love a good cross over, and this is a very good one.
i've always loved pratchetts death. .
Anne Camp aka Obi-quiet chapter 8 . 1/23
Oh gosh, I absolutely loved this. I can't say how much I did. Who would have thought to use Diskworld and Harry Potter universes combined as such a beautiful, cathartic almost HEALING series of stories. I really can['t stress how impressed I am. :)
Anne Camp aka Obi-quiet chapter 5 . 1/23
Oh gosh, that was my favorite one so far. 3 Gosh, you have me crying. This is DISKWORLD! Not supposed to cry while reading DISKWORLD for goodness sake. LOL :)
Tezza1502 chapter 8 . 1/20
My eyes became suspiciously moist at times while I was reading this. A wonderful fic. T
jfcwtfusernames chapter 4 . 1/3
that bought tears to my eyes
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